Redskins score on triple-option fumble


Here’s a play you don’t see very often in the NFL: The Redskins ran a triple option on Monday night against the Giants, and scored a touchdown when quarterback Robert Griffin III fumbled just as he was going to the ground, then batted the ball into the hands of Joshua Morgan, who grabbed the ball at the 13-yard line and ran into the end zone for a touchdown.

The play started at the 28-yard line, with Griffin having the option to hand off to running back Alfred Morris up the middle. Griffin decided to keep the ball, and rolled out to his left with Morgan outside as the pitch man.

Griffin didn’t pitch the ball and instead kept it himself, and he appeared to be sliding to avoid Giants strong safety Stevie Brown, who was bearing down on him. But just as Brown reached Griffin, the ball came loose, Griffin knocked it up into the air, and Morgan took it and did the rest.

The officials ruled on the field that Griffin had fumbled, and they confirmed that ruling on replay. If Griffin had thrown the ball to Morgan intentionally it would have been called back as an illegal forward pass because Griffin had crossed the line of scrimmage. And if Griffin had fumbled and then batted the ball to Morgan intentionally, it would have been called back as an illegally batted a loose ball. But the officials called it a Griffin run, a fumble and a Morgan recovery. And a Redskins touchdown.

One of the best touchdowns of the season.

13 responses to “Redskins score on triple-option fumble

  1. They are really hyping RG3. He is a very good rookie but that play was not great on his part. He fumbled the ball on minimal contact. Yes it was a decent run but Gruden and the rest are making it seem like it was superior play by Griffin rather than extraordinary luck that netted the TD. This is beyond the typical “This guy is great” fare for whoever is playing on Monday night. Ugh. Time to press the mute button again.

  2. I saw RGIII’s first game in NOLA. You could not tell whether he had the ball or handed it off or who he handed it off to if he did. The guy is exciting. He is especially exciting for Washington D.C. and the surrounding area.

  3. why can you advance a forwards fumble in the first 58 minutes but not the last 2? seems like a suspect rule… if it is important enough to make a rule about, why does the rule only apply at the end of a game?

  4. Really though, the kid has played great. True he fumbled and it worked out, what are you gonna do? Sometimes it is truly better to be lucky than good and for years, the Skins were the ones bitten by the luck bug. Well, I’m not gonna gripe when we finally get one to go our way.

    FYI, if RGIII loses out on the ROY award it’ll be because he loses votes to Alford Morris there by allowing Luck to win. Great year for rookies this year though. Luck, Wilson, Griffin, Morris, Tannehill and Doug Martin all having ROY caliber campaigns.

  5. wow, never seen anyone get praised for fumbling the ball.. luckiest play of the year and gruden made it sound like it was intentional, what a luck box…

  6. jbl429 says: Dec 3, 2012 9:32 PM

    thought he should be down as soon as he starts sliding.
    Then it would have been a 15 yard personal foul and automatic first down. not arguing with you, just saying that, either way, it doesn’t really change the outcome of the game.

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