Report: Washburn had become a “cancer”

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In the wake of the surprise firing of Eagles defensive coach Jim Washburn, signs are pointing even more strongly to Washburn’s reaction to last week’s abrupt decision to cut defensive end Jason Babin as the reason for the move

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, citing an unnamed Eagles assistant, that Washburn had become a “cancer.”

More specifically, Reuben Frank of reports that Washburn “had become disruptive and difficult, had threatened to quit, and blew up when Babin was released.”

Reid surely knew or at least suspected that Washburn, who already had a reputation for being brash and confrontational, would react loudly.  After all, Washburn directly was involved in the decision to bring Babin, who flourished for the first time in his career under Washburn in Tennessee, back to Philadelphia in 2011.

From 2004 through 2009, Babin had 17.5 total sacks.  In 2010, his first season with Washburn, Babin had 12.5.  The next year with Washburn, Babin had 18.0.

So it was reasonable to regard the duo as joined together more tightly than a normal player and his position coach.  And it was reasonable to think that Washburn would go bonkers once Babin was cut.

17 responses to “Report: Washburn had become a “cancer”

  1. I wonder if Washburn knew about Babins release?

    Or was this done without his input, possibly to set him off?

  2. I get the impression that every week someone is going to get fired. What a totally dysfunctional organization.

  3. Next on the Eagles chopping block: dude who mixes the Gatorade.
    I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if Andy Reid had quit being so stubborn a month ago and benched Vick? Foles may/may not be a franchise QB, but he looked pretty good last night (all things considered). If it hadn’t been for Brown’s fumble, the Eagles had a shot at winning.
    Vick needs to stay on the bench. Eagles have to try and evaluate what they’ve got in Foles.

  4. The Eagles implosion couldn’t happen to a better group of people.

    It’s not like they weren’t already miserable and bitter enough, but the ongoing meltdown of every fiber in the fabric of that organization is like dropping napalm into an active volcano.

  5. No wonder the Eagles’ defense is such a mess this year. They had an offensive line coach as Defensive Coordinator and his replacement who is a jerk and a cancer. Now they’re down to their 3rd string defensive coordinator. Great hiring there, Iggles.

  6. As usually happens with Eagles coaches, Lurie keeps them around for 1 year too long. I remember how Ray Rhodes personally dismantled the team before Reid came in and rebuilt it. Now it will be Reid’s successor who gets the chance to rebuild from scratch.

  7. There’s been a bigger cancer than Washburn, Howie Roseman!!!

    He assembled this crap team and deserves to be bought out too!!!

    This problem of having trouble with someone’s personality or his contrary opinion over the biggest problems is that you’re still willing to lose!!!

    Roseman and Lurie have been so terrible and are so unworthy of support and praise I hope Washburn goes to a future team this season and creams the Eagles!!!!

    They deserve it!!! Then again the Eagles may not have the worst record in the NFL, but they’re the most beatable. That’s why they’re currently the worst team in the NFL and not Kansas City. If the Chiefs and Eagles played on a neutral site I would pick the Chiefs to win every contest except one (ie win 4 of 5 games).

    This is only because of the two guys that let this team the way it is, Roseman and Lurie!!!

  8. Yeah that’s a bad response from the coach, good player or not he makes giant amounts of millions and a player’s value goes down as his salary increases. The team made a decision that they thought was in the best interest of the team and Washburn looked at this from a coach’s perspective and not from a GM perspective and probably has no idea what the player is worth monetarily.

    Or maybe he had looked at this from a GM perspective, but I don’t get the vibe from this story that he did, or there would probably be quotes about how he has scouted the next group of DEs in the draft and why they can’t replace his production as well as projected FAs available etc.

  9. after watching Babin vs. the Bills, i saw why they wanted to get rid of him. consistently he last person to the ball with a cheap shot [head hunting] hit to end the play. i expect to see babin fined for an elbow to the helmet of a player who was without a doubt down.

  10. Such comical things in the comments section! Haha, I’m thoroughly amused at those of you blaming Roseman. He did his job then some! His job is to bring in the best players you can and there is no way anyone can argue he didn’t bring in a ton of talent. It’s the COACHING STAFF that’s inept. Reid picked the staff and Reid runs gameday. It’s ALL Reid’s fault, period!! This isn’t Jacksonville where the owner and Gm only bring in scrubs, they signed the best players available and had some great drafts but none of that means anything when your Head Coach is horrific on Sunday and created a horrendous staff around him. Also, the Babin cheap shot comment is hysterical. Not once have I EVER seen him cheap shot anybody. Idiocy astounds me.

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