Vikings remain committed to Christian Ponder


Two of the biggest plays in Sunday’s 23-14 loss to the Packers were interceptions thrown by Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.

Both of the picks came with the Vikings in field goal range after long runs by Adrian Peterson put the ball in good positions. One of the interceptions came in the end zone and the points missed on those second half drives loomed large as the Vikings tried to make up two scores in the final minutes. They weren’t the only reason the Vikings lost the game, but they loomed awfully large in the final reckoning.

Ponder’s day was pretty ghastly even without the interceptions. He completed only five passes until Minnesota was in scramble mode at the end of the game and his effort wound up wasting a very strong Peterson performance and leaving the Vikings’ playoff hopes on life support. After the game, coach Leslie Frazier said the team won’t turn to another quarterback in order to resuscitate them.

“Christian is our quarterback,” Frazier said, via Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press. “We are going to do all we can to help him have a good game against Chicago and to help our team go out and get a win.”

Frazier said that the game needs to be a learning experience for the young quarterback, something that makes sense given the team’s commitment to Ponder if not the idea that Joe Webb might have been able to help them win on this Sunday. Powers wondered if the rest of the Vikings would be thrilled to hear the team was sticking with the long-term goal of developing Ponder even if it comes at the expense of winning games now.

“I don’t think it will be a tough sell,” Frazier said. “These guys are teammates that want the same thing. They know we can win with the personnel that we have. We’ve shown that we can. We just have to do a few things better.”

There’s no guarantee that Webb would have done better, but there are also no guarantees that Ponder will develop into a quality NFL starter. That makes gambling on a long-term payoff at the expense of short-term pain (five losses in seven games to slide onto the fringes of the playoff race) a big risk for Frazier, General Manager Rick Spielman and the rest of the Vikings decision makers.

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  1. Joe Webb is not the long-term solution but I would’ve liked to see him come in while the Vikings had a playoff shot and see if he could spark the team for a while. Now that playoff chance is pretty much gone.

    The Vikings may as well let Ponder finish the season at this point so they can confirm he sucks and nobody will be saying “he needs more time” going into next season.

  2. Noooooooooooo!! I hate being a Viking fan.

    If Wilf has it in him to fire Frazier, the huge problems at offensive coordinator and quarterback will resolve themselves. The balls in your court Ziggy. Dump this guy ASAP.

    Also, I notice Frazier didn’t have a head set until the 3rd/4th quarter? I’m not convinced he even does anything. I also caught a glimps of Bill Musgraves play 3×5 play calling sheet and realized why it was so small. It says Play 1 hand to Peterson, Play 2 throw interception.

  3. Nothing about Ponder’s college career warranted a first round pick….. the Vikes really reached on that one. I know they felt that they were in deseration mode after Favre left, but there were any number of back ups available, not to mention Joe Webb who is already the roster. At this point I’d let Joe Webb take snaps and see what he can do.

  4. And this is the reason Leslie Frazier will be replaced at the end of the season. It has become quite clear that he and his coaching staff have zero ability to make the necessary adjustments/changes to give this team a chance to win games.

  5. Watching the Vikings lose to the Packers yesterday, I was struck by what an asinine game NFL football has become. I think that most of the rule changes over the past 10-20 years, which made it a passing league, have been a mistake? A couple points:

    1) Offsides / false start. Both technically minor 5 yard penalties. In reality, offsides also results in a free hail mary pass that can change a game. In basketball it’s like giving the other team 3 three-point free throws in basketball for a double-dribble. Asinine.

    2) I don’t know if there have been statistics compiled to bear this out, but I strongly suspect that the liklihood of an injury, especially a major injury, to any player on the field is about 2-3 times more likely on designed passing plays compared to designed running plays. That being the case, all the rules that favor passing, from changes to pass interference and intentional grounding to tighter definitions of roughing the passer, all increase the advantage of running passing plays- which increase the liklihood of injuries across the board. Asinine.

