13 weeks in, no coaches fired yet


Every year, there’s plenty of speculation regarding the first coach to be fired during the season.

This year, none have been terminated.  Yet.

With the end of the season only four weeks away, it’s starting to look like perhaps none will be fired during the season.  And it’s possible that owners have realized that the appointment of an interim head coach can trigger an artificial increase in the team’s performance, with players playing hard for the interim head coach because the players are, in reality, playing hard for themselves.  Then, after they help the interim head coach earn the job going forward, they can go back to playing the way they did to help get the last coach fired.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that the Chargers have not fired coach Norv Turner.  With both Turner and G.M. A.J. Smith both expected to be fired if (when) the Chargers fail to qualify for the postseason, Smith arguably should have shaken things up in the hopes of saving his own job.

But maybe owner Dean Spanos has decided not to let Smith make a change because Spanos sees this as an opportunity to hit the proverbial reset button after the season via the hiring of a new front office and coaching staff.

Either way, it looks like the hot seats will remain hot until December 31, at which time the inevitable changes will commence.

And, of course, by posting this I’ve likely guaranteed that a head coach will be fired today.

9 responses to “13 weeks in, no coaches fired yet

  1. If norv turner survives this week, ill be shocked. The Chargers had another game wrapped up and they blew it.

  2. Fire them both and bring back Marty. Humble pie’s first bite is bitter, but it gets better by the bite. Marty has a great eye for talent and made the Chargers a powerhouse. After a few failures, to be nice, Norv should remain a OC and see a head coach’s position as the plague

  3. I can’t freaking wait till the Bolts clean house. I keep checking for the headline “Norv/ AJ Axed” and I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t even like hearing that Norv is an offensive genius… maybe he was 15 years ago. Aj and his larger than life ego have chased all the pro bowl caliber talent out of town year after year. Grow some danglers Spanos and red tag these guys’ locker.

  4. It is an odd season, given that we’ve had three interim head coaches (Cromer, Vitt, Arians) but no one’s been fired.

  5. I think Norv is safe until the end of the year since he calls the offensive plays also and there isn’t a clear cut assistant coach they’d want as head coach and OC. Then again the Chargers offense has stunk recently, so a new coach calling plays couldn’t be much worse.

  6. Just like chargersdiehard I too keep checking to see a “Chargers Clean House” type headline. However, at this point I just don’t see it happening anytime soon as SD ownership seems to have some odd belief (shared by no one else) that Turner & Smith are doing a good job. Strange that results simply don’t seem to matter when it comes to the Chargers. Anyway, money does seem to matter (a great deal) to ownership, so Turner will survive until the end of the season (when his contract expires), but Smith will very likely last another year (until his contract expires). That is, unless SD wins 3 of their last 4, then ownership will probably re-up these two. Crazy.

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