Larry Fitzgerald on Cardinals offense: You gotta laugh to keep from crying


Most of the coverage in the wake of the Jets’ 7-6 win on Sunday centered on their decision to pull quarterback Mark Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy.

That left the performance of the Cardinals offense a little underserved. It really shouldn’t be, though, because it was a performance for the ages.

Quarterback Ryan Lindley was 10-of-31 for 72 yards, an interception and several incompletions that missed their target by five or more yards. Beanie Wells and William Powell combined for 40 rushing yards on 19 carries. The team gained just 137 yards from scrimmage all day and 40 of those came on a fake punt run by safety Rashad Johnson. They didn’t convert any of their 15 third down opportunities nor a fourth down try in the first quarter that pretty much set the tone for where this game was going offensively.

“You gotta laugh to keep from crying,” wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website.

Fitzgerald’s production has plummeted with Lindley on the scene. He had one catch for 23 yards on Sunday and five catches for 65 yards in the last three games. You’re not going to win too often when your best player produces so little and the Cardinals have to find a way to get Fitzgerald the ball more often.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he considered making a move to John Skelton during Sunday’s game, but fell back on the old standby that he did what gave the team the best chance to win. Skelton, for his many flaws, has actually won during his career and a merely substandard quarterbacking performance would have probably gotten them a victory. Lindley couldn’t deliver that, though, and the Jets’ decision to switch quarterbacks when the Cardinals didn’t might have decided the game.

42 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald on Cardinals offense: You gotta laugh to keep from crying

  1. Somehow, someway, all the great players who have been surrounded by garbage teams should make their way onto the same roster. Fitzgerald, Maurice Jones-Drew, Steven Jackson, Takeo Spikes…

  2. You cant help but to feel bad for fitz, what a terrible situation he is in. As a niner fan im happy the cardinals are bad, but as a sports fan they are wasting a great players career.

  3. Larry, force a trade to the Redskins. Play with the best QB in the NFL, teamup with Garçon and let’s go win Superbowls! Unfair to watch a great player rot in mediocrity.

  4. Get him a real QB or trade him to another team. You’re ruining the career of a hall of famer who could have been one of the greatest WRs of all time.

  5. They really need to just trade him and get some nice draft picks to develop with the QB they’re going to inevitably draft in a few years.

    Fitz is just like AP: class act whose best years are being wasted because his quarterback sucks.

  6. i feel terrible for fitz. iwas just talking about this yesterday with my cousin.. its just sad to see a 1 of a kind talent like fitz just being wasted..please for the sake of the NFL trade this man to ANYWHERE..besides cleveland and jax lol

  7. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 3, 2012 1:20 PM
    Larry, force a trade to the Redskins. Play with the best QB in the NFL, teamup with Garçon and let’s go win Superbowls! Unfair to watch a great player rot in mediocrity.


    Unless Aaron Rodgers was traded last night, you’re not being very logical.

  8. Does he want people to feel sorry for him? Nobody put a gun to your head and made you sign that contract extension. You should’ve thought about the future without Kurt Warner as your quarterback. You shouldn’t feel loyalty to a team just because they drafted you, it’s a business, and a smarter business decision would’ve been to take 45 mil guaranteed from a contending team instead of the 50 mil to stay with the Cardinals. Could you imagine Fitzgerald’s numbers and impact playing with a halfway competent quarterback?

  9. Maybe if Fitz had renegotiated his ‘team killer’ contract they’d have had room to get a decent QB.

  10. Fitz, cannot possibly earn that contract without a QB to get him the ball. Arizona better trade him for a QB and start over. They can find other WR’s. They need a ton of help in the O Line, also. It is not like they are one player away.

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t feel any sympathy for Fitz? He coulda hand picked his next team and he chooses to resign with that mess?

    Guess money talks..

  12. He’s laughing alright…… straight to the Bank!!

    I don’t feel sorry for him as he CHOSE to stay there when there would have been many suitors coming close to what ARI offered him.

    Unfortunately for us fans of a real team he’s too nice a guy and a team player to demand a trade.

    Career wasted? Might be too early to call it but the way it’s looking.

