Bounty hearing adjourns, for now


Though the outcome may be the same, it’s now obvious that former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue will employ a much different method that current Commissioner Roger Goodell when it comes to the bounty case.

Goodell convened in June a one-day appeal hearing that entailed a summary of evidence with no witnesses called and limited documents produced.  Tagliabue, who was appointed to handle the appeal after Goodell stepped aside in the face of a claim from the affected players that Goodell can’t be impartial, has conducted at least three days of hearings.  Most recently, Tagliabue convened a session in New Orleans that featured three witnesses testifying over roughly 10 hours, according to the Associated Press.

Former Vikings coach Brad Childress, Saints interim coach Joe Vitt, and Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma testified on Monday.  The witnesses, the lawyers, and the parties remain mum on the substance of the testimony.

Though the AP item mentions that former Vikings defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy, whom the league contends told Childress about the alleged January 2010 bounty on former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, is on the league’s list of witnesses, Kennedy has told PFT that he will not be testifying, and that neither his agent nor his lawyer have been contacted regarding the possibility.

Per the Associated Press, Tagliabue hopes to rule early next week.  If any of the suspensions are upheld, the players undoubtedly will attempt to block the suspensions in court, seeking both a temporary delay pending the outcome of the litigation and a permanent reversal of the bans.

Saints defensive end Will Smith has been suspended four games, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita has been suspended one game, free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargove has been suspended two games after he signs with a new team, and Vilma has been suspended for the remainder of the 2012 season.

4 responses to “Bounty hearing adjourns, for now

  1. It begs the question: Why is Vilma now cooperating with the hearings when he has already indicated that he will go to court if he doesn’t get a favorable ruling from Tags? Talk about a worthless baby.

  2. Villa is participating in the hopes that Tagliabue will have a fair hearing, as opposed to the sham that Goodell held.

  3. While a further reduction of the player suspensions by Tagliabue is certainly possibility, I would be stunned if all those suspensions were overturned “in toto” by the former Commissioner. Clearly, witness credibility is key here, and unless Cerullo and Williams deviated materially from their sworn statements or were otherwise effectively impeached on cross-examination, I think it’s more likely than not that some of the discipline imposed by Goodell will be upheld by Tagliabue.

  4. Isn’t this just pointless now? Like all those players who were suspended are already eligible to play again so What are you accomplishing by dragging this out close to a year?

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