Colts’ McGlynn on Suh, Lions: “That’s why they lose”


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh got through a game without kicking anyone in the crotch, but he didn’t make any friends, either.

Suh angered the Colts by laughing and dancing with teammates after he knocked Colts right tackle Winston Justice to the ground. The hit came after a Don Carey interception in the fourth quarter, and Justice left the game with a concussion.

Totally ignorant on their part,” Colts right guard Mike McGlynn said, via Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “Just childish stuff. We’re all battling out there; I don’t know if the hit was legal or not, but clearly he was hurt, and they’re out there dancing and pointing at him and laughing. Just blatant disrespect. They’re good players but there’s no room for that. It’s disgusting, really.

“If that had happened to one of their players, we’d never do something like that. But that’s what makes this even sweeter. That’s why they lose. I hope they never win another game.”

The Colts got the last laugh, with an amazing comeback for a 35-33 win. And Suh added another member to his growing fan club.

55 responses to “Colts’ McGlynn on Suh, Lions: “That’s why they lose”

  1. McGlynn is just mad because he couldnt stop Suh all game. I was there, watched every play…Suh tossed him around like he was a pop warner player.

    Sure the Colts won, and congrats to them, but dont talk crap about Suh just because he dominated on his part.

  2. I didn’t see the play but if it happened that way then someone needs to be suspended! They are repeat, repeat offenders!

  3. Seriously. I’d rather lose like the Jags are losing this year than to get beat every week with superstars on the team and jerks like that on defense laughing at injuries. Those things have a way of biting back.

  4. No, the reason why we lose is because we have awful defensive and offensive coordinators and a head coach with completely unwarranted arrogance.

  5. I didn’t see it, but if it did happen as explained above, that’s complete garbage and disrespect. I too hope they never win another game.

  6. A player celebrating a good play/big hit with his teammates?? No one ever does that!! (It’s kinda funny how even though he mentions “several players”, he only names Suh, and no media outlet will investigate who the other players were. Just gotta keep their pitchforks sharp for Suh)

    And that’s not why they lose, they lose because their not a very good football team

  7. It seems like every week I’m posting the same message:

    Who on that Lions team is going to step up and get Suh under control? apparently the coach has no problem with him, so who?

  8. Good for McGlynn for telling it like it is.

    Can’t think of an NFL player I dislike more than Suh.

  9. That is why the Lions rarely do well: the culture of the organization, which is set at the top, will never change. I expect to hear Schwartz praise his players much the way he ripped Matt Schaub for not liking being kicked in the groin, instead of using this as a teaching moment and a reason they are 4-8

  10. I would LOVE to see someone take over this team that holds players accountable and focuses them on what’s important. Oh wait, I’m a Packer fan…please give Schwartz a big extension!!! This is the most fun Lions team to watch since Wanye Fontes!!!

  11. Memo to lionsdraftguy,My best friend is a die hard Lion fan & we watch the games together,There is no sticking up for this guy he is not good for your team or the league,Suh did have a nice view though of Luck running past him as he was standing still or probably looking to hit someone who wasnt looking,the records speak for themselves this guy is a loser.And you need a new coach & you guys wouold be much better off.

  12. Please! Where is the video for this? The way Suh is in the spotlight there is NO WAY IN HELL he injured someone and then stood over him pointing and laughing without it leading off sportscenter. Leave the guy alone, for once he was not the reason this team should be in the news.

  13. Ohh and wehere the hell was all the outrage over the fight last weekend or Andy Dalton being slammed or that player getting kicked in the head?! Profootball has a hard on for Suh and the Lions. That much is clear.

  14. I hate Suh (He shouldn’t have been playing if the NFL had done their job correctly and suspended him) and the Lions as much as anyone but from what I can see they didn’t do anything wrong.
    They were celebrating the turnover & return there was no pointing at an injured player.
    McGlynn need to toughen up, bad things like injury sometimes happen (legally) during a football game and the world doesn’t stop when they do.

  15. It’s just part of the culture of the team and lack of discipline. We’re not trained to play like and act like champions, and when we make a big play our players get super excited even if we are down on the scoreboard or out of the playoff hunt.

    You guys should see when Tony Scheffler catches a pass, particularly a first down. He just explodes as the most excited man in the world. It’s really frustrating. And then it’s a wonder why a young guy like Titus Young wants to celebrate too, veteran manchilds are on the team and that rubs off the wrong way. I had advocated trading Scheffler every moment since he’s been here because he’s not valuable enough as a player and you could get something more him while getting the antic liabilities removed, but our team makeup and chemistry isn’t designed well for the big picture of big success.

