Source: Dockett spat in Rhodes’ face


That on-field incident between Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett and safety Kerry Rhodes was, in reality, an on-face incident.  As in a spit-on-face incident.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Dockett spat in Rhodes face.

The incident occurred late in the fourth quarter, with the Cardinals trailing 7-6 and the Jets driving.  The Cardinals’ defense planned to let the Jets score a touchdown, which would have stretched the lead (with the extra point) to 14-6, and which would have given the Cardinals the ball back with a chance to force overtime.

The only problem?  Dockett didn’t want to let the Jets score.  And so he resisted.  And he resisted.  And eventually, as Rhodes was trying to persuade Dockett to go along, Dockett let his saliva do the talking.

The source says that Dockett will indeed be disciplined by the team, and that the team has been hoping to keep the situation under wraps, given that the team currently is in a bit of a free fall, with eight straight losses after a 4-0 start.

It’s already bad for the Cardinals.  Imagine how much worse it would be if the team were located in a major East Coast market.

48 responses to “Source: Dockett spat in Rhodes’ face

  1. well unlike Ryan Lindley…at least Dockett was able to connect with his intended reciever…

  2. Can you imagine if this happened on the Jets? This would be covered to death. The Jets are imploding!
    On the Cards? By tomorrow, this would not be discussed.

  3. Well I knew this was a Florio written article by the headline. “Spat” instead of “Spit” sure it’s “correct” but really? “Spat” sounds like something a newspaper would accuse Thomas Jefferson of doing to John Adams..

  4. So if the Cardinals were planning to let the Jets score, then why didn’t Dockett go along with it? Was it because he was confused or didn’t get the message? If the team keeps it under wraps and doesn’t address it, then not only do we have to consider Dockett rude, gross, and a bad teammate, but then we have to consider that he might be extra stupid too. And that compounds the problem worse. At least explain why he did what he did rather than try to brush the matter under the rug now that we know about it. Concealment and non-information aren’t helpful things either.

    I’m sure the GM and the Head Coach will handle this matter appropriately, whoever they happen to be when this matter is resolved.

  5. This guy must me like a super hero or something. 10 guys trying to let the offense score and 1 super badass dude says “not on my watch”. Keeps the Jets out of the end zone all by himself. Not only should he not be suspended, they should make a movie about him.

  6. Letting the opponent go up by 8 in the hopes of forcing overtime? Seriously? Wouldn’t you have a better chance of winning by getting into field goal range? Is there something wrong with winning by 2?

    Dumb strategy.

  7. “Well I knew this was a Florio written article by the headline. “Spat” instead of “Spit” sure it’s “correct” but really? “Spat” sounds like something a newspaper would accuse Thomas Jefferson of doing to John Adams..”

    yea who wants journalists who know verb tenses?

  8. bornsteel62 says:
    Dec 3, 2012 9:57 PM
    Bill Cowher spat in many players faces.
    Because he has a lisp.

  9. No excuse for what Dockett did, but I can’t fault his unwillingness to purposely let the opposing team score points…Seems kinda counter-productive to me.

  10. Translation: Imagine if anyone cared about the Cardinals. They should suspend him for a game….ridiculous

  11. Then again, if Arizona wants to let the Bears have extra TDs in three weeks, fine by me…(-;

  12. Wow. Football teams have a pecking order, and no matter how bizarre a coach’s order may be–and letting the opponent go up by eight to force OT is a bizarre order–one player shouldn’t have to wheedle another into following it. Spitting in a teammate’s face because you don’t like the gameplan is just crackers. Sounds as though the team is in complete freefall … and that’s too bad because I like Whis. Guess he’ll join Andy, Romeo, and Norv on the post-season unemployment line. But Norv probably isn’t going anywhere; he never does.

    Just curious … are those hats big sellers for the Cardinals?

  13. Gator fans have known this guy was a POS waste of space since he intentionally twisted Ernest Graham’s knee at the bottom of a pile and retired to stomp Rex Grossman’s hand in the Swamp back in 2001.

  14. A great defensive lineman who shows passion for the game and has the drive and confidence to win? I hope they release him for this because I’d take him on the Raiders anyday.

  15. I’d sit him the rest of the season. Spitting in a teammate’s face will not be easily forgiven.

  16. Call me crazy but I have more respect for Dockett not veing a chump and going along with intentionally letting the jets score. The spitting is uncalled for but this team is losing all its integrity. Don’t blame him for being pissed

  17. Maybe this had something to do with the Vegas betting line. I don’t remember what the line was but losing by 1 or losing by 8 can mean a big difference in a bet. Dockett may have placed a nice size bet and didn’t want to lose it by giving away 7 points.

  18. Like the SNL Church lady said ,”Isn’t that nice ? ”

    Or Like MLK said , “why can’t we just all get along ?”

    Or ask as Dennis Green said ” The Cards were who we thought they were. “

  19. That’s stupid? Why would you ever let the opposition score when you have a one point lead? You are not guaranteed a score the next drive especially when your qb sucks plus mark Sanchez is there qb so good luck even letting them score

  20. Some of the comments here are bizarre…don’t you get it? The only way the Cards could possibly win is if they got the ball back; the only way (other than allowing NY to score) would be on an unlikely fumble, because the Jets had stopped throwing…so anyone who fought the idea of letting them score was fighting the best chance Arizona had left to win the game.

  21. Let’s be honest: the Cardinals had a better chance of forcing a turnover and running it back for a TD than they would have had getting the ball back down 8…Lindley couldn’t move the ball if his life depended on it and this game essentially came down to who sucked less…That being said, what Dockett did is absolutely disgraceful, especially since it was his own teammate trying to explain the play call, and shows everyone his maturity level and the kind of person he is…Take out your frustration about losing in other ways, never on your teammates and never by spitting in another person’s face…I’m shocked Rhodes or someone else didn’t take a swing at him regardless of the size difference

  22. @goldrush….being pissed is one thing, spitting on a teammate is a different story! It is completely unacceptable for Dockett to spit on anyone, but especially on another Cardinal. Besides, he’s getting paid to PLAY football, not coach it.
    How many of us get pissed when our boss tells us to do something stupid? I’m betting at least 90-95%. How many of us spit on a co-worker when he/she tries to get us to follow the boss man’s (or woman) directions? Being generous, I say less that 5%.
    There’s just no excuse for this type of behavior. He should get a 1 game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team AND a fine from the League office.

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