Eagles fire Jim Washburn


Another loss for the Eagles has led to another termination.

This week, defensive line coach Jim Washburn has been, according to the team, “relieved of his duties.”  The move comes only hours after the completion of the team’s eighth straight loss, to the Cowboys.

“Jim is a fine football coach and we appreciate the efforts he gave to this team over the past two years,” coach Andy Reid said.  “However, I determined that it was in the team’s best interest that we move in a different direction in terms of trying to maximize the production of that position group. We look forward to having Tommy Brasher back on board to work with the defensive line.”

Yes, Tommy Brasher.  The team’s defensive line coach in 1985 and from 1999 through 2005.

Washburn’s departure potentially was driven in part by report that Washburn disagreed with the recent release of defensive end Jason Babin, whom Washburn reportedly called the most recent scapegoat for the Philly free fall.  Though Washburn said nothing publicly, he’s not known to be a guy who bites his tongue privately.

Hired in 2011 before the Eagles hired a new defensive coordinator, Washburn brought to town his “wide nine” defensive line, which glorifies sacks at the expense of run defense.  Washburn’s presence arguably limited Reid’s options at defensive coordinator, since whoever took the job would be saddled with a predetermined system.

At least the ongoing stream of pink slips is creating some interest in the final days of the Reid regime.  After each game, it’ll be time to conduct an office pool as to which player or coach will be the next to go.

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  1. I was really excited to wake up and hear this. Washburn wasn’t a scapegoat like some might think, but he was a huge part of the problem. Hopefully, we can get rid of the Wide 9 now and go back to a 4-3. Tommy Brasher did great for us as line coach

  2. Just last year he was ‘the best DL coach in the NFL’. Oh well, luckily the next guy will be the new best. Dream Team works that way.

  3. With all of these assistant coaching changes for the Eagles, do not be shocked to see Reid back next year. As an Eagles fan, I don’t mind it, as long as he makes these necessary changes and admits to screwing up with those hires. I also wouldn’t mind it because Reid is critical in the development of Nick Foles. He has the ability to groom QBs in this league, much better than that of any other coach. I would not, however, be happy if Vick returned. He’s a lost cause at this point.

  4. Is this guy living in a dream land? Reid speaks as though he’s still going to be in Philadelphia after this season, thus him decisions to fire and cut guys to “improve” the team.

  5. The whole idea of promoting Castillo to defensive coordinator, because he would in reality be subordinate to the line coach, has led to Andy’s demise. Kudos to the rookies and Brandan Graham for showing up last night.

  6. If Andy Reid is making these firings, than its almost as if he’s trying creating this perception, where he is not the problem. The only problem is, with every guy they fire/release comes another loss. Eventually he’ll be the only one to point a finger at.

  7. THANK GOD! Even though this is scapegoating, as an Eagles fan … The Wide Nine sucked. I hope the D improves, now that Todd doesn’t have to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    PS: Please oh please fire Marty next.

  8. This is why you do not hire the defensive line coach (with a gimmicky system) before the defensive coordinator.

    The D-line was never on the same page as the linebackers and secondary, which is part of the reason why no one on that D seems to know where to be.

  9. So what is Reid going to do…. fire every coach until no one is remaining??? Andy Reid needs to be a man, look in the mirror and take some responsibility.

  10. “After each game, it’ll be time to conduct an office pool as to which player or coach will be the next to go.”

    With the Week 17 tilt against the giants being the jackpot prize…ANDY REID!!!

  11. I am a big Eagles’ fan, so I’m definitely not hating or bashing the Eagles. But, man, these reports almost read like obituaries.

    It’s also tought to figure out what is happening in Philly. Now that the Eagles are mathematically eliminated form the playoffs, and rumors are rampant that Reid will be released at the end of the season, what sense does it make to continue to fire coordinators with four games left? The only logic I can see in it is that Reid is setting himself up for his next position by not quitting. It’s still a tough thing to do to Washburn when Washburn would probably have lost his job in four weeks, along with Reid.

    The other scenario is that Reid is coming back next year. After all, he has one more year on his contract, Lurie loves him, the offense seems functional, there are two dynamite running backs to toy with, etc. If we believe for a second that Reid will return next year, the Washburn firing makes a lot of sense.

    I know it has been tough with Reid, especially recently, but I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a chance to turn it around in the final year of his contract. If they would commit to a run first offense with Foles at QB, draft O-line and defense next year, and think about getting rid of Marty and Bowles, things might not seem so bad. There would at least be hope going into the season.

  12. Reid isn’t doing himself any favours by keep using others as a scapegoat rather than just admitting the problems are on him.
    How is he going to build a new staff either in Philly (if they keep him for some reason) or in a new city when anyone he tries to hire knows he will throw them under the bus to save himself at a moments notice?

    It’s looking more and more like that early success he’s been trading on was more down to the late great Jim Johnson and their vastly under rated D at the time doing the bulk of the work. McChoke, Andy and the offense were happy to take the praise and hype but we all saw whatr happened when the D crumbled.

  13. This guy is terrible but you have to blame Reid for the nonsense he calls a support cast around him. Thanks for the past 14 years Andy, but it’s time to move on.

  14. When will the day come when Andy will realize that its in the teams best interest that he relieves himself of his duties as the head football coach?

  15. Other than to get rid of another dissenting voice in the locker room, it makes no sense to keep doing these trickle down firings.

    I still can’t believe the Eagles defense hasn’t figured out how to not allow receivers to run free down the middle of the field. I certainly hope it is coaching/scheme related issues and not talent.

