Ed Reed gets choked up when discussing Charlie Batch

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It’s hard to not be impressed by what Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch did yesterday.

Unless you’re Ed Reed, apparently.

The Ravens safety was seemingly unmoved by Batch’s 276-yard day, which included a pair of late scoring drives which led the Steelers to a 23-20 road win.

According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Ravens safety Bernard Pollard was politely complimenting Batch, when Reed, at the locker next to his, made like the brothers of Delta House on trial or Iceman in Top Gun.

Bull-[expletive],” Reed said, while trying to mask it with a cough.

“He can make throws, but I look at like we let some things get away,” Pollard continued.

When asked later if he was surprised by Batch’s game, Reed said: “It is not surprising at all, . . . well, maybe a little bit.”

Batch was the Steelers’ third choice for a reason, but the man made plays when needed, and took the Ravens’ best shots on the final drive, and delivered what Reed could not — a win.

51 responses to “Ed Reed gets choked up when discussing Charlie Batch

  1. I’m a longtime Lions fan here and I’ve always liked Charlie Batch. While not the most skilled QB ever he seems like a good guy. It was nice to see him have a good game after that debacle last week. That last drive he was picking the Ravens D apart.

  2. You lost at home to a 38 year old third team QB who outplayed your QB. Your offense was smothered in both games by the Steelers defense, even with key injuries. The Steelers are the better team. Ravens are more lucky than good.

  3. Fine, let him disrespect Batch. He knows who made the plays to win the game and he’s not happy.

    He also might have been talking about the fact that the Steelers pretty much gave the Ravens the points they did get and that they were a fumble and a bad pass away from getting blown out of their own stadium by Batch and that nasty D.

    This was one of the most satisfying non-playoff wins I’ve ever seen from the Steelers.

  4. Batch ravenatored the Ravens. He sure made some impressive throws and Mike Wallace disappointed again.

  5. He’s lucky he didn’t get tackled at the one yard line when he brought that INT out of the EZ. It was a great INT, but that was an extremely bad decision. He got lucky, and he is a great player, but I bet he got talked to when he got back to the sidelines.

  6. The Ravens know they didn’t play their best and are angry at themselves. Still, you have to admire what Batch was able to do, in his situation.

  7. You could see this one coming a long way. Everything was in Ravens’ favor. Nobody gave the Steelers a chance. Well, it’s still the NFL and anything can happen. There’s a reason this game is a rivalry.

    BTW Ed, if yo9u can’t tackle due to health or play the position any more, it would be better to retire instead of roaming around trying to get the next intereception.

  8. Looks like the king of cherry pickers is looking for excuses!!! LOL. Please, no more talk of Average Joe being elite. This guy is nothing more than an average QB. The truth is the Ravens are nothing more than a lucky football team thus far. They were lucky to beat the Steelers 3 weeks ago, 4th and 29?? what a joke and their true colors were revealed last night. The Steelers will come back and win this division. Where is the big bad RAVENTOR now.

  9. Apparently you and I have very different definitions of what being “choked up” means.

  10. I really wish the Ravens and Steelers played about 4 times a year. The game rarely disappoints. The first meeting this year was just nasty physical. The game Sunday was one of the best of the week.

    I’m pretty sure Reed thought he had won the game for the Ravens with his INT in the end zone with 4 minutes left.

  11. I think you mean delivered what flacco could not… A win.

    Flacco is the one who gets to handle the ball for the ravens more than anyone else. He’s the one who couldn’t deliver the win. Reed recovered a fumble and intercepted batch. He did his part. Flacco got out-played by a third string QB. Flacco was at home, and playing against a much more banged up defense, missing Lamar woodley and Ike Taylor got out out of the game early.

    How many times did Torrey smith have his man beat deep and then had to sit there and wait for a lob pass to come down? I thought Flacco’s specialty was being accurate deep? More media babble. The guy is so inconsistent, overthrows, under throws, loft passes instead of frozen-rope passes. Can’t throw on the move. Has no pocket awareness and takes a sack even when given plenty of time. These are the same mistakes he’s made for 5 years. It’s time to move on.

    Just a shame they didnt realize this a year and a half ago, they could have duped some team into giving up some nice draft picks.

    And please stop blaming cam Cameron’s playcalling. Rice got few touches, but they actually ran the ball more than rice’s numbers indicate. Bernard pierce was running the ball well.

    And if flacco was as good as some people make him out to be, there wouldn’t be an issue with the number of times the team threw the ball

  12. Bmore’s remaining schedule – Was, Den, NYG, Cin.

    Unless Cincy is out of the race that last week, I’m not sure Bal hits 10 wins.

  13. As much i dislike what Ed Reed said, i can’t get too mad at him. I am a Miami Hurricane fan as much as i am a Steelers fan. Ed and Ray will always have a place in my heart. I would have preferred he show some respect to Batch for what he did Sunday but the fact of the matter is, we (Steeler Nation) don’t need Ed’s word to justify what happened yesterday.