    3) When the NBA adopted the 3-point shot, it accomplished a couple things- it made the game more exciting and interesting by increasing the incentive for longer shots, and secondly it reduced the dominance of teams with a dominant center. In the NFL, all the rule changes in favor of passing have increased the dominance of teams with a dominant QB. One can argue that they also made the game more exciting, and accessible to more viewers, but as time goes on, I think not. Is a routine 5-10-yard out route completion really more exciting than a typical 3-5 yard run? Is a 20-yard catch more exciting than a 20-yard run? I was fortunate to see the electric days when Randy Moss broke into the league with the Vikings, and all the long bombs he made look so easy as he outran or outjumped his defender. Yet none of those compared to the 82-yard run Adrian Peterson had yesterday, which was much more impressive because it was much more difficult to achieve.

    4) And yet at the end of the year, who is more likely to be MVP- Aaron Rodgers or Adrian Peterson? Is it even possible for a non-QB to be MVP anymore?

    5) Look at the roughing the passer call made by Ed Hokuli against Everson Griffen on Aaron Rodgers. He hit him in the back as he delivered the ball. You could see by how he was kind of crouching as he hit him that he was trying to avoid any head-to-head contact, which he did, and by how he let up rather than fall on top of him how he was trying to avoid any other roughing call. By any standard that was as routine a hit on a QB as you are likely to see. And yet he was called for roughing the QB. We all know why that was called. It would not have been called a couple years ago. It was called now because it was Aaron Rodgers he hit, and the league is bending over backwards to protect its VIPs. The call negated a key interception around the Packers 15 yard line, which effected the outcome of the game.

    The point of that incident is that the league is now taking a game that was on off-shoot of the game of rugby, and impose the contact rules of the game of basketball, and the now mid-week fines and adjudications of a high-end traffic court. Asinine. You can talk about QB protection all you want, but you know what the best way to protect a QB is? Make him hand the ball off. How many concussions have QBs suffered doing that?

    6) Of course I am disheartened by Christian Ponder’s performance. I think it’s becoming clear that he is not going to be a top QB in this league, and the crapshoot of drafting a QB did not work out. 2 years of development down the drain, and likely 2 more years minimum before the Vikings will have a competitive, let alone a top, QB. This, of course, is a situation most teams in the league face today. No good QB, virtually no chance to be anything more than an also-ran. Which leads to another asinine aspect of the NFL: why would a fan, who wants to see his/her team win but does not have a good QB, waste ever more thousands of dollars and/or valuable time watching a team they know will always be at a big disadvantage to all the teams that do?

  6. Finish Ponder out in December, make it crystal clear what he’s capable of and erase all doubt, then bring in Alex Smith for 2013!!!

  7. Ponder is a digrace to an nfl starting QB! He can even tbrow fot more then 36 yards he to inconsistent n always pla scared dude a bust time to bring in Webb

  8. It just kills me as a Vikes fan to watch the inteptitude of the QB and WR positions on this team with the only exception being Harvin who’s been out 3 games. It’s worse when you look at a team like the 49ers, who we somehow beat soundly They’ve got 2 QBs that are better and many WRs also (heck their #1 pick hasn’t even had to play).

  9. If the Vikings had any average or above average QB yesterday, they would have won.

    Ponder completed 1 pass to a WR…with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter..When your RB runs for 210 yds, you should win. I just don’t know what Frazier sees in him.

    Oh, and that interception Allen had was a bulls___ call. That roughing the passer call was terrible and a game changer.

  10. Ponder has miles to go before he becomes average. I know the coaching staff wants to remain supportive, but his lousy play has cost this team wins. I can’t believe that the GM and the head coach don’t have their doubts. If they don’t, their own jobs are in peril. The league has changed. You no longer have to develop a QB for four years. Ponder is a panic in the pocket, and that will not change.

  11. Charlie Batch, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Spergyn Wynn, Tavaris Jackson, Brad Johnson, Joe Webb, are all quarterbacks that would have won that game yesterday for the Vikings.

    Ponder had 36 passing yards in the 3rd quarter. At this time he had not completed one single pass to a WR. Ponder, Musgrave, and Frazier are all complete bums. Every second wasted hoping that these three develop is a waste of time and only delaying the Vikings chances of being successful in the future. All three of these guys are in way over their heads and look like they have never done their job before.