    On the plus side it looks like Foles is progressing (which is all you are really looking for him at this point). Bryce is looking like a real good young RB (if he learns from his mistakes).

    I’d still like to see Desean traded away and another young receiver drafted along with some linemen and a safety and CB.

  16. Very appropriately, next up:

    “Andy is a fine football coach and we appreciate the efforts he gave to this team for many years,” owner Jeffrey Lurie said.

    “However, I determined that it was in the team’s best interest that we move in a different direction… in all directions… in terms of trying to maximize the production of this team.”

  17. I like Andy Reid, and after the tragedy this year, it would be tough for anyone to coach, let alone to even get up in the morning. I’ve watched the past two games, and he has done a fantastic job as a coach. The Eagles need a DC! They can score on offense, but the defense can’t stop a paper sack. Keep Coach Reid and get a good DC.

  18. This just feels like reid is coming back philly. He is even hiring coaches like he is reconstructing a staff. If he were out they’d have him make due with what he had for the last 4 games. Wow.

  19. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Eagles…at least he doesn’t have to wait until 31 December to get sacked. Enjoy the time off, Jim. Oh…and the Wide 9 sucked.

  20. It’s not like any of the other Eagles’ coaches will have jobs after the next month. At least Washburn gets a month’s head start on the rest of them in finding a new position.

  21. The Eagles should fire the running back coach since he can’t convince Bryce Brown not to fumble the rock !!! His fumbles have lost two consecutive football games.

  22. “Hired in 2011 before the Eagles hired a new defensive coordinator, Washburn brought to town his “wide nine” defensive linw (sic), which glorifies sacks at the expense of run defense.”

    At least Florio isn’t biased …..

    “The Eagles should fire the running back coach since he can’t convince Bryce Brown not to fumble the rock !!! His fumbles have lost two consecutive football games.”

    Moron. Brown also scored all the touchdowns! Yeah his fumbles were costly, but they wouldn’t have been in a position to even have a shot at winning if it wasn’t for his hard running. He’s the only guy on the team still playing!!!

  23. Reid looks pathetic and desperate getting rid of subordinates when the buck stops with him. I’m not sure any GM will hire him if he is terminated after this season.

  24. I know I’m going to get killed on this but think it through… If we bring in a real football gm and strip Reid of his player personel power, then bring in a real defensive coordinator with a history in the league, we might actually do well with Reid as the head coach. He was a great coach when we had those things. He’s deteriorated as he’s gained more player personel power and failed to hire a legitimate replacement for Jim Johnson.

  25. I can’t believe there are Eagles fans that are “excited” about this move. I think you’d better start considering what your actual best case scenario is at this point.

    Apparently, you think your best case scenario is that this change will lead to better D-line play and some more wins. This is really your worst case scenario. Winning more games at this point is worthless and will only hurt the franchise’s efforts to improve in the future.

    Winning now is bad for Eagles fans on two fronts: it hurts your draft position and increases every so slightly the possibility that Reid keeps his job.

  26. I believe that SWOOP the mascot is next on the chopping block. As this is all “his/her responsibility, and has to do a better job.”

  27. after each loss, Reid either makes another scapegoat firing or cut another player…Reid is desperate to show eagles owner that he is willing to make changes, really pathetic to do this crap with 4 games left in the season.

  28. I’m not an eagles fan, I am a fan of a division rival of theirs but watching Eagles vs Dallas game last night the Eagles D line was doing great it was the Secondary that was a mess, a situation i’m more than familiar with with my team. Was rooting hard for the Eagles over Dallas they deserved the win. Love brown so far but wish if he were going to fumble he’d have done it earlier in the game.

  29. I was happy when Wash came to town, I can’t even remember who he replaced (that’s how good the guy was before). But glad he’s going now, he was splitting the locker room.

  30. Breaking News:
    Hoping to secure a playoff spot the Eagle’s announce the firing of Mrs Reid as Andy’s wife, she will be replaced by the house-keeper…

  31. I agree with the comment about keeping Reid. Interesting that all of the “firings” come from Reid and not Roseman.

    So, Lurie keeps Reid but redesigates Roseman, hires a real football GM, and force coaching and personnel changes on Reid. I could buy this, as it would keep Reid from going o a rival like the Cowboys.

    But it would piss off the Philadelphia media, who do not like Reid because he doesn’t play with them.

  32. i called this one several weeks ago.. No BS.
    Howard mudd needed to go… now he says he’s retiring.
    Jim Washburn needed to go… And has.

    Marty Morninwheg. he was horrible as the lions HC, and since taking over play calling from Ried in 06, the birds have barely made it to the playoffs, and wasted aso much talent..

    Mike Vick. He did phenomenal things in 2010. i will be a fan of his for that year. but lets face it, he isn’t tall enough, he doesn’t run like he used to, he doesn’t recognize defenses, and he’s been cursed with bad coaching decisions.

  33. For all those saying it is not the D-Line it is the secondary are only partially correct. The wide 9 forces the safeties to cheat up more then normal to stop the run because the D-Ends have limited or no run responsibility. They often find themselves out of position because they are run first pass second. Gimmicks come and go, Andy got caught up and trying to ride the wide 9 gimmick, it didn’t work. It may cost him his job, but I would not be surprised if Andy is back to finish his last year of his contract. I just have a feeling.

  34. Andy keeps throwing players, assistants and anyone else under the bus to take the blame. Just wait, Andy will be back as the Eagles HC next year. Lurie doesn’t have the guts to fire him.

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