    It was an awesome game and for me, especially seeing how we started the season blowing leads, it was awesome to see this team fight and never give up.

  14. This was not a game where the STEELERS had to show themselves a playoff worthy team… It was a game the Ravens should have dominated and proved that a Ben-less Steelers team didn’t stand a chance. Fact is they did not deliver. Look at the first game and you get the same feeling that even though the Ravens won… They did not deliver. I am a die hard STEELERS fan, but I have loved the sport of football much longer. As a former player and a forever fan, Ed reed or whom ever know that the Ravens were exposed by a third string QB and a team that is much better than its record. Anyone in football on this day Will take a healthy STEELERS team over most teams in the league rt now! When the steelers make the playoff and are fully healthy… Look out NFL. They Will be the sleepers this year. I bet a dollar to a dime no team wants to see them in the playoffs healthy.

  15. It’s possible that neither the Ravens and Steelers are the teams most people think they are.

    Ravens are 9-3 but have escaped more losses.

    How do you explain the Steelers winning at Giants, Ravens and Cincinnati and losing to Cleveland, Oakland and Tennesee?

    Steelers may be getting healthy but there’s a weird vibe with top players Wallace and Mendenhall playing out the contract strings.

  16. Aside from have a ball thrown right to him, Ed Reed looked like crap.

    He refused to tackle Dwyer on one carry–probably didn’t want to break a nail. And he got burned on some plays. Antonio Brown slips with no one in front of him on one play. Ed Reed was right behind him. If Sanders didn’t have butterfingers, Reed would have been burned again.

    Batch pretty much had his way with him, but, as always, some lucky breaks kept the Ravens close. Should have been a blowout.

  17. @tomthebombtracy, great point! Those losses can’t be explained. Any given Sunday I guess. Nevertheless the Steelers are sitting in a position that looks more up than down. However the Ravens have a pretty tough schedule to finish the season and as far as I saw that was there best against a battered and bruised Steelers team. I don’t think we have seen the best the Steelers have to offer. As for Wallace and Mendenhall… Slumps and I believe every great player has had one. Im kind of glad they are in it because it shows how deep the Steelers roster is. It also means they can’t ask for the huge payoff. Hell I know Id want them both back. The Ravens are good at best but you can’t make it in the second season by escaping losses. I guess all that can be done is to wait and see.

  18. I respected this guy before this incident. He is a mere shaddow of his former self. I actually like that he is in there because he is a weak link. He was complaining about how the Steelers celebrated like they just won the SB. Is he kidding? lats year Johnny boy got 2 gatorade showers after their wins. The Steelers were celebrating because they won with their scout team on balt’s home turf. I really hope there is a round 3 with the Steelers healthy. They’d win by 3 TDs.

  19. Anyone seen raventor, stoogy or rockthered, the Raven fans that normally post quickly and trash the Steelers and their fans? They must be sleeping off a bad hangover. And with good reason, their team was humiliated at home by a third team QB and a team they beat the last 3 times they played. LOL.

  20. This writer is just trying to sturup trouble, after watching Ed Reeds interview it did not sound as this writer makes it seem. This writer forgot to put that Ed Reed also said that hes not suprised Batch did good, Batch is a professional and that he made good plays.

    I dislike writers that try to flip things around. It was actually a good interview showing respect to the Steelers from Reed.

  21. The loss in Oakland really was because a.) A. Brown caught a perfect pass from Ben and made the first down and was careless with the ball trying to make more yards and fumbled in the 4th qtr with time running out and gave OAK position for a FG, and b.) the defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed in Oakland. Steelers would have run the clock and got the FG and won had Brown not fumbled. The TEN game was Thursday night on the road, the “2 games in 5 days” thing that should be eliminated. First game against BAL was a fluke punt return TD, and inches away from a victory (fade to Wallace in the EZ). The Browns game was Charlie’s first game back and he had very little practice with the first team. Hey the Patriots lost to the Cardinals at Gillette.
    This is also the first season using Haley’s new offense and the injuries have been astounding.
    It could be better, but it could be worse.

  22. Funny to see a vet like Reed losing it – you’d think he’d be stout since they still have strong chance to be a 2 seed in the AFC. Problem is, they’re defense is brutal & Joe Fluke-O is throwing ducks. The Ravens are in trouble – Reed knows it, the desparate-to-win-Mr-Handshake John Hairball knows it, & even a return of a fossilized Ray Lewis can’t help this sinking ship.

  23. Never seen a fan base so proud to be in second place. The losses to the raiders titans and browns didnt count?

  24. Haha reed.is a joke. Hes just made he.got beat.by our 3rd string QB. We should have beat them in week 11. The raventhiss played aweful that game compared to this weekend. The ravens.are overrated and have.already fallen to the 3rd seed. I dont exspect them to win any of the games the rest of the year. (broncos, redskins, giants, and bengals). Tough rest of the season

  25. YOU let some things get away, Reed? Uh maybe you forgot Batch missing a WIDE open Wallace standing around in the end zone, or Sanders dropping the ball on his way to the end zone?

