Steelers finally beat Ravens without Roethlisberger

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Charlie Batch rebounded from last week’s disaster, and led the Steelers to a 23-20 win over the Ravens.

The Steelers only gave it away twice, a departure from last week’s eight-turnover disaster of a loss to the Browns.

It stopped a two-game losing streak for the Steelers (7-5), and breathed some life back into a team that looked adrift without Ben Roethlisberger. The Ravens had previously won all four meetings since 2005 when the Steelers starting quarterback didn’t play.

Shaun Suisham’s 46-yard field goal as time expired was the clincher, but Batch was so cool down the stretch, on a day when the Steelers appeared set to lose their third straight.

Batch doesn’t have much of an arm anymore, but he completed all eight passes on their final two drives, including the game-tying touchdown to Heath Miller. He also took several brutal shots late in the game, but kept bouncing back.

The Steelers did the same, holding the Ravens (9-3) to 177 passing yards.

139 responses to “Steelers finally beat Ravens without Roethlisberger

  1. Ravens are pretenders. They’d be fighting for 3rd place in that division if they weren’t so lucky.

    Can’t even beat the Steelers at home with a career backup third string qb. Heck, they would have been blown out had Sanders not fumbled, had Batch not missed Wallace in the end zone, and had they not been the beneficiaries of some phantom P.I. calls.

    But Joe Flacco looked elite, right guys?

  2. Another nail biter between these teams. Hats of to both for a great game. Congrats to Charlie Batch. Gotta say he did look like he was in total control in the last quarter.

  3. MAJOR sigh of relief! I don’t think I could have come on here and heard all the Raven’s fans crowing if they had swept the Steelers two years in a row. Great game. Perfect outcome!

  4. Hahaha. We just beat you with a 37 year old Qb in your own house!!! My god what a sad team this ravens squad is!!! Pathetic.

  5. Hats off to Chuck Batch. He got dogged on all week by EVERYONE and played great. Might have been his last performance ever, but he possibly saved the Steelers season today. And I’m sick of hearing about how Troy makes that D so much better. A healthy James Harrison makes that defense much better. I was waiting all game for Troy to make a game changing play and it was Harrison, AGAIN, who made the game changing play. Hats of to him too!

  6. As a Ravens fan, I’m really disappointed in this team. I hope Cam gets fired this year because honestly, beating up bad teams doesn’t make it seem like the offense has gotten better. It’s playing teams like the Steelers that actually shows if you have made a difference. Defense has always been good and we got players stepping up but this offense is terrible. I’ve never seen a Baltimore team ranked 22nd in rushing. If things stay like this, we definitely won’t be winning any playoff games. There better be changes coming to the offensive staff if its another one and done season.

  7. 3rd string QB
    3rd string rookie RT
    2nd team center
    2nd team CB
    Player who never played guard in the NFL before.
    Steeler victory!
    Ravens are vastly over rated. I hope we get round 3 with a healthy team on both sides. I think we have seen who is the better team.

  8. Flacco IS Elite and with the Ravens defense there will not be a team that can stop them when the playoffs start.
    When Ray Lewis returns the Ravens will not lose another game this year.


  9. evrybdyhas1 says:
    Dec 1, 2012 8:49 AM
    Steelers fans might want to question why they have no viable backup at QB and why the Ravens have Dennis Dixon and quit squealing about the spot.

    No viable back up?

  10. I have to start off by saying the Steelers won the game. With that said the Ravens played and coached like they were up 40. Harbaugh with the idiotic challenge. Cam Cameron putting the ball in Flacco’s hands early while taking it away from Rice and Pierce who both were averaging over 4 yards a carry. The secondary play ok until the last half of the 4th quarter and the defense only play up to magnitude of the game because of the rivalry and then they lost steam down the road. The erratic Flacco wasn’t accurate and lacked pocket presence for most of the game. How can you not feed the running game and use play action? Week after week the Ravens prove to me that they play too content and continue to show that they don’t have a pulse on the game. I can’t believe that Batch WON the game but it’s not hard to believe.

  11. brentfarve

    Dude, their D got BETTER after he got injured. And if the Steelers make the playoffs, they’ll probably smash Baltimore. You don’t think Roethlisberger could put up more points than Charlie Batch?

