The Browns have themselves a winning streak

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Entering Sunday, the Browns had not won games in consecutive weeks since the second and third weeks of the 2011 season.

That changed when they beat the Raiders 20-17 in Oakland. The win was Cleveland’s second in a row after they knocked off the Steelers in Week 12 and gives them four wins on the year, the same as they had all of last season. They got the win thanks in large part to three players they think can be the foundation of better days in Cleveland.

Brandon Weeden was 25-of-36 for 364 yards in the game. He threw two interceptions that helped keep things closer than they probably should have been given how much better the Browns were performing, but his overall play was strong enough to overcome those mistakes. Weeden hooked up with Josh Gordon for 114 yards and a touchdown, keeping the strong chemistry of their rookie seasons alive, and Trent Richardson helped run out the game with a fourth quarter touchdown to put things out of reach.

The three rookies are the biggest reason to hope that better days are around the corner in Cleveland. Oakland’s short on such bright prospects and today’s result isn’t likely to make owner Mark Davis feel any better about things. They put themselves back into the game when Carson Palmer hit Rod Streater for a 64-yard touchdown late in the third quarter, but Palmer would be intercepted on the next possession and the final score is much closer than it should be thanks to a stat-padding final drive by Palmer that ended with a touchdown pass.

New management is evaluating everything in Cleveland and this result should help some people stick around a little bit longer. If they can keep this winning streak alive, the turnover might be smaller than originally anticipated.

32 responses to “The Browns have themselves a winning streak

  1. Hey Raiders fans, remember after you beat KC how you proclaimed you’d win the west at 8-8 or 7-9….yeah not so much! Oh and thanks for taking our mediocre defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio has filled in nicely! Hahahaha!

  2. Te’o are you kidding me. Who might wanna start on the offensive side if the ball. Cause the unit the raiders put on the field in offensive to the rest of us.

  3. They should’ve beaten the Cowboys, as well, and the colts, and the Ravens. Matter of fact, where are all those Ravens fans that said the Browns won, because Batch was playing? I hear crickets.

  4. That game was tough to watch!!Terrible play from both teams!
    As a Raiders fan it’s hard to watch raiders implode!
    I just hope Mark Davis gives enough time for Reggie to do his thing…

  5. As a tortured Eagles fan Im currently a fan of the Chiefs, and Browns. I fully support their winning ways. Now if the Jags can get their act together the first pick is all ours.

  6. I could see a big name, expensive coach like Jon Gruden who is from Ohio and would probably love to give the Browns a Super Bowl win. However, Tom Heckert is proving he’s one of the best GM’s in the NFL with the talent he’s put together, especially with this rookie class that didn’t include RT Mitchell Schwartz in the article as 3 (actually 4) of the rookies who are helping this team.

  7. Heckert has drafted rather well. I really think it would be huge mistake to let him go.

    As to those wishing for better draft position already, this is really going to be an awful draft, and an absolutely horrendous one at the top. There are no Qb’s worth it, and that is the only position that can really turn around a franchise. I would rather win as many games as possible, in any event.

  8. It’s tough to rate the Browns based on their opponent today, but they seem to have some nice pieces. Didn’t see much of of a pass rush from them, and they could use an upgrade at KR, but if they can get some consistent QB play they could be a decent club.

  9. Guys, Heckert lost the power struggle with Banner. No way he stays on. Even if he deserves to.

  10. The Raiders have a lot of work to do in the off-season.
    There will be a bunch of new faces around the team next season.
    But, on a positive note, my Sundays are now free…

  11. It’s almost too mad for belief, to think that the Browns could get good. I am gonna proceed with caution………..
    A life long Browns fan

  12. atwatercrushesokoye says: Dec 2, 2012 7:39 PM

    Hey Raiders fans, remember after you beat KC how you proclaimed you’d win the west at 8-8 or 7-9….yeah not so much! Oh and thanks for taking our mediocre defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio has filled in nicely! Hahahaha!
    Not this fan. Besides, it’s the AFC West. Denver is a game better than the Colts. You might want to focus on teams the Donkeys will be facing in the playoffs. The teams Manning lost to will be there.

  13. Aside from 2 games the Browns have been in it until the final whistle. They are now finally finding ways to win, momentum is with them. It will be a miracle to get to 8-8, but this team has me starting to believe. Also Quinn had a good game today and next week faces the Browns. Should be fun to watch.

  14. Weeden had a lot of yds, Gordon has silenced everyone who says that Holmgren and Heckert were idiots for taking him in the supplemental draft, and Richardson has been very solid.

    Holmgren and Heckert have built a strong base, just as promised, but too late for both of them.

  15. Heckert, Heckert Heckert deserves a lot of credit, but then shouldn’t Holmgren also? Anyway, Holmgren fan here who doesn’t understand all the Holmgren bashing. I think he was released too soon. This young Browns team has potential and has drafted well. Tough to grow in the AFC North when you have 3 playoff teams in it and 2 dominant teams.

  16. If the Browns had a big time coach, they would have 7 or 8 wins instead of four.
    Shurmur must go. And Heckert must stay. He picked all these young players. He knows how to build a team.

  17. Raiderapologist: I hope so! The 1997 road to the Super Bowl is known amongst Denver fans as the Broncos revenge tour, what better way to win the Super Bowl this way then having the revenge tour 2.0!

  18. Can we talk about that last timeout shurmer called? He obviously should have challenged the spot, but instead wasted his last timeout (and thereby, his final challenge) calling a standard timeout! This guy is completely insufferable!

  19. i was one of those fans who thought 7-9 would win the west. i was wrong broncos are better than that, and the rest of the west is much worse than i thought early on in the season… is what it is…..raiders have plenty of decisions this off season, as this season is totally unacceptable after last season.

  20. The revenge tour atwater? What the hell does that mean? Shanarat cheating the salary cap to win? Or getting lucky because the Pack were way too confident? Or how about the next year, getting lucky again from Anderson missing a chip shot (his first of the year) and facing a much inferior opponent?

    Now you talk trash because your team fleeced you idiot Donkey fans into paying more for your tickets to pay 100 million to a QB that won’t win you a SuperBowl? How’s that taste Donkey fan? Typical idiot loser Donkey loving moron…poor pathetic moron.

  21. Please let Hub Arkesh be wrong. No Michael Lombardi. That guy is like Bernie Bickerstaff, the grim reaper of franchises . He went to one William&Mary game for lerd’s sake.

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