Jerry Jones: I’m hopeful but realistic about Cowboys’ playoff chances

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Beating the Eagles on Sunday night leaves the Cowboys within striking distance of an NFC playoff berth. But at this point, Dallas likely needs to run the table the rest of the way, in addition to getting some help, to make the postseason.

And considering that the Cowboys don’t have any easy games on the rest of the schedule — they play the Bengals, Steelers, Saints and Redskins over the final four weeks — running the table doesn’t seem likely. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to realize that.

“I’m real hopeful, I’m very hopeful, but I’m realistic,” Jones told the Dallas Morning News. “I’m proud of the team, but we really have to call on everybody and everything to do everything, whether it’s a coach or a player, we have to do everything we can do to get these next four ballgames.”

As Jones sees it, all the Cowboys can do is play their best in those four ballgames.

“We ought to take these four games and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got an opportunity here but let’s get in here and dedicate ourselves.’ That’s the way I feel about it,” Jones said. “I’m proud that we have an opportunity.”

At this point, the Cowboys probably have a better chance of catching the Giants and winning the NFC East than of making the playoffs as a wild card. The Bears and Seahawks are both ahead of the Cowboys in the wild-card race, and both teams own the head-to-head tiebreaker edge over the Cowboys as well, so the wild card is a long shot for the Cowboys. Cowboys fans should be rooting for the Redskins to beat the Giants tonight, and then the Giants to go into a slide with tough games against the Saints, Falcons and Ravens ahead. If the Giants stumble over the final month of the season, the Cowboys could be playing the Redskins with the NFC East on the line in Week 17.

But if Jones is realistic, he knows that’s not likely.

33 responses to “Jerry Jones: I’m hopeful but realistic about Cowboys’ playoff chances

  1. Cowboys won’t make the playoffs, very tough matchups for their last 4 game: an underrated Bengals team, The steelers, Saints could beat them, and RG3 could have another huge game to beat them AGAIN. Now at the end of the season Jones needs to fire himself and hire a real GM.

  2. that would be awesome for the nfl! A ratings bonanza! the 2 most popular teams in the nfl fighting in a week 17 match-up for the nfc east crown and to make the playoffs!
    the nfl is Prolly rooting for this to happen! it would be great for the game and rivalries!!
    I hope it happens
    that game would def be flexed to Sunday night. it would almost def be garunteed to be the highest rated and most watched game of the entire season!!! HTTR beat ny

  3. Oh, and one other thing….I have been a Cowboys fan since 1970…

    Seeing the go-go dancers in Cowboys stadium is a complete embarrassment.

    Jerry Jones has embarrassed every one of us TRUE Cowboys fans.

    Notice they kept showing them on TV last night?

    Even the Sunday Night Football crew knows it is embarrassing…that’s why they kept showing it

  4. Cowboys won’t make playoffs, these guys struggled to beat the eagles and almost lost, cowboys are struggling to stop the run and they give up too many big plays every game.

  5. Garrett’s bad play-calling, terrible time management skills, and lack of ability to truly motivate and hold players accountable have cost Dallas 2 games this year, at least. In fact, Garrett cost them 4 to 5 games last year as well. As a long time Cowboys fan, I kind of wanted a Eaglet blow out last night, so Jones would be forced to show his hand and fire Garrett. Even last night, Dallas – though short on defense because of injuries – was playing and losing to a 3-8 team, on a 7 game losing streak, with a rookie QB, no Jackson, and no McCoy. Other “playoff” teams would have crushed the Eaglets last night. I think they should get a new coach, considered trading Ware to the highest bidder, keep Spencer, cut Free, put Ratliff at end and draft (and target high end FA) DL and OL men.

  6. I’m hopeful that Jerra jones sells the team, but I’m also realistic. I agree with the getting rid of players or at least benching them. Why was Free still playing bench him Jerra put in the backup Jerra. What a joke of a team. One more rant, Ware can u do something in the FOURTH qrt. Ur backup #57 got a sack in the 4th can u sit on the bench until after halftime cause u sux. Never have I seen or remember U D-Ware make a game changing play in the 4Th qrt.

  7. So firing Garrett would do what?
    You still have Jerry undermining his coaches in public. How do the players follow their leader in battle when the owner/GM is doing drunk public announcements? Six head coaches later cant be the blame. WAKE UP it isnt JASON!

  8. Peyton would NOT come here and ruin his name.
    No coach can win under Jerry. Keep doing the coaching carousel and you are just setting this team back further.

  9. did you notice that this website has said nothing about Bob Costas and his plea for gun control during halftime of last nights game??? If we make the tool used to commit murder away I guess we’ll say goodbye to cars, alcohol, power tools and knives etc… Murder is committed by the “individual” using those tools and it’s his or her duty to take responsibility. nbc is a joke.