    We just have personnel mngmt problems, coaching problems, and training issues. It’s about the players you choose and the preparation and we miss a lot of stuff.

  16. Suh is the new Haynesworth. In the interview the week before he dared use the phrase “Give me another chance” and a few days later he’s standing over a concussed player laughing and dancing.

    Well Suh… you got another chance and it was the Colts that had the last laugh.

  17. I’m willing to bet that most of the people who come up here and complain about Suh have never played football past High School. Personally, I like my defensive lineman to be nasty. Now, I know Suh has done some dirty things in the past, but let’s try not to give him the Ron Artest treatment; where everything he does is magnified by a million. You name me a defense where the players don’t get excited over a big hit and I’ll show you a losing defense. It’s not like he he clapped while the guy was stretchered off or something. I think McGlynn is a little salty that Suh ran through him like wet toilet paper yesterday. I’m so sick and tired of the sport I love becoming softer and softer!

  18. As to why the Lions lose, it is because Mayhew believes in best player available, even on a team with gaping holes at safety, cornerback and linebacker.

    Mayhew has a lot more Matt Millen in him then we thought. His first draft was strong, his second produced Suh and Young and a bunch of busts.

    The next two have flat out sucked. Fairley is not better enough that Fluellen they had to cut, to warrant a 1st rounder. Titus, enough said. Leshoure? Meh. Riley Rieff? Ryan Broyles? We don’t have the talent level to spend 1 & 2 on players who might start a few years down the road.

  19. If this actually happened, “dancing and pointing at an injured player” wouldn’t there have probably been a fight from the colts defending their player that was shown on tv? Wouldn’t every coach and every player on the colts mention it in post game interviews? Wouldn’t ALL the players who were involved it be named? Sounds more like 1 guy got his panties in a bunch over nothing

  20. I’ve always liked the Lions but it’s getting really hard to keep liking them.

    It’s a matter of time before Suh is kicked out of the league, I’m not hoping for it, I’m just saying.

    He’s a walking time bomb.

  21. Yeah, they were celebrating a block/injury, not the interception that looked like it had locked up the game. This is just stupid.

    This was the play that Arians got smoked, all the cameras were on him so no video of the so-called incident.

  22. Yet another overblown & media-manipulated circumstance. So now it’s wrong for a guy to make a play and celebrate it. He beat his man, they got an interception at that same time and were happy about it. Oh, stop the presses! The only logical explanation is of course that he KNEW instantly Justice was injured, did it on purpose, and then gloated about it.

    So now you all are saying Suh is qualified to diagnose other players concussions, even during the midst of a play. Lemmings with a mindless lynch-mob mentality, just waiting for a negativity bandwagon to roll by so you can jump on and soapbox your hypocritical and thoroughly misinformed moral outrage.

    And the reason they lose is they simply don’t make the important plays on either side of the ball when they matter most.

  23. As a Bears fan, I love what they are doing in Detroit. Stafford and Johnson will have to retire early due to injury because when in doubt, lets just throw 50+ times a game and force the ball to their only weapon so he takes unnecessary and exposed hits to the body. That D will find a way to make a big play, and then promptly get called for a personal foul and give it right back. Schwartz is the worst coach in the NFL, but he’d be the best coach for the XFL. Oh wait.

  24. It used to be men playing a boys game. Now they never grow up. All pro athletes should spend a weekend on active duty with real soldiers in active duty, on patrol with real cops, or accompany some EMTs and firemen on some calls, THEN come back see if they feel like dancing like jackasses over making a tackle on second down in the first quarter when their team is 4 -8.

  25. Suh truly is the face of that franchise. Childish, spoiled, irresponsible, violent, bullying, classless, and let’s not foget….losers. With the talent that is on that team their record should be reversed. They play with people who were top ten picks in the draft for a dozen years in a row, they SHOULD have the talent…they simply don’t have people of good character.

  26. Didn’t see the game, but what bugged me about the Lions in the two games that my team beat them was how their defensive players would always celebrate after making a big play even though they were behind and likely to lose. You’d think their focus and energy would be better spent on maybe winning the game.

  27. Is there a video of this anywhere? if this really happened it you think the there would be a video of it somewhere. I really doubt that the Lions players were laughing and dancing because of an injured player. Could it be they were having a good time on their sideline because they just made a play? You know like players for the other 31 teams do throughout the games…..

  28. @scjohnny

    Maybe you and your so called die hard lions fan friend need to actually watch the game, and i mean more than just the quarterback and running back. Suh had a phenomenal game yesterday.

