Post-fumble scrum could have resulted in ejections


After a Redskins fumble deep in Giants territory, a scrum emerged.

Eventually, Redskins offensive lineman Will Montgomery, while laying on his back, kicked at the knee of Giants defensive lineman Linval Joseph.

Joseph retaliated, with a kick to Montgomery.

Neither player was ejected, though both were flagged.  Undoubtedly, both will be fined.

The Giants lead, 13-10.

14 responses to “Post-fumble scrum could have resulted in ejections

  1. what game were you watching? The giants player pulled the redskin by the ankle out of the pile. Only then did the redskin “kick” to get free and in return for being pulled by the leg like a wishbone(announcers analogy). that should have been on Giant alone. that’s not acceptable.

  2. The Giant player stomped on the Redskin and should have been ejected. That dirty player needs a huge 5 figure fine and should be suspended for the next game.

    The Redskin player had no reason to be ejected.

  3. I hate Suh, and I don’t care what he may say about defending himself against being a dirty player, but when stuff like this happens where two people are kicking at each other it just makes no sense how the refs in this league justify ejecting a player. I mean yes suh’s stomp deserved to get him ejected but what’s different about this that the refs thought wasnt bad enough to throw someone out?

  4. Joseph had no business trying to yank Montgomery out of the pile by his leg like that. I don’t blame Will for trying to defend himself.

    Joseph’s “kick” was more like a Suh-stomp and he should get the larger fine and a suspension, not only for the stomp but also for having started it in the first place.

  5. The one, single thing that marred a great NFC East battle that conjures memories of the ’80s heyday when only Joe Montana stemmed a calvalcade of NFL championships from one division (Eagles excluded) was the unbelievable, “I pull your leg back like a chicken wing, you reflexively kick at me, then I kick you like a schoolyard bully” act by #97 of the Giants. I don’t know his name and hope never to learn it, but he should have been kicked out of the game (may the fine be extravagant) with the ball reverting to the Redskins because his foul was before a determination of possession on the Morris fumble. That was Jersey football at its best (worst) for all to see. Screw the Giants. Hail!

  6. Anyone who dives on a fumble pile after the whistle should be called for a late hit. Plus, no player should be allowed to start pulling the other teams players off the pile.

  7. “kicked at the knee of Giants defensive lineman Linval Joseph”
    Really, you are so good at your job that you now can read the intentions of a player through your TV set?? Is it possible that Motgomery was kicking at the person, or kicking at the closest thing, or kicking at anything to stop from pulling out of a pile by his leg and possibly causing injury?
    You decide to report (as a fact) that this player kicked at the KNEE of another player. That’s just stupid.
    Here, I’ll re-write it for you in your style of reporting so you can get more looks and discussion, because the truth isn’t what you’re looking for anyway.
    “kicked at the femoral artery of Giants defensive linemen Linval Joseph”

  8. I think Suh told Montgomery to kick Joseph and vice versa…seriously, the point is, football’s a violent sport. These things happen every game, every week—except some are watched closer than others.

  9. Montgomery was trying to get his leg free. Joseph was doing it out of hate. Why is this not as big as Suh kicking someone on Thanksgiving last year?

  10. Would like to see Linval stomp on Grudens mouth. That being said, as a Giants fan, this was an unprofessional disgusting move by Linval and he should be reprimanded. There is no place for non football moves this in the game. Also the late hits on Nicks need to be dealt with. For example the 3rd quarter, Nicks makes a catch and gets tackled and then 3 seconds later Gomes drives his helmet into Nicks back, Nicks stands up and says WTF? No flag. Next play Nicks pulls up on his route and Eli over throws him. He pulled up bc he cant count on the refs to control the illegal hits therefore he cannot put himself in a situation to get hurt. Also Garcon spinning the ball after a catch is taunting and should be penalized, he also did this against the Boys. The refs need to get the circus play under control, this is about football, nothing else should be in the game or effecting the game.

    Congrats to the Redskins, you didn’t play well but you won and that’s what matters. If I were you guys I would not even care abo0ut RGIII. Morris and that O Line are unstoppable UNSTOPPABLE. A circus midget can play option with Morris and that O Line., what a player, monster. Unfortunately the option is going to result in RGIII taking multiple big hits in every game.

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