Brown’s emergence gives Eagles options moving forward


Bryce Brown has proven two things in the last two weeks.

One, that he can run well enough to be an NFL starter.

Two, that LeSean McCoy has nothing to worry about as the Eagles’ starter.

Brown has 347 rushing yards and four touchdowns the last two weeks, but he’s also lost three fumbles, including the game-clinching one which Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne returned 50 yards for a touchdown last night.

There’s no excuses,” Brown said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I’m not going to say [it was] fatigue or anything. If it is fatigue, you got to suck it up. . . . It’s a crucial moment. You go to protect the ball.”

You didn’t need to see Brown’s ball security issues to know McCoy will be the guy when he returns from his concussion. But how they use Brown moving forward will be an interesting choice. McLane speculates that Howie Roseman could get calls for Brown, but there’s no pressing reason to trade him.

Keeping both backs, particularly with Brown working cheap, is probably the best play for the Eagles, especially if they move forward with quarterback Nick Foles. For any young quarterback, a stable running game is the best safety net.

And assuming Andy Reid is gone, there’s a chance they might both be used. If Brown learns to hold onto the ball, of course.

27 responses to “Brown’s emergence gives Eagles options moving forward

  1. the only good thing about the emergence of brown is the possibility that a coach who will actually build and then employ a running game will agree to be the next coach. In turn, this may
    allow the o-line to deliver some blows instead of always being on the receiving end. This will slow the pass rush, open the play action and allow the team some of the balance lacking during the reid administration.

  2. logicalvoicesays says:Dec 3, 2012 9:58 AM

    The only RB that matters in the NFC East is Alfred Morris.

    Dude: This type of ‘logical’ thinking in d.c. has the country on the precipice of the financial cliff.

    But your timing is off by a day. Wait until Alfred tears up the g-men in a meaningful game then declare him the next John Riggins. (or not)

  3. The Eagles are still overloaded with talent, yet always lose. Reid should’ve been dumped years ago. Go Jon Gruden!

  4. The fact that anyone can run for 357 yards with pass happy Reid as the coach is a boarder line miracle

  5. anyone that thinks logicalvoicesays is a redskins fan is an idiot!! he is a troll and doesn’t act like a redskins fan!

    he is the same troll that is rg3andout and peytonsneck18!! it is all the same troll, rolling from diff sides!!

  6. Sports reference has his total touches in college at 115…for his whole collegiate career. He hasn’t been hit at this kind of pace in a long time. I believe that alone could lead to some of his fumbling issues. If he’s willing to put the work in 1. to get his cardio up and 2. solve his fumbling issue he has a chance to be a really special back.

    The GM needs to be looking at coaches willing to implement a running game that uses both of them liberally and creates opportunities to hit the speed they have out side over the top. I don’t believe the Eagles are bad talent wise…I think it’s scheme.

  7. Call tiki barber, bryce, and figure out how to stop fumbling. He’s like a shaq or a dwight howard. Dominant in the middle of the game but you cannot have him on the court at the end of the game because they cannot hit free throws. Got to secure the ball. not an eagles thing. turnover machines. you have to blame coaching for that. you can break the bad habits if the coaches teach them right and then stay on their butts about it.

  8. If Andy were to come back next year, I would say trade Brown and acquire a draft pick or some help on defense; we don’t utilize Shady enough as it is. But considering Andy’s all but out the door, it would be nice to run a consistent 2-back system next year. With Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Todd Herremans, and Shady coming back healthy next year (hopefully), things are in place to have a dominant run attack.

    And as far as Brown’s fumbling goes: both Tiki Barber and Adrian Peterson had fumbling problems, but they were able to address it. This type of problem can be dealt with. And if it is, look out.

  9. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 3, 2012 9:58 AM

    The only RB that matters in the NFC East is Alfred Morris.

    try telling that to every other RB the Shan Man has had before….Morris will be forgotten about come week 2 of next season.

    On to the next one!!!

  10. Brown is an impressive combination of size and speed and it seems that he also has very good vision in finding lanes to run through. There are some weaknesses namely ball security and the tendency to bounce runs out wide when it’s not there, but his talent is undeniable.

    Can always teach and improve ball security – can’t teach the physical tools.

  11. Anyone else find it interesting that with McCoy out that finally Andy Reid decides to go with the running game?

  12. yes, he’s good, AND the fumbling can be fixed!!! With Good Coaching… have the eagles fired their RB coach yet? or has Juan Castillo been demoted/promoted to RB coach yet?!?
    gesus it sucks being a eagles fan these days!!

  13. Brown has great instincts and clearly has a lot of talent. He just needs to learn how to hold onto the ball. Ahman Green had fumbling problems early in his career too and was mostly able to get them under control.. I think Brown’s future will be very bright.

  14. Let the Skins fans have there moment, it’ll only last a week or so. You would think they won the Super Bowl winning on I actually think Brown is legit. This kid was poised to be the best back in the country collegiately, until Lane Kiffin left Tennessee. I think he has the potential to be just like the another great back who went unnoticed coming out of Tennessee, Arian Foster. He has great speed and vision. He simply needs to go to the Tiki Barber School of Ball Security. (Keep it high and tight).

  15. No matter how fast or hard he runs, it means nothing if he can’t get to the goal line with the ball. Until he can stop the fumbling, he’ll never be regarded as an elite back.

  16. Trade Shady. Once Brown figures out “high and tight” he’ll be better than Shady. Shady dances too much. Brown explodes downhill.

  17. Its easier to teach an amazingly talented RB how to hold on to the ball well than it is to teach a RB that holds on to the ball well to be amazingly talented. Keep this kid around… It will pay off

  18. Funny they have two real good backs (shadys outstanding) and no qb’s with a coach who refuses to run the ball.

  19. Whom ever coaches The Eagles next year has a gold mine in hand. Hopefully it will be Bill Cowher so we can utilize the now existing talent. Brown and Shady in the same backfield????WOW All the starters back……WOW Jason Peters back. Even this current O Line is showin improvement.

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