    And to all you whiners about Suh, think about it for once. Suh WON his battle in the trenches and was happy for it. You think he knew the little girl had a concussion right away? Obviously not. If these whiny offensive lineman cant handle the physical part of football, go bake some cookies and quit playing football.

    Suh had a great game and is a great player. I wont argue he may play dirty some times, but he is a very good player and every one who says hes not OBVIOUSLY has zero football knowledge.

  29. Suh is a Richard head. I miss that guy who used the screen name about suh being a dirty player. He could really get lions fans pissed off. If u see this, please start posting again.

  30. Like I said, Suh dominated yesterday and had every right to celebrate. Cry me a river. Go play tennis or golf if you don’t want to see excitement after big plays are made. If Suh sneezes on a quarterback he is going to get fined $30,000 now a days

  31. and just like when suh (supposedly, without any video evidence) kicked matt ryan last year, this will be used to show that suh has a “history” of these sorts of things.
    each unproven allegation PROVES the other unproven allegation.
    bottom line, he’s made three “dirty” plays that nobody disputes, the head-rip on delhomme, the preseason hit on dalton, and the “stomp” on dietrich-smith.

  32. DeAngelo Hall was fined $35,750 for a horse collar tackle and that sweet little love tap on Dizzy Bryant. No penalties were called.

    Its ridiculous “a punk named Suh” does what he does. He is making a mockery of the NFL with all their fines for slight uniform alterations and bad behavior.

    It’s really time to throw the book at this idiot

    And he is an idiot. He does not play smart. He runs after the QB everytime a screen is called. Too stupid to realize its 3 and 25. MMM! What will they call??

  33. formyministy-after those 3 undisputed times he’s lost the benefit of any doubt. if he’s done it AND gotten caught 3 times he’s dirty and you can assume if he’s accused of it that it’s probably true.

  34. I don’t know if the hit was legal or not, but clearly he was hurt, and they’re out there dancing and pointing at him and laughing. Just blatant disrespect. They’re good players but there’s no room for that. It’s disgusting, really.

    Well said.

  35. I was at the game and this just did not happen. Suh was standing near him for a minute then just walked away. There was no dancing or taunting. One of the Lions (couldn’t tell who) signaled for a trainer, and then walked away too. I am not a Suh apologist, honestly, but the players are looking to start stuff when nothing is going on.

  36. Has anyone found footage of the mysterious incident yet? Sounds like the mysterious incident Matt Ryan claimed that was never confirmed.

  37. Before people crucify the guy on these assumptions maybe they should provide a little video evidence of this actually happening.

  38. i agree with whoever said it up top..yeah its not popular opinion but for most of the game suh dominated that guy.. its always easy to hop on the train when the guy is already getting ran over by media.. sure u won the game but u sure as hell were losing the battle to suh in the trenches.

  39. So, Detroit fans get to be pissed off at our team and coaches and then get to have our comments blocked from commenting on articles about our better players. Sucks to be us all the way around. Dang.

  40. hatrhurter says:
    Dec 3, 2012 12:19 PM
    formyministy-after those 3 undisputed times he’s lost the benefit of any doubt. if he’s done it AND gotten caught 3 times he’s dirty and you can assume if he’s accused of it that it’s probably true.

    well said. you know who else has three (or more) fines and flags for illegal hits? ed reed. jared allen. ray lewis. james harrison. brian urlacher. do you need me to keep going, or have i proved my point? thanks for the assist, btw.

  41. intedwetrust says:
    Dec 3, 2012 9:15 AM
    I would LOVE to see someone take over this team that holds players accountable and focuses them on what’s important. Oh wait, I’m a Packer fan…please give Schwartz a big extension!!! This is the most fun Lions team to watch since Wayne Fontes!!!


    I agree.

  42. OMG! Is this Salem, Mass. 1620? Stop it already! Next week it will be that Suh celebrated a sack! He should be suspended. This site provokes so much undo criticism. If this was the Packers it would never have made a story

  43. scoregasmic says: Dec 3, 2012 11:15 AM

    “And the best part about these Suh stories is that suddenly everyone is an expert on respect and discipline.”

    Very true! (Unless of course you are a Lions fan who blindly defends Suh and his crass behavior every time he acts like a tool.)

  44. I may not like his antics but I definitely would want Suh playing on my team. Suh is tryin to change the culture of Detroit by becoming a bully, nut if he goes to a winning team already like New England or NY Giants, all he would have to focus on is hitting the QB and swallowing the run.

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