Bears defensive injuries piling up


The Bears’ playoff hopes went up in smoke last season thanks to injuries to quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte.

Things are still looking good for them on that front after 12 games this year, but the injuries are starting to pile up on the other side of the ball. A week after linebacker Lance Briggs and cornerback Charles Tillman were scraped up, the Bears lost three players from their defense before the end of Seattle’s 23-17 overtime loss.

Cornerback Tim Jennings hurt his shoulder and will have an MRI on Monday while linebacker Brian Urlacher, who has dealt with a knee problem all year, was forced out with a hamstring injury. Safety Chris Conte was felled by the flu, which should clear up without much more missed time. Losing three players from the defense didn’t help the defense hold up against Russell Wilson in the final minutes of regulation or overtime.

“We’re concerned,” defensive end Julius Peppers said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “We need everybody on the field. We’ve just got to get everybody healthy and we’ve got to have some guys on the second line step up.”

Tillman, Jennings, Briggs and Urlacher are essential parts of the Bears defense so missing them or getting limited production from them down the stretch would be a very bad development for Chicago’s playoff chances.

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  1. Everyone team has injuries and plays through them. Look at the Packers, decimated and continue to win.

    What’s difficult to hear in Lovie Smith’s post game report yesterday and often is he stated ” I didn’t have the team prepared ! “. WHAT !!! Lovie, you’ve had 8 YEARS !

    Sorry, he can never win the big games and he is always outcoached in big games. Lovie has a saying about injured players and players that are not producing and it’s, ” next man up ! ”

    Looks like it’s time for ” next coach up ! “

  2. All the Bears really need to do is beat Minnesota, Arizona, and or Detroit. None of them have a winning record which fits the Bears M.O. perfectly. The hell with the GB game.

    Props to Seattle. Bears just can’t beat a quality team this year. With the exception of Indy they have yet to beat a team that will end the season with a winning record. I would guess that if they were to play Indy today they’d lose.

    Hopefully by the time the playoffs come around we’ll have most of the guys good to go.

    Sorry Bears fans, but it’s time for Lovie to go. Good run.

  3. The big problem is that with McCaskey family the Bears are still a business first. The stands are full, big parking lot money and plenty of beer sold at $7 per. The Bears will continue this not terrible but not great performance for years into the future. Don’t like this approach but then my last name isn’t McCaskey.

    I do feel sorry for Cutler and Marshall.

  4. The parking $$ and some of the concession money goes to The Chicago Park district who owns Soldier Field. How the NFL puts up with that inferior stadium with limited capcity is beyond me.

  5. Add the lack of an offensive line as part of the reason the Defense is getting injured. You cannot sustain long drives when your QB and RB are allways getting stuffed which means more playing time for the defense and more injuries to an aging group.

  6. Why is it that the Bears are getting all this sympathy from you when there are other teams that have far worse defensive injuries *cough* Dallas *cough* with 5 starters on IR and 3 more out with fairly significant injuries and what Dallas gets is derisive comments bout how their defense is terrible.

    Take 7 starters from anyone’s defense and they will have defensive problems.

  7. “…the Bears lost three players from their defense before the end of Seattle’s 23-17 overtime loss.”

    Um…Seattle’s loss? You mean “the 23-17 overtime loss to Seattle.”, right?

  8. whitecastleisafoodgroup says: Dec 3, 2012 10:58 AM

    “Sorry Bears fans, but it’s time for Lovie to go. Good run.”

    Really? Lovie needs to go? I’d love to here an explanation on this one. If it weren’t for a completely inept offensive line this team would be a world beater. Don’t blame that on Lovie, that goes on Jerry Angelo. Lovie has no reason for concern, the guy has earned his keep throughout the turmoil that was the Angelo era. You won’t find many better coaches than Lovie Smith.

    Wait for it guys, here comes the Bill Cower chants. Unbelievable to me how ignorant some ‘football fans’ are when it comes to analyzing how well someone is doing their job. Lots of ignorant bears fans out there.

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