  12. Nobody gave the Steelers a chance in this game but they proved how tough a team they are.

    Congrats to Charlie Batch he played a very good game and deserves a ton of credit for the way he played today.

  13. Joe Flacco says he is elite and his fans argue that he is, but he was outplayed in a game by Charlie Batch…let me repeat that


    Ha…embarrassing day to be a Ravens fan

  14. brentfarve says:
    Dec 2, 2012 7:47 PM
    Flacco IS Elite and with the Ravens defense there will not be a team that can stop them when the playoffs start.
    When Ray Lewis returns the Ravens will not lose another game this year.


    DENIAL – its not just a river in Egypt.

  15. As a diehard steelers fan that was an extremely satisfying though at times, nauseating victory. Batch worked with the limited tools he keeps in his shed as best he could & our defense played big when it mattered most. It’s easier to not hate the ravens when my steelers win so with that said I truly hope Suggs is okay; such a gutsy comeback he’s made already this season & Ed Reed is still an extremely elite safety. Also, Flacco still is not an elite quarterback nor do I think he’ll ever be. Thanks Charlie, but gimme Ben back please.

  16. brentfarve says:Dec 2, 2012 7:47 PM

    Flacco IS Elite and with the Ravens defense there will not be a team that can stop them when the playoffs start.
    When Ray Lewis returns the Ravens will not lose another game this year.

    Yeah he made a difference when he was playing.
    Their D has actually improved since he has been out. He really made a difference stopping the Chiefs, and cowboys running gamnes. Give me a break!

  17. The Steelers have to get Vince Young… he’s the perfect fit. He has everything this team needs to get to the next level… EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

  18. The basement dwellers pull it out! Charlie Batch just did work on this team and they have to play RGIII, Eli, Peyton and an always-improving Andy Dalton the rest of the way. Wouldn’t be surprised if this team lost every game the rest of the way. Cheers!

  19. Steelers were by far the better team tonight – this is coming from a Ravens fan.

    Flacco was very poor tonight, but Cam Cameron was worse. Why do we stop running the ball when we’re averaging over 5ypc? If the O-line can’t protect, why does he insist on calling plays that take 4,5,6 seconds to develop? In that scenario you need to get the ball out of the QB’s hands as quickly as possible, yet Dennis Pitta had 1 catch.

    The defense can get absolutely no pressure on an opposing QB which means that people are free all over the place in the secondary which Charlie Friggin Batch picked apart at will (let’s’ not forget he overthrew Wallace for a huge TD early on and Wallace dropped another almost certain TD).

  20. Ravens will never go the distance with Cam calling the plays! Ray Rice was 12 for 78 and a td and all we do is pass….pathetic.

  21. Told y’all not to mess with the Terrible Towel. It never works out for the wise guys who use it as a taunt prop. ALWAYS comes back around. Every. Single. Time.

    Add Rice and the Ravens to the list along with Housh and the bungles as well as fat boy and the Titans.

  22. Game tied 20-20. Late 4th Quarter. QB is less than 50% in the game. Rice only 12 carries, but looking good. RB’s averaging 4+/carry.

    1st down: Pass-incomplete
    2nd down: Pass-incomplete
    3rd down: Pass-incomplete

    What’s wrong with that picture?

  23. The Ravens lost at HOME to a 37 year old 3rd string QB !!! My word how embarrassing is that ?!? And Pittsburgh left at least 11 points on the field !!!

    Joe Flacco was outdone and outgunned by a 3rd string QB 10 years older than him. The most overrated 9 win team in the league !!!

    This is a preview of coming attractions of Baltimore losing in the playoffs – again !!!

    Here we go Steelers Here we go !!!!!

  24. When you have a back up QB playing, I think it’s easier to win when you play somebody in your division because the whole team can help the QB. In this case the team helped out Sanders. These two teams make each other better. When it comes to the playoffs of course health is important. Get well Ike and get well Suggs. AFC North deserves respect ….even Cleveland is becoming more physical.

  25. You have to say one thing about the Steelers, when you think they are down and out , look out they come to play. How old is Batch?

  26. Flacco IS Elite and with the Ravens defense there will not be a team that can stop them when the playoffs start.
    When Ray Lewis returns the Ravens will not lose another game this year.