  10. And about Jason costing us games……
    You really think Lombardi, Laundry, Billicheat, Cowher or any other coach didnt have growing pains or bad calls that cost their team? Really?

    Our drafts have gotten better, our talent has gotten better, the accountability, demeanor, poise has all gotten better ever since Jason has taken over.

    You can not fix four years of “Wade marshmallow Phillips” in ONE offseason. Thats right since Jason has been HC he has had only ONE offseason to truly work with HIS team!

    Change coaches YET again…..SHEESH!

  11. “I’m proud that we have an opportunity”. Good Lord, isn’t that something the Browns or Raiders owners would like to say? What has happened to this franchise is a travesty.

  12. The Cowboys through weak personell at key positions and injuries do not have a playoff caliber team. They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. The weak personell is your fault Jerry, I hold you personally responsible. Injuries, to a lesser extent but you should have found better back ups.

  13. calizcowboyz:

    I can’t see how you could possibly believe your comments so I assumen you are being sarcastic. This team has NO discipline and that is a direct result of coaching. Did you see the 1st and 10 QB sneak last week because neither the coach or QB saw the ref signal 1st down? Have you not seen the last minut time management issues in at least 3 or 4 games this year? Have you seen Doug Free regress badly over the last couple years or the defense be caught completely out of position for huge plays, or Romo having to direct veteran receivers after coming out of the huddle, or a ridiculous amount of false starts, or Romo getting more careless with the ball over the last few years. This team has went backwards and you are fooling yourself if you don’t think so. You are the exact kind of fan Jerry wants so he can continue to fill his stadium with people who buy into the illusion that he has built a competent team. If you believe the team has real talent, then how can you possibly believe Garrett is doing a good job? I watch far less talented teams win every week because they are disciplined and fundamentally sound. Have you watched the Colts, 9ers, Vikings, Ravens? Check out their rosters top to bottom as put them up against the Cowboys and come up with a good reason of why they have better records if it’s not coaching.

  14. Jason as a play caller is just fine! Cant call a great game when your defense CANT get off the field!
    Or from always playing from behind! Or YET from not having a running game! Finally Murray came back, and you seen the difference!
    Cant blame Jason for the lack of defense or running game!

  15. I agree with most of the comments on Jerry needing to fire himself, and get a real GM. I also agree with most posts that the Cowboys will (and should) not make the playoffs. I even agree somewhat with the fact that Garrett isn’t the best coach and might need to be let go. But, to the idiot(s) that think Dallas should get rid of DeMarcus Ware are just that idiots. Dallas has 2 players on their team who can be counted on every week, Ware and Whitten. So, yeah let’s have Dallas get rid of either of them……..morons!

  16. Eli manning will lock the east up tonight after showing the rook how its done again, RG3 hasnt played a line like ours since well he lost to ours… yeah everyones high on the rookie as they should be hes actually pretty amazing to watch but theres no way eli is going to let RG3 take this…

    rg3 will dominite the division..once eli leaves..

    cant waiiiiit for tonight

  17. Jerry, you are a great GM! Dont let them sway you, keep doing what you are doing!!

    31 other NFL teams

  18. Metalup666.
    Only one person said trade Ware, I said can he make a play in the 4th qrt that’s all, if I’m a moron so be it. But anybody that watches the cowboys will tell U he never makes a game changing play in the 4th qrt or even a sack after halftime he misses tackles that’s all this moron was saying.

  19. Caliz – Garrett has been directly responsible for countless decisions that cost games. I’m not talking about overall play by the defense or offense, I’m referring to specific decisions that Garrett has made. His playcalling in general has been terrible, from his screens, back to back, to Roy Williams on 3rd and 4th down to, in general, being so predictable that opposing teams have stated publicly that they knew exactly the play the Cowboys were going to run. I can go through every game, but really dont want to type it all out. I respect the fact that you are Cowboys fan, but the lack of desire, accountability, preparedness, and everything that goes with it just proves that Garrett is not head coach material at the NFL, or even NCAA, level, regardless if it is Dallas or someone else. Put him on the Pats or the Packers and they would lose countless more games than they have. Anyway, I hope that Garrett is fired and a coach who earns the respect as a leader by the players is brought aboard.

  20. It’s not like Jerry to be realistic when it comes to his team. So that tells us it must really look bad.

    They not only need to run the table which is highly unlikely, but also need the Giants to lose about 3 of their next 5.

  21. Bengals will beat the Cowboys this weekend….Bengals have the best Dline in the Nfl and a above average secondary…Romo will be running for his life, and making mistakes. Bengals 27-17

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