Titans furious at Antonio Smith “cheap shot”


After Titans quarterback Jake Locker threw a game-sealing interception in Sunday’s loss to the Texans, Houston defensive end Antonio Smith drilled Titans center Fernando Velasco with an illegal blindside block. The Titans were not pleased about it.

Velasco and Titans coach Mike Munchak both used the term “cheap shot” to describe Smith’s block when talking to reporters today, and Smith said that Locker confronted him about it after the game, telling him there was no need for it.

The little young whippersnapper tried to come and tell an old cat how to play football,” Smith told the Houston Chronicle of his confrontation with Locker. “He just came up to me. He faked like he was gonna dap me up. And like grabbed my hand and said, ‘I just want to tell you that was a [dirty] block.’ I just told him . . . ‘Are we playing football, or is this something else?’”

Smith said he doesn’t believe the officials should have flagged him for a personal foul.

“I just made a block. I guess only offensive linemen can make hard blocks or whatever,” Smith said. “So they threw a flag on me. What they gotta understand is we’re all just trying to play football. Nobody’s trying to deliberately hurt anybody.”

Smith may not have been trying to deliberately hurt anybody, but he did take a completely unnecessary shot at Velasco. The NFL is sure to agree with the Titans’ assessment of the play, and fine Smith for it.

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  1. Yeah, the Texans are a dirty team, no doubt about it. Wait until the NFL makes cut blocks illegal. Bye bye awesome running game, hello healthy knees.

  2. hyzers says:
    Dec 3, 2012 5:22 PM
    Schaub thinks Smith and Cushing are Houston Texan worthy.

    I know you just didn’t compare Antonio Smith and Brian Cushing to Ndamakong Suh….

    There is a reason why he gets voted by his peers as the dirtiest player in the NFL…

    He danced over an injured player this weekend….

    That said… The hit was unnecessary and will probably get fined…

  3. The Texans are quickly becoming like the Lions with their dirty play this season. It wasn’t too long about that Tim Dobbins had a late, illegal hit on Jay Cutler that knocked him out for a game.

  4. Everybody loves to play in Nashville…great city and people and a guaranteed win against their rotten team.

  5. this game is turning soft..players are complaining, fans agree and call for suspensions and fines..this is not the nfl i remember..and at this rate with the new rules there wont be a high demand for nfl in the next 10 years

  6. The Texans have been using the same blocking scheme since Kubiak came to Houston. Several other teams use it as well, i.e. Washington Redskins. Now that the Texans are 11-1 and have beaten your team, they are now dirty? AMAZING!!!!!

    Yeah, I can hear you now, “They have always been dirty”. Well, we didn’t hear you complaining before they beat your team, now did we?????

  7. “Antonio Smith? Isn’t this the same guy that was crying about Richie Incognito at the beginning of the year?”

    Nope. Antonio was complaining about being penalized and fined for giving as good as he got.

  8. As much as I can’t stand Incognito, at least he had a plausible excuse. This does not, it just proves the Titans center got in Antonio’s head and he retaliated like a dirty player would.

  9. as a texans fan, i will admit it was cheap shot. maybe not illegal, but cheap. this team has traditionally been above that (despite what some people may say about cut blocks). i would sit him the first series against new england.

    smith has had a disappointing season this year, yet he yaps his mouth and does that stupid ninja routine. he needs to think more about how to get to the qb when the qb still has the ball (admittedly, he had his best game yesterday despite the cheap shot).

  10. standintexas says:
    Dec 3, 2012 5:46 PM
    “Antonio Smith? Isn’t this the same guy that was crying about Richie Incognito at the beginning of the year?”

    Nope. Antonio was complaining about being penalized and fined for giving as good as he got.


    By the way the NFL reduced A. Smith’s fine last week from that.

  11. They didn’t replay the foul on TV, but we all know the refs are never wrong. I wish I would have seen it and I’m sure Velasco didn’t see it coming as he looked like he had been ran over by a train when they helped him up.

    This happens many times a year by both sides of the ball on turnovers, so it’s nothing new. Don’t think it makes somebody a dirty player, if so there are plenty of them out there on just about every team.

  12. drglory – the Titans have been one of the more successful teams over the last 16 years – ownership was never the problem. This season everything fell apart.

  13. Antonio was just letting his frustration out a bit after he had both a touchdown and a sack taken away from him. I’d be pretty upset too

  14. Monkeesfan says ownership was never the problem for the Titans…

    Yea right. The beginning of the end of the “long term success” for the Titans, if u can even call it that, was when Bud Adams underminded his head coach and forced Jeff Fisher to draft Vince Young instead of the QB Fisher wanted. Yeah Matt Lienart might have ultimately been equally as bad as VY but at least then the Titans might still have an elite head coach

  15. These days, anytime there is a big hit everyone has good cry. Crying and fines. I don’t want anyone to get hurt but the NFL is going too far. You just can’t make everything 100% safe. These guys are rewarded well for the risks they take. At a certain point it wont even be worth watching anymore.

  16. The block was illegal only because it was way away from the footbal but at least it was a football play and not a punch, stomp, or kick to the nuts. Im sick of players being labeled as dirty for making hard violent hits in between the whistles i.e. Ed Reed and JJ Watt. That being said Antonio Smith should and will be fined, but to sit here and say a combination of that and the the Texans offensive blocking techniques makes them a dirty team is an assinine take to say the least

  17. I guess Titans have never watched thier ownb Dave Stewart play…who got his leg snapped on a play where he was blatantly holding (not dirty but shows that he is a no-talent hack)

  18. jvillenole says:The Texans have become a really dirty football team. What comes around goes around. Just remember that, Houston fans.

    Oh yeah, we remember, after all of the past years of being the NFL doormat. Can you say 11-1? Oh yeah, we remember.

  19. I’m a Texans fan, and I wasn’t a fan of that block. It was a cheap shot, just like Warren Sapp’s and Jared Allen’s. That being said, every defense needs a ‘nasty’ player or wild card and Smith is definitely ours. People can whine about that hit on Cutler, but he acted like a runner and was several yards passed the line of scrimmage before Dobbins popped him, and until cut blocking is outlawed, our zone blocking scheme is perfect legal.

  20. I’m impressed that Locker stood up to him and told him it was a dirty play.

    Now, Locker needs to just stop throwing picks.

  21. So, the writer of the article knows beyond any doubt it was a dirty block. He could be right, but what is he basing it on? I have been looking for 20 minutes to find video of it and I can’t. That would be nice to see.

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