    Someone has had too much to drink!!

  27. I can’t help but notice that only the true Ravens fans are commenting here and showing class. The ravenators of the world are silent. Probably breaking things right now.

  28. “Batch doesn’t have much of an arm anymore”

    Apparently, you didn’t bother to watch the game. Charlie’s arm looked fine to me.

  29. Cam / Flacco = Mediocre. Seriously did Joe look all that much better than Charles Batch this evening ? Sad but true,,,,here we come Wild Card !

  30. fan of neither team, but I find it pretty darn hilarious that even one Steelers fan would open their trap and spew a bunch of garbage after how inept they were last week and the entire season. They scare absolutely nobody. Their time in the sun is just about up, and it won’t be a moment too soon.

  31. Batch was clutch down the stretch when it counted, and was helped greatly by the splendid effort if Heath Miller getting to the pylon. Great game!

  32. So let me get this straight. Flaco lost to a third string QB at home? That can’t be right. He is an elite qb just ask him. This is a reality check for how weak the AFC really is.

  33. This may very well be round 2 with round 3 in January. If the Steelers can just get healthy by January, we’ll see.

  34. Hats off to the Ravens – they are a great team. And to Ray Lewis – for reaching our to Ben when things got tough a couple of years ago.
    But the best moment of the night was Charlie hugging Ben with team streaming down his face. That’s what it is all about@

  35. What was the deal with Tomlin and Harbaugh
    at the end of the game? They showed it on NBC, but no explaination was made of why it was so vitriol. I’m a huge Tomlin fan, but it didn’t make him look very good.

  36. Where’s that sweep everyone was talking about? Ravens just squeaked by KC and needed a 4th-and-29 to win last week. They are not that good, especially having to depend on Joe Flacco. Unless they get to play two games at home, they’re not going anywhere in the playoffs.

  37. spyder9669 says:
    Dec 2, 2012 8:08 PM
    fan of neither team, but I find it pretty darn hilarious that even one Steelers fan would open their trap and spew a bunch of garbage after how inept they were last week and the entire season. They scare absolutely nobody. Their time in the sun is just about up, and it won’t be a moment too soon.

    take it somewhere else

  38. That is 7 straight games holding opposing offenses under 180 net passing yards. In this day in age of NFL football that should be a headline in of itself.

    and oh ya, looking forward to the rubber match at m & t on wildcard weekend! (with ben of course)

  39. Charlie Batch is as tough as freakin’ nails! I have never been so proud of my fellow Steel Valley Ironman! If this is Batch’s last NFL start/play what a way to go out! WELL DONE!!!

  40. Great game between two great rivals. Just shows what heart can do, as Batch and Co. Really brought it today.

  41. Ravens have a tough schedule…division still up for grabs..
    u have a guy like Ray Rice, he needs to touch the ball 20 plus times, maybe 25 plus…not sure why he wasn’t used more.

  42. The Ghost of Myron Cope was twirling the Terrible Towel over the stadium today in Baltimore. Hey Ray Rice, last week you were able to convert a 4th-and-29, but by disrespecting the Towel today, you lost your playoff bye . . . energizing even more that great organization you lost to today.

  43. the hilarious part is the ravens fans are calling this the “steelers super bowl”…wasn’t it your team that gave your head coach a gatorade bath in a REGULAR SEASON game at heinz field last year?

  44. Typical Steelers-Ravens game that could have gone either way. And typical Cam Cameron loss by not running Ray Rice and relying on Flacco AGAIN!
    Ravens defense did a great job with many 3rd stringers against 3rd string QB…and both did well.
    But, Rice with a dozen carries was the difference.
    When will Harbs ever figure it out and dump Cam. We will never be great until we learn to use our offensive talent properly.
    So, good game Steelers. Unfortunately, your obnoxious fans will be talking like you won the Super Bowl – but these games are always so close that a few plays or a few calls are the difference. What a great, exciting rivalry!!!

  45. Anybody mention that both the Ravens and Steelers have the same number of wins against teams with winning records? (3)

  46. First off, hats off to the Ravens fans on here to this point that have been nothing but class.

    For the Ravens:

    Don’t put the blame on Flacco for this loss, this should fall on the shoulders of Cam Cameron. The guy is a joke, and until the Ravens get rid of him, they won’t be able to make the Super Bowl.