  13. Let’s be real here, Larry is trying his hardest to give Cardinal fans hope. Unfortunately I think it’s starting to take it’s toll. Fitz isn’t a Prima Donna WR who would force his way out and I respect him for that, but as a fan, I think he deserves a legit chance at winning a SB

  14. I like Fitz but I dont take his comments too seriously. He chose to take a huge contract over going to a competing team/organization in hopes of winning a championship. You knew the Cardinals didnt have a good QB and your huge contract leaves little money for other significant contributions. I dont begrudge anyone of getting huge contract but when that is more important than the ring accept the consequences.

  15. I feel bad for the guy. He’s almost too much of a class act to be honest…I doubt many would be able to hold off from bashing just about everyone on the Cards.
    The guy is probably the most talented WR in the NFL and he doesn’t even get looks in this offense. If I’m the coach and o-cord. I’m setting up screens, pick-plays, trickery, whatever…..just so long as I’m getting Fitz 10-15 chances a game. I mean what do they have to lose?

  16. logicalvoicesays says:Dec 3, 2012 1:20 PM

    Larry, force a trade to the Redskins. Play with the best QB in the NFL, teamup with Garçon and let’s go win Superbowls! Unfair to watch a great player rot in mediocrity

    Ironic that you made that comment seeing as RGIII plays for the Redskins. Although he is a rookie, far from a sure thing.

  17. So let me get this straight. First, he names Skelton the starting QB after training camp when it should have been Kolb. Then, when his 6th round rookie QB is having one of the worst games of all time and is giving his team no chance to win, you don’t put in the guy you thought was the best QB after watching him all of preseason and training camp!? Man, talk about bad judgement! I’d fire him today!

  18. Larry chose to sign with this team. The only way I trade him is two first rounds and a second maybe. To KC or Jacksonville. Any other contender would be late first round picks and forget that.

  19. I may be in the minority, but I don’t feel the slightest bit bad for Fitzgerald. He was in the last year of his contract and had a no-franchise clause. He could have played anywhere.

    Players play for the money. He could have taken a pay cut to play with Brady or Manning, but he chose the money.

    And that’s fine, good for him. He’s not complaining either, which is also good. He just puts his head down and gives 100%. But please, spare me the “hate to see a great players wasted” spiel.

  20. For those criticizing Wisenhunt. How’s he getting closer to getting a QB by beating teams like the Jets? Gotta lose to win in the draft.

  21. We have a high draft pick coming this off season and if they can’t sign Alex Smith which good chance Smith would sign in Az because he would have Fitzgerald to through to and he would love to stick it to the niners after the way they did him. Kolb would be a decent back up to Smith. Then Az could draft high on the O-line and draft a good running back next.
    Alex Smith QB via free agent or draft QB
    Then O-line first round if Smith deal gets done.
    Running back ,there’s some good backs coming out this draft.

  22. Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree to the Cards and a third rounder from SF for Fitz. I think that both teams would benefit.

  23. When are the Cards gonna get Fitzgerald a quarterback? I guess that since tey have him locked up for awhile they can be cheap

  24. Everyone is saying he is wasting his career. He is actually preserving it. he doesn’t get balls thrown his way so he isn’t taking any hits. He can play for 20 years under those conditions. He doesn’t have to worry about concussions and he is still getting PAID. Why would anyone take 5 million less. this is a business. If he goes to a contender and they OVERUSE him, his value and career is over anyway. They will toss him to the side like month old milk. And that contract is over. Ask Ladanian Tomlinson how that goes. Even Michael Turner.

  25. Burro – Alex Smith will be leaving after this year, unless he starts again – doubtful. Why would the Cards trade Fitz or anyone for Alex Smith – he will be available.

  26. TEAMCardinals, you want Fitz and the rest of that offensive squad to reach their full potential. Tell your owner to hire Hue Jackson. He’ll have that offense Rollin.

    Look what he did here. Raiders had 11+ loss seasons for 7 straight years. Hue Jackson comes to the Raiders we’re a .500 team for two years…On the verge of a breakthru, but he leaves and the Raiders are right back to losing 11+ games a year.

    Hue Jackson’s the man. Hire him.

  27. @ppc50 – I believe the option to keep Smith is in the 49ers hands and not Alex’s. So theoretically (although it would not be wise), they could keep Smith as an $8 million dollar back-up. They could then try to trade him and get something out of him instead of letting him walk for $1 million.

  28. The saddest part of yesterday’s game? All the NY Jets fans and NY media who think they have found their savior at QB in McElroy. Yeah, what a superstar he is, leading the Jets to a 1 point victory over the sad sack Cardinals. Woohoo!

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