Santonio Holmes won’t run again until April

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New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes is still in a walking boot and will require additional surgery in February on his injured left foot.

The prolonged recovery means Holmes will not be able to begin running again until at least April.

According to Dennis Waszak Jr. of the Associated Press, Holmes will have another surgery to remove a metal plate from his foot that was inserted to aid in his recovery. Doctors have told Holmes he can begin running again in April.

As for whether he’ll be ready to go by the start of training camp next year, that’s still uncertain.

“We have a while to go yet,” Holmes said.

Holmes injured his foot in a 34-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in September. Holmes caught a pass along the right sideline and fumbled when his foot gave out.

“I knew the minute I didn’t get off the ground that my season was over,” Holmes said.

Holmes had 20 catches for 272 yards and a touchdown in four games for the Jets before being lost for the season.

6 responses to “Santonio Holmes won’t run again until April

  1. I don’t want to see this guy in a Jet uniform again. We used to have hard nosed blue collared players who got the job done. Not trying to minimize Holmes’ injury oor pain, but when Jerricho Cotchery popped a hammy and a groin muscle, he hopped on one leg, dove to catch the ball, and then hopped and dove 3 yards through defenders to get a crucial 1st down. Holmes injures his foot and threw the ball up in the air like a hot potato. Time to change personel all over.

  2. Tone, make some room on the couch for Mike Wallace, another in the long line of receivers (Thigpen, Washington, Randel El, Plaxico and you!) who people thought were much better than they really were and paid outrageous contracts to only to be replaced on the production line.

    Wide Receiver is the most over-rated, most annualy replenished position in football.

    Cog in the wheel.

  3. nofaceangler71

    Yes that was an incredible play by Cotchery. I remember it well. But to compare a ‘popped hamstring and groin’ to the bones of your toes (and most likely ligaments) being separated from the rest of your foot is moronic.

    I’m not Holmes’s biggest fan and there are plenty of reasons to criticize him, but I certainly don’t blame him for giving up the ball on that play.

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