    Ray Rice is an amazing player, and to not use him more than they do (NOT just this game) shows the insanity of CC.

    T. Suggs, I hope he is OK. The way he didn’t move his arm when he was hurt, looked like it could be serious. I hope he is OK.

    Ed Reed is amazing, and is one of the best to ever play the game.

    As for the Steelers:

    Congrats Charlie Batch. Great showing today.

    Mike Wallace needs to learn how to catch the ball when it hits his hands. If not, he will be lucky to get half the contract next year that Brown got last year.

    Keenan Lewis and Cortez Allen look like they are going to do a fine job for the Steelers without Ike Taylor. The Steelers MUST sign Lewis this off season.

    To the rivalry:
    With the Steelers having games against Chargers, @ Cowboys, Bengals and Browns and the Ravens having games against @ Washington, Denver, Giants and @ Bengals, the current 2 game lead over the Steelers is not impossible to overcome.

    Hopefully, we will get to see these two teams play one more time this year, in a rubber match. HOPEFULLY, it will be in Pittsburgh.

  47. I must agree that Ed Reed is one helluva player. He and Ray Rice would be welcome on my team anytime…

  48. Great game by two of the best teams in the league. As a steeler fan, i am glad we won and congrats to Batch, he was the better qb today for sure. This is a great rivalry and both teams play their butts off when they meet

  49. Baltimore is not a chamionship caliber team. Period. Fantastic effort by Steeler staff and roster.

  50. So happy for Charlie Batch! I’m a big advocate for bringing in a promising young backup, but Charlie will always be one of my favorite players. Would love to see him find a place on the coaching staff when he finally retires. Also glad to see us make both games with the Ravens competitive despite Ben’s absence. Won’t be satisfied until we fully get over the fumblitis, but great win at the right time!

  51. thelongestgoodbye says:
    Congrats Steelers, you deserved to win and the Ravens deserved to lose. Ravens fans let not make excuses. We were outplayed and out coached.


    If that helps you sleep at night pal. But thats loser talk

  52. I haven’t heard one Ravens fan in the past give any credit where credit is do so im not gonna start accepting any now when they are backed in a corner and don’t have much of a choice considering the circumstance!
    John Harbaugh is a tool just like his brother talking crap and disrespecting teams all the time like they’ve ever accomplished something significant in their careers!
    Tomlin is a very respectful person in this league and probably was just tired of listening to all the bull every single time they beat somebody!
    Act like you guys belong!

  53. Gotta hand it to the Steelers, one gutsy freakin’ win. Even were able to overcome some critical mistakes that would kill some teams in a big game on the road. Bunch of tough hombres. Hope they get healthy for the playoffs so we can see what happens, last year they didn’t have much of a shot with all the injuries(I’ll save the ‘old team’ stuff for another day).

  54. Without some rookie type mistakes, this game would have been MUCH worse for the Ravens.

    First, Sanders’ turns 7 points which would have put the Steelers up 20-13 and just drops the ball which turned into Ravens 7 points. A 14 point mistake.

    Second, Mike Wallace, wide open in the endzone missed by Batch. 7 point mistake.

    Third, phantom defensive holding call on 3rd down which extended the Ravens’ 1st touchdown drive. (even the announcers mentioned the bad call). 7 point mistake.

    All the while, the Steelers D looked phenomenal again and the O line did what they needed to do given the major injuries across the line.

    Take those gifts away from the Ravens and this game was a blowout.

    Oh, and why on gods green earth did Harbaugh throw that challenge flag! That came back to bite him!

  55. 4ever85 (aka Butch DeadLift) says:
    Dec 2, 2012 9:20 PM
    I still don’t know how the Steelers won that game. Wow.
    Pretty simple. The Steelers outplayed and outscored the Ravens…

  56. The Steelers were the better team. Simple as that………….The Ravens were basically shutdown by the steelers D both games. If you take away Keenan Lewis’s Bogus call penalty call on 3rd down before Half the ravens only score 13 points making it a 23-13 Steeler Victory.

