Chargers scrambling for answers with OL injuries

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They’ve got a coach who everyone wants fired, and a quarterback who can’t stay upright long enough to lead the comebacks he used to.

So naturally, the 4-8 Chargers have even more obstacles to overcome.

According to Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, Chargers coach Norv Turner said Monday that he doesn’t expect left tackle Michael Harris (ankle) or right tackle Jeromey Clary (knee) or left guard Tyronne Green (hamstring) to be available Sunday against the Steelers.

That leaves Kevin Haslam as the only healthy tackle on the roster, and describing him as a journeyman is charitable. He’s played in six games in his career, after entering the league an undrafted rookie from Rutgers.

Asked where the rash of injuries leaves the team, Turner replied: “That’s the mystery.”

The mystery might be how many quarterbacks they sign, since Charlie Whitehurst is the only backup to Philip Rivers, and they might burn through several of those as well.

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  1. It’s time to put A.J. Smith and Norv Turner out of their misery.

    2007: AFC championship (2-1 playoffs)
    2008: Divisional round (1-1 playoffs)
    2009: Divisional round (0-1 playoffs)
    2010: 9-7, missed playoffs
    2011: 8-8, missed playoffs
    2012: 4-8

    The Chargers are a team on the decline despite having a QB who is supposed to be in the prime of his career. Three straight years of missing the playoffs, in a division where you play four games a year against the Raiders and Chiefs, is just not good enough.

  2. It’s no coincidence that the Chargers offense and Rivers declined around the time Dielman and then Mcneil got hurt last year. If you look at the stats, with Dielman out they did terribly, then Gaither actually played and all of a sudden the production was up to finish the year. Too bad AJ risked it all with Gaither and didn’t have much of a backup plan at OL.

  3. Chargers fans have been clamoring for OL help for years. Even when the starting lineup was healthy and playing well our depth was pathetic. Now we are paying the price. The lack of protection has transformed Rivers into a turnover machine.

  4. You guys really got taken when you spent money on Gathier. That money should have been spent else where. At first I was mad when he did well last year. But when his “back spasms” kicked in this year, I knew he was out spending his money.

  5. Wait a minute, are you saying that drafting Buster Davis, Larry English, Antoine Cason, and trading up for Ryan Matthews ALL in the 1st RD were mistakes and they should’ve targeted Offensive Linemen instead of picking them away from the local Rental Car Agency!? That’s a bunch of Malarkey.

  6. Remember when Marmalard used to be good? The way his career has gone up in smoke reminds me of Marc Bulger. He’s so shell-shocked from playing behind trash that he’s always hearing footsteps.

  7. Speaking of Rivers , I have decided that he has contributed to this as much as AJ and Norv!
    After listening to his interview on 1090 last week, I’ve concluded that he either completely has no clue, or he’s just spewing propaganda BS.
    Listening to him look at it thru rose colored glasses makes me want to barf. The guy had an excuse for everything.” if we didn’t do this in this game and that in that game, we would be leading the division” blah blah
    ” I like the way we have hung in there, and stayed in games” ..are you kidding me?!
    I know he’s the son of a coach, and he sure sounds like one , but with his lackadaisical attitude and complacency about how this team has performed, I wouldn’t be surprisd if his teammates have tuned him out just like they have Norv.
    This guy has totally taken on the attitude and excuse making of Norv.

  8. I think Dean should be scrambling for a replacement GM to take over for AJ and making sure that GM is going to get a quality HC in place with the right players to help. O Line is the first place they need to address.

  9. Nice to see the Chargers in the same state of the Raiders. It was our gift to drop Norv to you. However, I will trade you Carson Palmer for Phillip Rivers. Deal?

  10. Agree that the O-Line should have been fixed a long time ago. Too bad ownership and management were more concerned with making $$ and selling jersey’s with skill position players name’s on them than drafting and adding GOOD O-lineman

  11. Anybody who wants to bash Rivers, his play this year has made it deserving. The reality however is that teams play like the personality of their head coaches. The Chargers coach is a gutless yesman who was a yesman in Washington, a yesman in Oakland, and a yesman in San Diego. The Chargers are in turn just like their coach, yesmen. They say all the right things to stay employed far longer than they should be, till they are exposed for what they truly are. You get Rivers away from Norv, and I guarantee you he becomes a pro bowl caliber QB again. He still needs a o-line, but the problem starts with the personality of this team. Zero killer instinct. That’s Norv Turner

  12. @konichiwabtches
    what would you rather Philip say? If he were to say the truth his sound bite would be “Have you seen the swiss cheese o-line I am playing behind? I don’t even have time to make a seven step drop before getting hit. And seven step drops are all my “genius” coach keeps calling. Yeah I am impressed with the way we have hung in there and stayed in games because it is a miracle”.

    Then you would be all over him for being negative and throwing his teammates under the bus.

  13. In 2003 the Chargers thought Drew Brees was not good enough and went and drafted Philip Rivers. In 2004 the Chargers thought Drew Brees was so good that they had to franchise tag him so they wouldn’t lose him. What changed? 5 new starters on the offensive line.

  14. time to really do a # on front office…with the weather and a QB some basic draft, front office skills can make them solid and in that division? ?? Cowher full control anyone? ???

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