Tim Tebow says he could have played, isn’t into hypotheticals


Tim Tebow was in street clothes Sunday because of broken ribs, leaving Greg McElroy to take over for Mark Sanchez when the Jets made a quarterback change in the third quarter.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said that the team hasn’t decided on their quarterback for Week 14’s visit to Jacksonville, Tebow’s hometown. As you’d imagine, Tebow was asked about the prospect of starting on Monday. While admitting Jacksonville is a special place for him, Tebow said he viewed it “as another game” and that he wasn’t into hypotheticals when it came to who would be in the starting lineup. He also said that he feels he could have played against the Cardinals on Sunday.

“Could I have pushed, went out there and played? I think I could have managed it,” Tebow said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “I feel like I’m healing up.”

Ryan had a less enthusiastic take on Tebow’s health, saying he wasn’t close to 100 percent. Generally speaking, it’s a good thing that players aren’t the sole arbiters of their fitness to play in a game. The quarterback had more x-rays taken on Sunday and the results of those will determine how much he’s able to do in practice this week.

The Jets haven’t shown an inclination toward making Tebow their starting quarterback this season and opted not to go with him in several other games when Sanchez struggled as much as he did against the Cardinals. It’s not unthinkable that they could turn to Tebow now, but it feels like the least likely of the three options available to Ryan.

18 responses to “Tim Tebow says he could have played, isn’t into hypotheticals

  1. Everyone knows he could have played. Rex doesn’t want him to play and that’s obvious. Sad thing is, he’d probably be the best choice. Glad I’m not a Jets fan.

  2. They should give him a shot for a few games once he’s healthy. Say what you want about his skills, he has a knack for overachieving. Which means it’s no surprise the Jets don’t know what to do with him.

  3. Really, niners816? Why would Tebow be the best choice? What exactly has Tebow done for the Jets this season? And if Ryan is such a Tebow-hater, why did he sign him to his team? This poor lil Tebow stuff gets old fast. McElroy was the first Jet QB to score a TD in preseason, after weeks of futility, and he won the game for them yesterday. I take nothing away from Tebow’s skill as a footballer, but McElroy is a quarterback who knows how to play the quarterback position. He led his team to victory over Tebow’s Gators in head-to-head play on the field, and maybe it’s time he got a shot to see what he can do with the Jets. One thing’s for certain: He couldn’t do any worse than the Sanchez/Tebow tandem.

  4. I would take every starting QB in the league, and probably every single one of their backups over Tim Tebow. Well, except Ryan Lindley.

    He is not only NOT the best choice for the Jets, he isn’t the best choice for anyone, anywhere.

    It is clear now that if anything, Tim Tebow was holding the Broncos back last year, and that the 4 blowout losses and 6 overall losses he oversaw where probably a much better indicator of who he was than the 8 wins, many of which were defensive miracles.

    Tim Tebow needs to wake up and smell the position change. He’s got the rest of this season and maybe one more before he is out of the league if he doesn’t figure out that he needs to give up on being a starting NFL QB.

  5. Gee, already had two articles on Tebow.Who REALLY cares? There are back up QB’s PLAYING, not hypothetacal, but out there. Heck wasn’t there a 39 year old back up that beat a division leader yesterday? Now there is a topic, not TEBOW that has not done anything for the JETS.

  6. I’m a hug Jets fan, but they’ve mismanaged this thing terribly. For that, Rex needs to go. It’s obviously he doesn’t care anything about the Offense.

    I don’t know if he just doesn’t like Tebow or what, but if you pull Sanchez in the Cards game you should have pulled him a few games before.

    It’s not that hard to have Tebow in and if he sucks (like EVERYONE thinks he will – not me though), then you pull him for McElroy or put Sanchez back in.

    Thing is Rex seems scared that if Tebow succeeds then his ‘chosen boy’ didn’t; which would be the ax on his head.

    What a cluster this has been. From the extension of Sanchez’s last year to the way Rex has his head up his butt.

    He needs more time? If he puts Sanchez back in I’m done.

  7. @Deb,
    Tebow is not a good qb and you can complain all you want, but wherever he goes, he wins and that’s all that matters. And if Rex wanted him to play he would let him play. It won’t matter though, both Tebow and Rex will be gone at the end of the season. Haha, Jets.

  8. @niners816 …

    Tebow won in college … until he didn’t. That would be when my McElroy-led Crimson Tide clobbered him in the SEC Championship on the way to a national title. In the pros, he won a single wildcard game on his way to the trading block. He hasn’t won anything for the Jets. Come back to me when he leads a team to a Lombardi. I won’t hold my breath.

    He’s a great athlete … but he is not an NFL quarterback. No amount of faith, hope, and pixie dust will change that over the long haul.

  9. Stop with the “winner” crap already, there’s nothing to back it up.

    Tebow has been in the league three years and has yet to play on a winning team. Yes, they were in the playoffs last year where they were 1-1 after backing in on a 3-game losing streak. Finishing 1-4 does not make you a winner.

    Also, Tebow started three years at UF and won one conference championship, something plenty of other qb’s have done.

    He’s not any more of a winner than any other qb in the NFL or most of the qb’s at UF since 1990.

    So stop with the “winner” story; its not true.

    Don’t hate Timmy, just the Tebowmaniacs and the hype.

  10. @Deb,
    You’re a delusional Jet fan. You can have McElroy, Sanchez and Tebow, but you’re still not going nowhere. Tebow is the best among the other 2. McElroy is the next J.T. O’Sullivan, but good luck with that horrible franchise.

  11. tebow took control of a 1-4 team, got them the division title then proceeded to take out the 2 time superbowl champion bigben/steelers in round 1.. FACT

    how isnt he a decent option for a TRYOUT in a 4 game lost season? if anything if i was rex ryan it would be just to see if I was right to get fired for egotistically sticking to sanchez aka the worst starting qb for longer that 2 years in nfl history!?!?

  12. If Renowned starts it will be the most watched game in MNF history. haters will hate, but all will want to witness the magic.

  13. @niners816 …

    No … I’m a Steelers fan and more than happy with our six Lombardis, thanks. I’m also an Alabama fan looking forward to seeing my team play go for its third championship in three years. So I have an embarrassment of riches. My interest here is in Greg McElroy. If the Jets don’t want to take advantage of his talents, the Steelers could use a young backup 🙂

  14. Funny how Tebow was suited up for the nationally televised Thanksgiving game, but a week of rest somehow made him not healthy enough to suit up against the Cardinals

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