Report: Terrell Suggs has torn biceps

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The injuries keep coming for the Ravens.

Linebacker Terrell Suggs, who returned in October from a torn Achilles’ tendon suffered in the offseason, has a torn biceps, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Suggs previously alluded to the fact that his arm injury was something more than minimal, explaining that he is “[w]aiting on 2nd opinion” from physicians.

“Will keep ya’ll posted. Don’t panic! We do this every year! The MISSION is still the same,” Suggs said via Twitter.

As Schefter points out, the second opinion is needed because some biceps injuries allow the player to keep playing, like the one suffered earlier this year by Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby.  The fact that Suggs is seeking a second opinion implies that the first opinion wasn’t conducive to playing with the injury.

Suggs recently explained why NFL players try to return from injuries quickly.

We all know we can’t play forever,” Suggs said.  “The only way that your legacy can live through the ages is [winning] championship rings.  We call them ‘blood diamonds’ because that is what you are going to have to give to obtain them.  We are all in constant pursuit of that championship, that football immortality.”

Suggs’ 2012 run at football immortality may be disrupted by this injury.  Or it may not.  Time will tell.

44 responses to “Report: Terrell Suggs has torn biceps

  1. Considering how fast Suggs returned from his torn Achilles tendon you have to wonder if steroids are involved.

    It certainly can’t be ruled out.

  2. Suggs has a torn Achilles, now a torn bicep……and he still is ready to not ready rule himself out. Dear Lord Suggs. I begrudgingly salute you. I pray you don’t get decapitated in a car accident. The injury report may still list you as “probable”.

  3. Can we not have any hater comments. Suggs is a good guy and a warrior he just wants to be out on the field with his team. In this day in age where players use every excuse not to play Suggs deserves respect for wanting to be out there doing battle. Hope Suggs gets better the run defense got better when he came back and Ellerbe started at MLB…

  4. He recorded a whopping two tackles yesterday against a banged up o-line.

    How will the Ravens ever replace that kind of production?

  5. @geniusfan I was thinking the same. More prone to muscle and tendon tears with Winstrol, which is out of your system relatively quickly. HGH makes you heal much faster. Suggs has horrible acne too which is a big indicator.

    Either way I like Suggs and hope the best for him

  6. “Suggs recently explained why NFL players try to return from injuries quickly.”

    Because they saw what happened to Alex Smith?

  7. Nothing a small injection in his ass won’t cure. Steroid freak.
    Ravens = reason there’s no hgh testing. Sure would be a shame to put any question on a 40 year old linebacker still playing like he’s 25. Ray Lewis cough cough…

  8. He’s one of my least favorite players being a Patriots fan (big mouth with nothing to show for it other than a wild card playoff win)…but I hope he is able to play. Hate injuries and like to watch my team compete against the best the other team has to offer.

    And the blood diamond analogy was pretty cool I guess. Glad my guys have the rings to never be forgotten (Brady, Bruschi, Harrison, Vrabel, McGinest, Law, Seymour, etc) — and save your spygate silliness…6 of the 7 guys I mentioned were defensive players…the primary reason we won 3 Super Bowls…people forget that amidst all of Brady’s record setting numbers of the past 6 years.

  9. Steroids are a very prominent part of pro sports period. Anyone who knows anything about fitness knows if you bulk up you loose cardio endurance. If you train hard with cardio you loose bulk, its physics. No matter how much plyometric,weight training, protein supplements, and nutrition rules you follow physics is physics. For a 270lbs man, to return from a torn achilles so quickly makes you scratch your head, and now another muscle tear??? geniusfan is spot on accurate. Oh and btw, if you want to argue about someone working out 3 hours a day, that will deplete your muscles further. Let’s relaize that it happens. What is it to an athlete to get a chemist on his side, and pay him/her to design a very undetectable PED? There were PEDs 6 yrs ago that could only be detected through muscle fibers. It is what it is

  10. Tough season for Suggs. I respect the guys talent although I find his brashness extremely annoying and unbecoming at times.

    Get healthy and be ready in case we have a round III against you in January.

  11. Are you kidding me? He really compared a Super Bowl ring to being a blood diamond? And none of you have a problem with this?

    This absolutely trumps Kellen Winslow jr callin himself a soldier and he was bashed for that.

    Suggs is a neanderthal. Nothing more. This statement is beyond disrespectful to soo many innocent men, women and children in this world that are truely affected by “blood diamonds”.


  12. Great player and one of the good guys of the NFL. Hope his season isn’t done. I wanted to see him play my Broncos in what’s shaping up to be one heck of a game.

  13. As a Steeler fan I want to totally hate the guy, but you have to respect him. Dude’s a warrior and has had a pretty great career.

  14. Man, that’s a tough break. Even though I’m a Steelers fan, and even though Suggs kind of resembles Nemesis from Resident Evil, I kind of like the guy.

    No offense to Ray or Ed Reed, but Suggs is one of the main reasons why the Ravens/Steelers rivalry is so great. He actually makes plays in every single Ravens/Steelers game.

  15. Doesn’t matter if T-Sizzle plays or not. As long as JF handles the rock every play, they’ll be a mediocre team that sniffs the playoffs.

    And stop with blaming Cam already (yes he sucks), and thinking more Rice carries is the answer. The is no answer if Flacco’s part of the solution. And you’ve all seen what I’m speaking of.

  16. Clearly the NFL needs to outlaw Offensive Lineman blocking above the Elbow or below the Shoulder…..clearly.

  17. Suggs is a great football player but if he understood the meaning of “blood diamond ” he might not be so quick to reference an NFL championship by the moniker .
    Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in Africa’s war zones and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army’s war efforts, or a warlord’s activity. In many instances slave labor ( literally ) is used including woman , children and the elderly .
    Unfortunately , it’s just another example of an athlete uttering nonsense … which wouldn’t matter much except that our society holds star athletes like Suggs in such high esteem that he’s automatically given a platform to display his ignorance .
    That said , the only diamonds Suggs and the rest of his classless team mates will see will be at Zales.

    Sidenote :

    After Flacco’s Ravens coughed up a defeat to Batch’s Steelers in the rematch last night – Mike Tomlin didn’t even want to be seen on the same field as Harbaugh & Co. and quickly brushed him off leaving the game announcers scratching their heads as to why it happened .
    My guess is it had to do with Ray Rice’s & friends’ classless yellow-towel waving antics after the 1st Steeler game and subsequent chest-pounding speech given in the visitors locker room .

  18. Maybe we need to see Upshaw in the lineup more especially against RG3000. But Suggs’ presence would be missed. The stars aren’t stars this year so a mix up may help.

  19. It would really, REALLY suck if these two teams met a 3rd time and Suggs wasn’t in the game. I’m sure if he can come back at all, he’ll be there. Quick recovery, Sizzle!

  20. Steelers win last 4 games. Ravens lose last 4 games. Steelers AFC north champs! Fall so hard university!!!

  21. Karlos Dansby has been playing with this injury since week 6. I don;t know if there are different degrees to a torn bicep or not but my point is you can play through it. I’ve read that its made Dansby a little less physical in the running game but he has looked pretty good to me.

  22. Suggs is not only the ugliest guy in the league, but also the most ignorant. This is what you get for balling so hard. The ravens won’t win another game this year. Harbaugh fired, and Rex comes back to coach this sorry bunch.

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