Rex: “I need a little more time” on QB decision

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After an impressive press conference-opening filibuster where he discussed his defense at length, Jets coach Rex Ryan said he wasn’t ready to make a call on his starting quarterback yet.

“I need a little more time to make that decision,” Ryan said with a bit of a grin, knowing what he was wading into.

To be honest, there’s not a good decision at this point. He’s benched an ineffective Mark Sanchez. He watched third-stringer Greg McElroy win an ugly game. His deactivated backup, Tim Tebow, is so popular at the site of their next game that the Jaguars are taking off tarps to accommodate his adoring legions.

The Jets have to play this one carefully, because they have $8.5 million in guaranteed money next year in Sanchez. Fixing him needs to be the priority, and giving him a chance in a winnable game makes more sense than bowing to public pressure to start a more popular player.

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  1. there is no “fixing” sanchez, he’s had four years and is still terrible. No matter how much he’s owed it’s time to move on. No need in dragging it out

  2. The Jaguars are taking off one tarp, not multiple tarps for the Jets game. One. In the far south corner of the stadium. The same as was done for the Bears game. That doesn’t mean that the Jags are looking to trade for Jay Cutler, does it?

  3. Announce Tebow is the starter and take the extra money made from the gate in Jax. He waited so long before pulling Sanchez because he knew what it would mean. Sanchez is done in NY regardless of who the coach is next year. McElroy is the unknown and should start the rest of the season if Timmy screws up in Jax.

  4. Tebow must have been throwing bibles at the tv yesterday,sanchize ( how times have changed) gets benched when he’s inactive

  5. nyjalleffingday says: Dec 3, 2012 12:20 PM

    For better or for worse, Sanchez is done. It’s gonna be Greg McElroy (I hope) or TT.

    There you are…haven’t seen you on here in a LONG time. Must have been at the laundromat washing your Week 2 Super Bowl t-shirts and polishing the Division Playoff win (followed by AFCCG loss) ring.

    Time to start all over again Jets fans. 43 years and counting…

  6. Tebowmaniac logic: Tebow is going to Jax and Jax is removing tarps, therefore Jax is removing tarps because of Tebow.

    Let’s apply it to other situations: I had eggs for breakfast this morning and the sun rose in the east, therefore the sun must have risen because I ate eggs.

    Or how about this: I went for a run on Sunday and the Jets won. Therefore the Jets must have won because I went running.

    You guys and your Tebowmaniac “logic” crack me up!

  7. Lindley was 0-15 on 3rd downs and missing receivers by 10-15 yds… Now here’s Rex Ryan taking bows for the defense in a 1-point victory over one of the worst offenses we’ve seen in recent years.

    Even in that embarrassing excuse for a victory, Rex shows himself to be a joke.

  8. Here’s the thing…even if they could absorb the dead money of Sanchez’ contract, they should really cut Santurdio also. And that one has huge cap implications as well. I’ve always thought Tanny was a much bigger problem than any one other thing on the NYJ.

  9. When a team starts keeping guys around just cause they have to pay them I’ll show you a team that is hitting rock bottom.

    Pride goeth before the fall….cut your losses and find a quarterback somewhere

  10. Must be a difficult decision with the outstanding options as to what QB is going to lead the Jets into the playoffs ?

  11. Doesn’t say much for Rexy’s coaching abilities. After 4 years he still needs more time to think about it when even the most casual fan knew 3 years ago that Sanchez wasn’t the answer.

  12. Take all the time you need, Rex. Nothing will change the fact that the Jets have 3 bad quarterbacks.

  13. “Fixing him” needs to be a priority?? They have been trying to fix him for 3 years and he keeps getting worse.

    If Sanchez has taught the team anything – It’s that sometimes (or almost all the time) you have to drop back and punt. Trim the fat. Take the $8M cap hit and move on. About 5 weeks too late.

  14. @cude1234,

    What is your logic? That the tarps are being removed in Jax because a 5-7 team is playing a 2-10 team?!?!?!?

  15. Deduct Sanchize’s 2013 salary from Rex and Tanny paycheck and kick them all out. Worthless trash but on the other hand a great fit for the NY Circus Clowns.

  16. In Jacksonville they are removing one tarp. That equals about 2500 seats…hmmm, the exact same amount that was estimated to increase tickets sales prior to the 2010 draft. So there you have it. For all the screaming that Jacksonville “shoulda drafted Tebow”, the impact would really have been marginal.

  17. Just don’t take longer than 4 games to decide, because at that point you won’t have the power to do so.

  18. Money doesn’t matter. You have to pay Mcelroy, Sanchez and Tebow anyways. For the Jets, it doesn’t matter who collects it. Its about trying to win.

  19. This is easy, its a business decision not a football one.

    Play Tebow, let the new Jax owner see him sell seats.

    Use that as leverage in trading Tebow to Jax.

    Use picks to draft a new QB.

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