Report: Dolphins haven’t ruled out tagging Jake Long

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With Dolphins left tackle Jake Long possibly done for the year with a triceps injury, the question becomes whether the first overall pick in the 2008 draft will return to the Fins in 2013.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier today that Long’s franchise-tag number will be $15.3 million.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins haven’t ruled out using the franchise tag.

That’s fine, but it would be foolish to invest that much money into a left tackle whose play has declined in recent years.  As we explained that month, the only way Long will know his market value will be to go to market. But that’s where someone will make a bad football decision (but possibly a good business decision) and overpay Long.

The only way for the Dolphins to block that will be to grossly overpay Long for 2013.

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  1. I like Jake, but he is not worth the franchise tag money. He is good but his play is declining and the future impact is far from certain. It is foolish to waste that kind of money on a guy that might not be effective much longer. Even though it is hard to find a great LT, spending a huge amount of money on Jake Long doesn’t ensure you still have a great LT.

  2. I could see Long taking less to stick around if the best offer is from less of a team. He seems to like it in Miami and his wife seems to be settled in. He might have been paid enough so far to take a little less this time around if Miami is his preference.

  3. “nogoodell says: Dec 3, 2012 3:05 PM

    Welcome to Philadelphia”

    …..Philly has Jason Peters is a very good left tackle. He’s not playing this season due to an offseason injury (Achilles), but he’ll be back.

  4. >>>The only way for the Dolphins to block that will be to grossly overpay Long for 2013.<<<

    I'm pretty sure that the Dolphins could sign Jake Long to a long-term contract, too, to avoid grossly overpaying him in 2013. The franchise tender isn't the team's only option to block him from going to another team.

  5. He’s a good player, but seems to have an issue playing the left side in the WCO. I would switch him to the right side at this point, he is much better rolling down hill and just crushing people. He is becoming a bit of a liability as a pass blocker.

  6. Somebody will make Jake Long the highest paid tackle in the league in free agency. That’s what it will take for hime to return to Miami. I could see Miami tagging him to see if he can regain his old form. I’d be fine with that so long as it doesn’t impede Miami’s ability to re-sign it’s other FA’s, most importantly Brian Hartline and Sean Smith.

    If indeed Long is out for the year, Jonathan Martin is the man to watch. If there is no appreciable drop-off in O-line play with Martin at LT, it’s curtains for Jake Long in Miami.

  7. Love big Jake, but it would be foolish for the Dolphins to give him the franchise tag at this point. His production (and his health) have declined over the past 2 years and he is no longer worth top dollar.

    Of course, some idiot GM will make that mistake and make him one of the five highest paid left tackle’s in the NFL in hopes that he can get healthy and return to form. But at 28, and with his prime years dwindling down, I highly doubt he will ever be as dominant as he once was.

  8. I am a Dolphins fan and I also like Jake Long, but unless we get a favorable hometown discount, I say let him go.
    Place Jonathan Martin, the USC rookie, back to his natural position at LT (he did very well when he replaced Jake yesterday) and we can find a RT much easier than to find another LT. We have a lot of players we need to resign, plus we need some free agents to fill in the holes we won’t be able to fill in the draft.
    Da Bears may very well be in the running for Jake.

  9. Left Tackles are overrated. Few of the best teams have great LT’s. Stats have shown that great LT’s don’t reduce sack totals….teams just attack another part of the line.

    Spending $15M on one is poor team construction. That money could fix the Dolphins in free agency at RG, LG, WR and, possibly a little left over to pay a RT.

    As far as Long goes, the play has declined and the injuries are adding up. Remember the Smiley and Jake Grove signings, two guys with an injury history that made their time with Miami short.

  10. If Miami is smart they will franchise Jake Long. I doubt he is in Miami’s long term plans as his play has dropped but I guarantee you if they tag him teams will come calling with a first rounder. Teams at the top of the list include: Chicago, Arizona, Philly, Detroit (makes the most sense), San Diego, Pittsburgh. Dude there are so many teams craving a pro bowl left tackle that Miami will surely be able to get a first for Long. Guys will look at Longs performance decrement over the past two years and it is still an improvement over most left tackles, which means there will be a market for him. Miami should trade Jake Long for Mike Wallace + 3rd rounder. Something like that makes sense for both teams.

  11. Put him next to a decent LG and tell me how much his play has declined. I know the Steelers never have the cap space for it, but he would be the perfect signing for them

  12. They could trade him to the jets, if they were dumb enough to trade for Tebow they will give big draft pics for Long.

  13. This is going to be a schem change. Jake fits the smashmouth run schem, not the run and gun style that Philbin likes to play so I cant see him being a Dolphin next year. I think Jonathan Martin will be a better left tackle in Philbins system than Jake Long. The Phins will be using another high draft pick for a tackle again this year. I would not be suprised to see Long go to St. Louis bc Fisher loves smashmouth football and if he goes there he’ll be in the pro bowler again.

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