    The denial this team lives in is beyond belief.

    The Steelers should’ve won that by at least 11 more points.

  26. What I haven’t seen here and some people may not remember, Joe Flacco was the back-up at the University of Pittsburgh behind Tyler Palko. He couldn’t get the starting job, so he transferred to Delaware. Maybe someone on the Pitt coaching staff knew something that Baltimore didn’t? Being a good college QB doesn’t always transfer to the NFL. Where would he be if he went to Cleveland or some other team without the defense that Baltimore has typically had? He would be spent like Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Tim Couch, Derek Anderson and the list goes on and on…
    It is also a shame after the Steelers win yesterday that we have to acknowledge the performance in Cleveland the week before. Like it has been said on here many times, “any given Sunday”.

  27. @ Ravenator,

    You’re here, we’re all proud of you for showing.

    Of course those losses count, but you mistakenly left off the Ravens from that list of inferior teams the Steelers have lost to.

  28. Everybody was saying that the Steelers defense was washed up and old……..well if any of you haters watch the game against the Ravens, Charlie Batch made the Ravens defense look like it was washed up and old!!!!!!! Steelers defense is SICK!!!!!

  29. Cameron’s playcalling was horrific. How did Ray Rice not get at least 20 carries? Other than the game 2 weeks ago, he usually has his way with the steeler’s defense. Inexcusable to not utilize one of the games most explosive runners against a division rival.

    Don’t know what is going on with Flacco, he has such a good deep ball, I don’t know why he couldn’t hit Torrey Smith deep at all. He’s one of the best deep throwers in the game, just not yesterday…

  30. As good as Ed Reed is hea got this wrong. Batch more than likely would have been cut if the Steelers had a good back up. Batch, how old is he, kept the Steelers on the field with over six minutes left and moved the ball to win the game. The game I saw on my TV the Steelers droped a Td pass and a receiver running with no one in front of him droped the ball. By the way both were wide open on Ed Reed and his defense. Choked up nah, beat up by a QB , how old is Batch?

  31. Ravens fans are even worst than ED REED! If you listened to all the after game interviews for the Ravens, they had a 101 excuses why they lost and the fan comments are unreal! The Score should have been 37 to 20 Pittsburgh! The Ravens got most of their wins this year because of a few lucky plays. We will see what they are made of in the next 3 weeks. They Play Washington, then Denver and then the Giants. This should make them 9-6. At least when we lose our coach tells it it like it is. Good job Charlie Batch!

  32. Wasn’t there some fans on here guaranteeing the Ravens would beat the steelers twice. So much for your credibility, not that you never really had any to begin with.

  33. Everyone seems to be missing some conference perspective.

    Yes the Steelers won. Yes the Ravens looked bad. Yes Flacco was responsible for two turn overs. The fumble was the worst. Both teams made mistakes and are badly injured. Neither team looks like they are beginning their peak which will be critical to make it deep into the playoffs.

    Both still have to get in the second season and right now neither looks like they can compete with the Texans, Broncos, and Patriots.

  34. As much as I hate the Steelers, I admire and/or envy their competitiveness . They go in to a game on a mission to win a war. As for the Ravens, the management and QB go in looking to approach certain percentages of this or that, hoping to match up this way or that way, hoping they can contain things to a certain amount, and pull out a tough victory over a great opponent. That’s why they usually play down to the levels of bad teams and make every game excruciating to watch. Hey Ravens, ever hear the mantra, “Just win, baby!”? Flacco is a stiff who is utterly overwhelmed at this level. He has NO leadership skills or mojo. No sense of urgency. The Steelers gave every indication of being more willing to do battle for a beleaguered third stringer than the Ravens were for the “fearless leader”. The Ravens should have signed Peyton Manning when they had a chance instead wasting season after season on this guy.

  35. No, randall, Flacco is one of the best at chucking it up deep blindly, and expecting the PI penalty to move the ball for him. Yesterday he threw about 5 of those Flacco specials, but the refs only treated him to one flag. Wow he must’ve been cheesed off!

    Boldin did a fine job though of whining for the flag after every pass thrown to him, so kudos to him for picking up the slack.

  36. @ravenator: proud of you for showing up 15 hours after the sweep was… Oh that’s right there was no sweep. I am very proud of the steelers being in second place, but I am even happier they shut the raven fans up after all the trash some of you were pushing . On that note I must commend the majority of the raven posters for the display of respect and class in that disappointing loss. They proved that the small few frequent posters are just not representative of the rational raven fans. I was not surprised these frequent posters were hiding or weeping in their cereal like the babies they are.

  37. Still not as bad as 1 Superbowl game in 13 years & gettin knockd out the playoffs 3 times by the Steelers either…

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