Nelson reinjures hamstring, status unclear


On Sunday, Packers receiver Jordy Nelson walked without much of a limp to the locker room in the first quarter.   The team eventually explained that Nelson has a hamstring injury, but the Packers wouldn’t say whether the injury occurred in the same leg that Nelson injured earlier in the season.

On Monday, coach Mike McCarthy announced that Nelson has injured the same hamstring again.

I don’t know how many weeks Jordy would be out.  I think he would be pressed hard to play this week,” McCarthy said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  “Once we get past the initial couple days and see what he can do on the practice field, those questions will be answered.”

The Packers host the Lions on Sunday night football.  And Detroit will shed no tears for the Packers; the Lions have lost multiple wideouts to injury and suspension.

Then again, they have Calvin Johnson.  Who is on pace to break Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yardage record.

If that’s what the Madden curse now does, everyone will want to be on the cover next year.

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  1. I fail to understand why people think the Madden curse didn’t hit Calvin Johnson. Sure, he’s doing great and could potentially make history this year. However, the play of his team as a whole is suffering. The Lions are in disarray. Schwartz ought to lose his job, Stafford has regressed, and we all know the deal with Titus Young.

    So, indirectly, the curse has hit CJ. The play of his team is suffering.

  2. “If that’s what the Madden curse now does, everyone will want to be on the cover next year.”

    Ya, I bet everyone wants to play for a 4-8 team.

  3. Jordy is going on my bench for the fantasy squad and will never see the light of day again. Enough of this 1st quarter and done crap. Too many 0’s and 1’s from Jordy this year. That’s what I get for drafting a Packer.

  4. That’s ridiculous. The Madden Curse has never been about team play. It’s about the individual. The real CJ2K is gonna break the record, and prove to all you superstitious dolts that the curse is a sham.

  5. There is no such thing as a curse. There is such thing as someone buying into their own hype and not living up to their potential. There is such a thing as being so heavily used in a season that you are injury prone the following season. There is such a thing as having a breakout year and getting additional attention that limits your productivity.

    Being put on the cover of a videogame has as much impact on a player’s game as a black cat crossing his path while breaking a mirror and then walking under ladder and opening an umbrella indoors.

  6. The Madden Curse for CJ is that he gets this all time record in a season where they will probably only win 6 games. the Lions will be out of the playoff picture for sure after this week.

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