  12. Ponder is horrible… Has there ever been a starting QB who has thrown 3 games of less than 100 yards? We’re lucky to see 1 game like that in a season but Ponder has 3 ( got over 100 yesterday in garbage time ) so i’m saying 3. He’s had horrible QB ratings the last 6 games. Frazier is a complete failure as a headcoach. He’s never beaten the Packers or Bears as a headcoach and has only 2 wins in the division against the lonely Lions.

  13. At what point does AP start seriously thinking about getting out of Dodge. Its not quite as bad as Larry Fitzgerald has it in Arizona, but its really close. What a waste of an awesome talent.

    Teams will gladly give up 200 plus yds rushing knowing that they can’t complete a pass.

  14. Here is the problem! Fraizer cant yank him this is Spielman’s guy. They reached on this guy in the draft! They wanted Locker and that was taken away but the problem Spielman PANICKED and picked the sort of best qb….. Whats Spielman’s record….shall we look at Miami? They are just finally getting out of his mess. UGH

    GM EGO

  15. And I agree about the coaching staff. When was the last time you saw this team “win” the second half of a football game?

  16. It could not be more obvious to me that Christian Ponder does not have what it appears to take to be an NFL quarterback.

    First and most obvious. His accuracy is awful. I’ve watched him take a snap, turn 90 degrees to the right, and miss on a 0 yard throw that isn’t going even 10 yards horizontally. When he throws down the field, he obviously is just pitching it and hoping it goes where he pointed it, and 11 times out of 10, it doesn’t. That’s about the same as me when we play catch outside in the street and stand so far away from each other that we’re just hoping the ball gets far enough on the throw, forgetting accuracy. Score: Ponder the Layman:1, Ponder the Quarterback:0

    Second, throw velocity. I think Ponder is so easy to pick off because his throws don’t zip down the field so much as saunter. I’m all for the Vikings trying that Bethel-Thompson guy, for the single and only reason that on the couple of throws I saw him make in the pre-season, his velocity was far superior to Ponder’s. At least with a high velocity throw you’re more likely to throw just an incompletion than a pick. And openings can be smaller when you have more velocity, more guys will be open. Ponder’s throws come out poky and d-backs have too much time to drive on the ball. Score: Ponder the Layman:2 Ponder the Quarterbback:0

    Third, mental speed. A lot has been said of Ponder’s intelligence, but I don’t think he has the comprehension speed of a quarterback. Sometimes when I’m playing Madden and I get quick interior pressure, I take a sack or just run before even seeing if guys are open. Other times I force a pass into coverage because my brain jammed up and I fail to go through progressions and lock onto my primary. I’m an intelligent guy too, I can look at the play afterward and see exactly what I did wrong and what I should have done, I’m sure Ponder does too. None of that matters if, when the ball has been snapped and everything is happening all at once and you need to make a good, intelligent decision on the fly based on 4 different facts that you learned in the last 3/4 second, you freeze up and don’t think logically until afterwards. I really think the game moves too fast for Ponder and that he can’t do the on-the-fly thinking that allows guys like Rodgers to step up, avoid a sack, roll 10 yards out to the right, and then gun the ball 25 yards down the field for a big completion because he’s been looking down the field and processing information the whole time. Score: Layman:3 Quarterback:0

    I have nothing against Ponder for being a bad quarterback. I’d be the same. 99.99% of the country would play QB at a similar level to Christian Ponder.

    I hold it against the Vikings staff for not recognizing and admitting that they haven’t got a Quarterback, they have a guy who takes snaps.

    The Vikings would have more success direct snapping to Peterson and having 4 run-blockers in front of him every play and no passing game at all. And that’s a sad fact.

    Just because a 1st round pick was spent on him 2 years ago means nothing now. Typical sunk-costs fallacy. That pick is gone regardless of anything else, so at this point, the only job of the staff is to select the best quarterback on Sundays. Vince Young, Sage Rosenfels, even our old Tarvaris Jackson (blech) are off the top of my head examples of guys who I think would give us a better chance of winning any given game if they were our quarterback. Not saying I wish they were, just making a point.

