Romo getting into a groove, but hoping for more

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Over the course of last night, Tony Romo threw his 166th touchdown pass, breaking Troy Aikman’s franchise record.

He was 10-of-10 passing in the second half, when he threw three touchdowns. For the fourth time in five games, he threw no interceptions, and he finished with a passer rating of 150.5.

“It did seem like he found his edge,” Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said, via Todd Archer of “He gets in that groove.”

But the only number that mattered to Romo was six, as in the number of wins the Cowboys reached by beating the Eagles.

“I’m not trying to minimize anything,” Romo said. “Really, you’re just singularly focused on trying to bring a championship to this town and this organization. In that process, everything else kind of takes a back burner.

“We had a thing where we had to give our individual goals and our team goals. They were the same. It’s just about bringing that championship to Dallas. I want that for so many people. That’s why we commit to what we do. You just do all the little things and grind, and hopefully we’ll be able to attain that.”

Romo has taken care of the statistical feats. By most traditional measures, his career as a thrower of the football has been a good one. But he has one playoff win, and playing for a franchise with five Super Bowl titles, that’s how history will judge him.

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  1. Romo, an undrafted free agent from a small school, has exceeded expectations. The fact that he’s compared against guys like Flacco, Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers (all first round draft picks) says A LOT about him. As diehard Cowboys fan, I’ve seen the real issues. Yes it starts with Jerry Jones, but a lot of it is injuries, a terrible offensive line, and an overrated Rob Ryan. Even before Sean Lee and Bruce Carter went down this team was having trouble closing out games, and incurring unnecessary penalties. I blame that on coaching. Clean house – (Jerry isn’t leaving) – Draft and acquire competent OL’s through free agency. Get an elite fullback for Murray. And give Romo everything you can. He’s one of the best players on the team, and if given time he’s one of the better Quarterbacks in the league. Anyone who cares to disagree with that, is just a Cowboy hater.

  2. Don’t get to excited..we almost got beat by a team without their starting Qb Rb and Wr. Yes have injuries on defense. But no excuses..this team is 8-8 at best

  3. LOL at Cowboys Nation getting excited about beating the Eagles……just like Panthers fans got excited last week before losing to KC this week. The local high school QB could put up 200 passing yards and 2 TD’s against the Eagles D.

  4. Romo has absolutely no ability to hold it together long enough to get through a playoff run even if they somehow manage to get there. There’s no way he can perform at a high level for 3-4 consecutive important games.

  5. Don’t tell me you’ve never been there when your team was not so good, playing a division rival where there’s a lot of bad blood. It’s always sweet to beat the Eagles and of course Cowboy fans are excited about it. Duh.

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