Dez Bryant: I’m just getting started

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Since Dez Bryant joined the Cowboys, the question has always been one about whether or not his obvious athletic gifts would be able to overcome lapses in concentration and judgment on and off the field often enough for him to fulfill his potential.

The last four games have provided a sign that things are falling into place for Bryant. Bryant has 29 catches for 475 yards and six touchdowns in those games, three of which have been wins that have allowed the Cowboys to keep playoff hope alive.

Bryant was dominant again on Sunday night, catching six passes for 98 yards and scoring twice in the second half to enable to Cowboys to come from behind for a 38-33 win against the Eagles. If the Cowboys are going to wind up finding a way into the postseason, it will likely come with major help from Bryant. Good thing he’s just getting warmed up.

“Tony believes in me. I want that to increase. It’s all about not losing composure and being focused and just doing what’s right. I feel like just me staying on top of my game makes a big difference,” Bryant said, via the Dallas Morning News. “When your number is called you do your job. I knew it was going to come, and it did. I’m very confident. I’m just getting started.”

Bryant has already set new career bests in catches and receiving yards. He’s a touchdown away from tying his best in that metric and will easily set a new mark if he continues on anything close to his recent pace. That might not be enough to get the Cowboys in the playoffs, but the questions about Bryant could be changing as a result of his production this year.

31 responses to “Dez Bryant: I’m just getting started

  1. He’s ‘just getting started’? Isn’t that what you’re meant to say as a rookie?

    How about ‘I’m just getting off my pampered rear to justify that eye-watering contract they gave me ages ago’?

  2. It’s good to see Dez is maturing. It isn’t going to matter much if the Cowboys can’t fix their OL woes, and have a running back that stays healthy for an extended period. Those two things have already cost them several games this season. They should easily be 8-4.

  3. “It’s about time Dez” – Anyone who’s ever been affiliated with the Cowboys organization ever….throughout time.

  4. dez: stop run your mouth and play, son. you haven’t done jack, haven’t won jack… so quit talking and just play.

  5. Des is a talent that’s for sure as a skins fan I don’t like him in the division. But he has to keep his head above all the nonsense to try reach his potential… It remains to be seen

  6. Dez Bryant, pampered? Sure. He overcame some pretty long odds to get as far as he has and there has been plenty of hard work. His work ethic has never been in question. If you’ve ever watched him play, you know he works whistle to whistle and fights for every inch he can get on the field. His problem has been his head. Told you guys, if he ever gets his head on straight this is going to be the scariest WR in the NFL.

  7. Sorry but they played the eagles, redskins and browns, eagles in those 4 games. That is coverage from Ashugma, DeAngelo Hall, & Joe Haden. If you follow football, you know those are 3 pretty good cb’s. Go discuss your football logic with logicalvoice

  8. Sounds great but he still has Tony Romo as QB. Not going anywhere as long as Mr. 50/50 is throwing the ball. One day the Romo DFW nightmare train will be gone and we can hope to start a Super Bowl team, as long as he is here 50/50 woooohooooo go Romo. Sorry Dez you will just be another player left to the side of the nightmare train one day.

  9. Dez is just getting started to maxamize his number of arrests / police calls by his mother once his 24 hour per day handlers are not around? And folks expect him to mature?

  10. 3/4 into your 3rd season as a professional and you’re “just getting started”? Good job Dez.

  11. Just getting started?Is this guy a rookie or 2nd yr player. 3rd year pro and just getting started..hahahaha A guy with talent but just doesn’t know how to use it.see you in Cincy this Sunday..Not nervous about this Cowboys team

  12. He’s a talent. He can fight for a ball and has great speed. He just needs to do better as far as route running and knowing his sight adjustments. He also hasn’t been hampered by injury this year like he previously has. If he can stay out of trouble off the field, then he can really start doing things on it. Let’s be honest, this isn’t the first Cowboy with serious off the field issues, not even the first to wear 88.

    And “Just getting started” means that he isn’t sitting back and saying that these numbers are enough. He’s trying to say that he isn’t going to get complacent, not that he is just starting to play for the first time in his career.

  13. The lack of football knowledge on this website is appalling. Dez is still a young player who has plenty of great seasons in front of him. We are talking about a guy with a very deranged upbringing. How about we applaud him for making it, rather than being condescending at every opportunity. His mom was(is) a drug addict and was a prostitute, his dad was a drug dealer/ pimp,;if you ask me the kid has overcame a lot. Maturity has always been his problem not effort. Now that he has injuries and conditioning issues out of the way, there is nothing stopping him from being a top 5 NFL receiver

  14. When the team has to hire babysitters to make sure you wake up everyday, it is just a matter of time before he messes up again. He can’t escape his past, I wish he could. He is a great talent, but a ticking time bomb. Tick, tick, tick, BOOM

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