  57. Ravens lady here; congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on your win today. Much deserved and played us well. Charlie Batch, one word WOW! You gave an amazing performance today!!
    Still love my Ravens, we just couldn’t get it done today. At the end of the day we love to hate the Steelers but all the squak aside we respect your team and always look forward to the challenge. Hopefully we’ll see y’all in the playoffs and perhaps both sides will be healthy!!

  58. As it stands:

    LaMarr Woodley, who told the NFL Network Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will never win a Super Bowl “in this lifetime.”

    I think most of the NFL world agrees!

  59. After 8 quarters of football between the Steelers and Ravens, the score is 33-33. Ravens are said given that Steelers were using backup QBs in both games.

  60. If the Ravens won then Steeler fans would have said “congratulations on your in-season super bowl, but we’ll see you when it really matters in the playoffs”. Ravens fans can say the same thing but still have a two game lead.

    Right now neither team can run with the Broncos, Patriots, or Texans in the AFC so while this rivalry is fun we have a huge challenge if the AFCN is to be represented in well in the postseason.

  61. Steeler’s fan. I am so incredibly happy for Charlie Batch – I’ve always thought he was the better qb over Leftwich. Last week was a horrible game and this week, he showed us all what he’s made of. That being said, Cary Williams has to live with the fact that a 38 year old 3rd string quarterback blocked him on Jonathan Dwyer’s touchdown run!!!!!

    The season is not over, and anything can happen, but if I were the Ravens, I’d need to start worrying. Lost to the Steelers in their own house, nearly lost to San Diego, nearly lost to Pittsburgh the week before, same with Dallas. While winners find a way to win – the Ravens are showing a lot of weaknesses. They’ll make the playoffs for sure, but I’d bet they’ll be one and done!

  62. Great game & especially great composure by Batch tonight. If only he showed that type of composure when managing his personal finances!

    Seriously, why do the national media & Steelers fans only acknowledge the injury report on one side!? Yes, the Steelers had 4 key starters out. But guess what? So did the Ravens. As far as I’m concerned losing Big Ben for them was a moot point considering that BOTH starting corners for the Ravens were out (Ladarius Webb & Jimmy Smith). So you had a scrub QB facing off against two scrub corners. Pretty much offsetting one another right there.

    The Ravens also had not only Ray Lewis out, but also his backup Danelle Ellerbe. Therefore the Ravens had the #3 man on the depth chart…a special teamer…starting at MLB. But you didn’t hear about any of that from the commentators, nor the media, nor the idiots commenting on this page.

    Again, not an excuse. The Steelers won, and the Ravens lost this one fair & square. But why is it all we hear about is BEN, BEN, BEN or TROY, TROY, TROY when both sides were equally disadvantaged from injuries to their respective rosters?

  63. charmcityravens

    Dude, are you seriously saying that losing a future HOF qb in his prime is moot because the ravens lost two solid but still average corners?

    Give me a break.

    And losing Ray Lewis was a blessing in disguise, as the middle linebacker play has increased since his absence.

    When you start losing people who play at a pro-bowl level CURRENTLY, then you can complain.

  64. johntonioholmes,

    Was that your Pro Bowl QB that played against Oakland & Kansas City this year?

    The Ravens amassed a 5-1 record without our DPOY Terrell Suggs and you didn’t hear half the “woe is us” b.s. that you’re hearing from Steelers fans over Ben now. Refresh my memory, wasn’t Batch 3-1 a couple of seasons ago in Ben’s absence? Didn’t Ben get his butt handed to him in Baltimore last year, 35-7? Perhaps Ben ain’t all that yinzers make him out to be…

  65. Don’t worry, Roethlisberger Obsessives. I’m sure your hero will somehow, some way be given credit for yet another miracle, fourth-quarter comeback win…
    Just as I’m sure he was given the “W” for the win against Kansas City even though the game was tied at 10-all when he exited and was relieved by Byron Leftwich…
    The Steelers are not — repeat — are not a one-man team.

  66. shocked I’m seeing class posts by raven fans in this particular defeat. so I’ll skip the hate for this evening.. only this evening its on again tomorrow pigeons.