    Ponder is not a quarterback, not at the NFL level. Vikings seriously need to address this position in the offseason. I bet they won’t.

  17. Even an average NFL QB could have won that game yesterday. I didn’t expect a win, but it almost hurts more seeing it right there for the taking.

  18. its obvious the vikings have no choice but to play him and prove to them he is not the current answer. they also dug themselves their own grave when they announced 3 unproven YOUNG qb’s on their roster this year with no veteran leadership to fall back on (this problem purely lies with speilman, frazier, & musgrave).

    But as a head coach, you have to realize when someone is HURTING the team and not helping it which is exactly what ponder did yesterday. sometimes you have to bring in reliever just to change things up & frazier did not have the guts or brain to pull the trigger yesterday.

  19. Let’s be clear! This franchise needs a face lift. I support the Wilf’s they have been the best owners we’ve ever had. They are putting the dollars out there! We need to get rid of Frazier, and seriously look at bringing in an established coach, I’ll take Andy Reid even. But to have to watch Adrian Peterson’s Herculean efforts be wasted week in-and-week out is getting frustrating when you see guys like Andrew Luck, Russel Wilson do more in their rookie year that Ponder in his second. Ponder clearly is not the solution, At best, he might be a Joe Flaco, at Best.

  20. Let’s be clear! This franchise needs a face lift. I support the Wilf’s they have been the best owners we’ve ever had. They are putting the dollars out there! We need to get rid of Frazier, and seriously look at bringing in an established coach, I’ll take Andy Reid even. But to have to watch Adrian Peterson’s Herculean efforts be wasted week in-and-week out is getting frustrating when you see guys like Andrew Luck, Russel Wilson do more in their rookie year that Ponder in his second. Ponder clearly is not the solution, At best, someday he might be a Joe Flaco, at Best.

  21. Michael Vick? Philip Rivers? Alex Smith? Carson Palmer? Mark Sanchez? I would say Tim Tebow but I’m they like Gerhart as AP’s handcuff.

  22. Why is it that the steelers can have their third string qb go into Baltimore and win, yet, the Vikings have struggled with finding an even remotely reliable qb since the 70’s? It has to be coaching. Look how much better Matt Ryan is now that musgrave is not there.

    That throw to Burnett in the endzone punched ponders ticket out of town. Well, it should have.

    He is another mark Sanchez, if he’s lucky! At least Sanchez went to the playoffs.

  23. I would love to see Alex Smith come in. Ponder will never make it in the NFL because he always plays scared. I see no harm giving Webb a shot at this point. What a waste to have his athleticism sit on the bench every week! I really think they need to get rid of Fraiser as he has been absolutely HORRIBLE for the Vikes! Musgrave can head on out too…terrible play caller and so predictable. Those 3 changes alone and we would have 3 more wins already this season.

  24. This feels like T-Jack 2.0, they didnt want to admit the reached for him so they kept playing and the Vikings kept losing. Joe Webb deserves a shot let him finish the season and we can see if he’s the guy.

  25. If i have to watch one more game of pnder being our Q.B im going to throw up, some of the fans say Webb isnt the answer, well i would rather see him and know that forsure because the things we do know is this, Ponder is not the answer, Frazier has 0 ability along with mustgrave to make any adjustments and A.P may be the greatest running back in n.fl history, the guy was running against 10 man fronts and still churned out 210 yards….its a sad time to be a vikings fan, heres hoping we sign alex smith next season, what a waste of a season and A.P’s talents

  26. I saw two things in this game that warrant some firings.

    1) The best back in the league was on an absolute tear and the Vikes were on a roll. But then someone decided that we needed to sit him for an entire series and give Fumbles McShucks (Gerhart) a chance. This wasn’t even to give him a rest, he was watching a very long GB drive for 80 yards. That possession completely killed any momentum we had.

    2) AD has like a 50 yard run and is tackled in the redzone. Would the Vikes let the best back in the league punch it in for 5 yards? Surely AD could find the endzone after 3 tries, with his 10 yard per carry average. But no, we need to roll out and pass. Then came the worst interception I’ve ever seen. I miss McNabb (Joke).

  27. Umm, Joe Flaco can throw the ball deep. Ponder can’t. He airballs deep throws and then burns in the 2 yds beyond the line passes as hard as he can. So the ball either flutters for an INT or bounces of the receiver because its a fastball at 10 feet away. The receiver may not look open but if he passes the ball to where they are suppossed to be they will be open. The Mannings, Rodgers, Cutler, Stafford they do it all the time. Ponder stinks. I still remember Spielmans spiel about not reaching in the draft then immediately picking Ponder. Fraizer should be ousted for not putting Webb in the game in the second half. You can still have Ponder be your man but it obviously wasn’t his day. Also the Vikings had a guy who could throw deep Sage and they cut him to keep Bethel Thompson who if you aren’t going to play Webb then play BT. Anyone is better than Ponder. The worst is when he runs and takes the first few steps in place like a cartoon character. TJAC was better and that is saying a lot.

  28. I can’t say I’m a supporter of Ponder, but I do have some confidence in Spielman’s evaluation of talent, so I’ve been cautiously optimistic about Ponder, despite some pretty poor showings. Yesterday he was flat- out terrible. The way he’s playing now, he reminds me of two players: Rich Gannon (in his Viking days); and Joey Harrington. Both talented players with similar skill sets. Watching any of them could make a person go insane. At least the Gannon comparison suggests there may be hope. I know, I know – it’s a stretch.

  29. Let’s look at the O-line. They run block pretty well to get Peterson open. Pass blocking? Not even close. I see other mediocre teams giving their QBs much more pass protection than does Minnesota’s O-line. Couple that with WRs that that are slower than every DB they face, run to a spot and park there, and appear to have silicone on their hands and you have no passing game. Yes, Ponder pulls bone-headed stunts. But his is his first full year after no preseason camp to speak of last year. Musgrave is another part of it. Seriously? He’s a big part of the puzzle.

  30. Either develop MBT or trade for Matt Flynn. The receivers aren’t great but a better QB could get them the ball. Ponder is a slow decision maker and has a noodle arm. I understand “developing” a QB but when you have an Adrian Peterson on your team and are in the playoff hunt, that’s when you should make decisions for the present and not the future. With Ponder at QB, Harvin, Peterson, and Allen are just wasting their careers. Frazier is completely clueless and a team takes on the personality of its coach. I’m a Packer fan but hate seeing this great rivalry turned into a joke. Even with the Pack down at halftime I wasn’t worried at all. I knew Ponder and Frazier would blow it.

  31. As an outside observer…I think the problem is not necessarily Ponder. And not really Musgrave either.

    The Spielman/Frazier battery set your franchise back a decade. Spielman is responsible for scouting/drafting and bringing in the talent. Frazier is responsible for bringing in the position coaches and staff to develop that talent. They have talent at a few positions, but no depth and no competition within the roster at key spots and they never improve from within.

    Musgrave’s play calling is so predictable? Harvin is a major talent but he’s not a prototype #1. Their number 1? They took a guy the BENGALS didn’t re-sign with off the field issues and annointed him the #1 as soon as he was eligable. The guy can’t beat Casey Hayward or Devon House one-on-one.

    Ponder has regressed…and that’s on his coaching staff and him. But if he had one wideout that could make a play, that would help. Rudolph is lazy, by the way, so his tight end security blanket isn’t even secure.

    So…how can Musgrave open up an offense when the 12-20 yard intermediate routes are literally an accident waiting to happen? The Packers have 6 guys on the roster that are dangerous at that depth. The Vikings have Harvin…and that’s not even his ideal role. Pretty tough for any coordinator to create and call a good offense when they scare no one down the field. Pretty tough for a quarterback to not bail out of the pocket when his first 3 reads can’t beat anyone.

    The Vikings are bad because they have not brought in coachable talent and the talent they have brought in can’t be developed anyway.