  67. Respect to the real Steeler fans who said this was a good game. To the fake ones who keep say “Lost to a 37 year old 3rd string QB” you are the same ones that if they had lost you would have said “you shoulda won we dont have been and we played our 37 year old 3rd string QB”. Some of you have no class. Big up to the Steelers you played a good game and that Defense is great. For us Ravens fans we need a QB who can make the big play when its needed and a Offensive coordinator who doesn’t call such lame predictable plays. No excuses here we had a chance to put em away and we lost.

  68. @ bobzilla, glad you showed up, I was getting ready to puke at some of those comments. 🙂
    The closest thing the Steelers come to being a one man team is if they are referring to Dick LeBeau when they say it.

  69. Been a quite 2 weeks for us steeler fans…things picking up stream with this win and possibility for Ben to play next week…will be fun to watch AFC playoff picture unfold

  70. The Terrible Towel curse lives on! Thanks Ray Rice. The ratbirds will lose their remaining games. Ha!

  71. @bobzilla. Don’t get excited ther bobo. Steelers are 1-6 without Ben at qb against the ravens. And 9-4 against them when he starts. So maybe not a 1 man team, but let’s just say as close as a team can get.

  72. The Ravens were missing a couple of old guys, but Pittsburgh had:

    No Ben. No Leftwich. Oldest non-kicker in the league behind Center. No Gilbert. No DeCastro. No Adams. No Woodley. A compromised Troy playing on a snapcount. And all on the road.

    The Ravens can eke past the Steelers — but generally only when Ben is not playing. Aside from the non-Ben games, the Steelers have clearly been on the better side of this rivalry.

  73. The really irritating thing was all the Ratbird fans who came on here to crow (get it?) 2 weeks ago and invariably started out “CUE THE WHINING STEELERS FAN ABOUT BEN BEING OUT!” when none of us were. Great game last night, another one for the books in the best rivarly in the NFL! I think we all agree we’d love a third matchup, hopefully next time with all our starters in.

  74. Just goes to show how stupid it was to have Leftwich, a stationary target who has to wind up even more than Tebow to throw a pass, as second string, and Batch, a guy that can still MOVE around and buy time, and can still PLAY, as third string.

    Who are the dummies who made such an egregious mistake as this, and still call themselves “knowledgeable”?

  75. Steelerswhatever:
    I’m pretty sure you’re guy who predicted a decisive Ravens win this week. You’re also the guy who said the Steelers only scored two touchdowns during their 3-1 Ben-less start to the 2010 season.
    You have zero credibility, Booboo.
    Bye now …

  76. Stupid play calling! And very poor execution and decision making at QB. We needed to string along some 1st downs in the 4th quarter, not fog the ball 80 yards down the field and waist a down, then throw it behind the line of scrimmage when we need 10 yards!

    The Steelers played well, and Charlie Batch played like he knew what had to be done to win the game, and he did it.

    Our team put no pressure on him! There were no bull rushes up the middle from our big me, and little pressure from the outside – he had WAY too much time!

    We had a few players that played hard, but many took plays off.

    The play calling, and QB decisions were horrible. It was like the team just showed up. That includes the coaches – major disappointment with a lot on the line!

    Only the fans showed up to defend the house!

  77. The Steelers are still playing just enough to survive with or without Ben. I realize not a full crew but they do not act like they want to win. Mike Wallace is mad he is there and does very little to impress or really try like a true star should. Please all players – YOU ONLY HAVE TO WORK 17 DAYS!!! If you do not like it go get another job!! Most starting players making mistakes that should not be made and penalties that should not happen. This is not Pop Warner football anymore! Sick of the injury issue – need to be better conditioned and need to train the backups better. Not satisfied – sorry.

  78. The Steelers outplayed BAL in damn near every phase of the game.

    I laugh at Raven fans who think they deserved to win, pssshh. Good luck in the playoffs guys, with your Wannabe elite QB and you ELITE RB who’s OC cant even get him the ball.

    Good luck.

  79. No, the Steelers are not a one-man team. And I appreciate that bobzilla and CKL have issues with Roethlisberger. I’ve had issues as well. But the fact remains that we went 26 years without a championship between Terry and Ben. You can argue Ben’s stats up and down, and you can make the case that his Super Bowl stats aren’t what they should have been. And it won’t change the fact that his presence on the team was the difference between getting close and getting the cigar.

    In 2005, we wouldn’t have made the Super Bowl without his magic on that playoff run. In 2008, he engineered that final drive. Santonio didn’t throw the ball to himself. Yes, our defense did the work in 2010. But our defenses and o-lines and receivers and running backs were stellar during that 26 years. What we lacked was the QB, the team leader, the guy who makes things happen in the unlikeliest circumstances. Ben is flawed. But he’s that guy. We have three AFC Championship trophies and two Lombardis because we found that missing piece. That’s not hero worship because he’s not my hero. That’s just a fact.

  80. Deb, both bobzilla and citizenstrange have obvious problems with Ben, to me almost obsessive. If you listen to them, you would think Ben played all 22 positions when they don’t win (ie it was ALL his fault), but he has nothing to do with it when they do win. While Ben isn’t perfect either on or off the field (who is?), I agree he is the best QB Steelers have had since Bradshaw and is the key reason the Steelers were able to go back and win a couple Super Bowls since Bradshaw left. Ben played key roles in helping those teams reach the Super Bowls. He has taken a beating behind an average or below OL for years and has made good plays out of nothing. He will never have the Peyton or Brady or Brees passing stats, but none of them can do what Ben does when he has to scramble or take a hit. I also agree, you can cheer for a player without putting him on the life’s hero pedestal. Maybe bob can’t do that.

  81. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for over 40 years and I have the utmost respect for the Ravens. Beating them with a third string Q-back really is a great accomplishment even if the Ravens didn’t play their A-game. While personally I get much more enjoyment seeing the Steelers beat the Bengals than the Ravens, I get more satisfaction from a win against the Ravens. Hats off to both teams and I look forward to a possible rubber match in the playoffs when hopefully both teams will be healthy.

  82. @bobzilla, chances that Ben connects with Wallace in the end zone moments before the half in yesterday’s game = 100%. That would have eliminated the need for the last field goal and made the win much easier.

  83. As someone who has zero rooting interest in that game, I’m happy for “Charlie Bucket” (Batch). Guy played a helluva game for just coming out of mothballs last week.

  84. @ Deb (good to see you here!)

    I’m not saying he doesn’t help them win, I’m saying that some of the media & fans go overboard in crediting QBs in general and some more than others.

    One of my favorite Pats seasons was 08 when an unknown named Cassel was put in the position of starting QB for my Pats and the staff, the player and his teammates all worked hard to lead them to an 11-5 record.

    I think TB is fantastic and I wouldn’t trade him for any other QB, but I feel that the Pats are also better when they don’t have to rely on him/pass offense as much. Yesterday’s game in Mia was awesome for me because TB wasn’t that good (for him), but the run game and defense won it. If he had LeBeau’s defenses he could go back to being more of a link in the chain like BR is. That’s when my team won SBs (other than 04, when Pats O was pretty dang good also, but it was BALANCED). And that’s why yours and other fans’ teams do as well, IMO.

  85. All the credit in the world to the Steelers. They came into Baltimore and won when nobody gave them a chance.

  86. Just goes to show how stupid it was to have Leftwich, a stationary target who has to wind up even more than Tebow to throw a pass, as second string, and Batch, a guy that can still MOVE around and buy time, and can still PLAY, as third string.


    Batch was hurt at the time. Leftwich had to play the first game against the Ravens…Oh and as if Batch isn’t a stationary target?

  87. charmcityravens

    And by the way, Roethlisberger has lost 4 times to the Ravens. He has basically owned them since 2006.

    He makes Ed Reed and Ray Lewis look like average players (partially because Ray Lewis has been average since 2006), yet you say he’s not so good. Which is it? Are the Ravens just that average, or is Roethlisberger good?

  88. Great game Baltimore. I almost turned the tv off in the 4th quarter. Steelers needed it more and they got it. If I was a Ravens fan I would be pissed about not running Ray Rice more. Go Steelers.

  89. This game is a laugher if Roethlisberger plays. Maybe Flacco should define what he means by “elite”. “Elite” quarterbacks win Super Bowls, Marino is the exception to the rule. And winning a Super Bowl is something Flacco will never do.

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