  32. Another point: Make Joe Webb a WR. The guys is blazingly fast, has great hands, a big SOB, and incredible moves. He’d make the ideal much-needed deep, vertical threat. They’re wasting him warming the bench.

  33. Worst part was, even with the stench Ponder was leaving on the field…several times I saw shots of him on the sidelines laughing and seemingly having a good old time. Guess if the coach doesn’t seem to care about his play Ponder’s not going to sweat it either.

  34. Oh and another thing. I hope Frazier isn’t worried about shaking Ponder’s confidence by yanking him from a game. From the looks of Ponder on the field, I bet he’d be thrilled to hold a clipboard. It’s not so scary.

  35. txbearmeat says:
    Dec 3, 2012 11:18 AM
    Pervy – Where are you? Did mommy let you cry on her shoulder last night, or did she finally kick your 35 year old self out of her house?
    I’m with your woman, she wanted to blow the famous Viking Horn,,,,

    Great,see the Vikings committed to getting a higher draft pick next year!

  36. One question, WHY?! You put any other qb in and we likely best seattle and green bay and are 8-4. I honestly am, not mad we lost, I am mad our coaching staff didn’t give us a chance to win.

  37. Percy wont be back till theres a QB replacement. He carried Tebow, and this year he made Ponder look OK, with his 2 yd passes that go for 20 or 30. wouldnt be surprised he stays out.

    Im willing to be if you take percy harvins YAC away, Ponder has The Most terrible passer rating in NFL history.

    i cant help but watch this trainwreck.

  38. Continuing to waste all galaxy efforts from young all Day makes me want to vomit. I knew when they didn’t follow up that run to get them into 1st and Goal with two consecutive runs (WHY NOT?) and the minute he rolled out to throw that inevitable INT that the game was swinging for good from that point forward.

  39. When the Vikings went All-In with Favre a few seasons ago, I figured that it would set the Vikings back about 5 years, for making the playoffs.

    Then they reached for a QB at Ponder. They could turn him loose I guess, but hes still very young, and may be able to learn a alot, he also needs a reliable #1 WR. Rudolph, Peterson, and Harvin when hes occasionally healthy aren’t enough.

    Maybe since they haven’t drafted very well maybe they should trade for a QB instead.

  40. I logged on this morning expecting to see the typical overreactions from Vikings fans and non-Vikings fans, and I found pretty much what I expected.

    Count me in the minority of Vikings fans, but I’m not going to say the sky is falling…. yet. The Vikings are still better than most people thought they would be before the season started. No, they will not make the playoffs this year, but prior to the season, did anyone actually think they would be in the playoffs, or even in contention for a playoff spot after week 12?

    Keep in mind that the final score vs. the Packers should have been closer than 9 points. Without a doubt, the refs took some points away from the Vikings in the 2nd quarter with that bogus roughing the passer call. I don’t think that changed the outcome of the game, but it was still maddening to see such a blatantly wrong call.

    I’m just as disappointed in Ponder as any other Vikings fan, but I also have to recognize that he has very little to work with at WR, and he has to work with an incompetent OC. The biggest change the Vikes need to make in the offseason, besides upgrading the WR corps, is getting rid of Musgrave.

  41. I can’t believe the calls for acquiring Alex Smith. Ponder sucks, but at least he’s young and (arguably, any) has some upside potential. Alex Smith just plain sucks, and he’s as good as he’s ever going to be.

  42. Sadly fellow Vikings fans Joe Webb has problems with accuracy on mid and short level pass patterns as seen against the Bears last season but he is a good replacement for second half relief and throws a good deep ball. The reason he doesn’t play WR is he can’t catch either. Dude would be a good wildcat option though. As far as saying Ponder reminds you of Gannon, no Gannon could throw the ball deep and Ponder can’t. If you can’t throw deep then you can’t start in the NFL.

  43. Spielman would have traded the pick and drafted 3 dudes with injury history who blow out their knees in practice.

  44. There seems to be a lot of panic here in the comment section. Last yr the Vikies were 3-13, this yr they’ve won 6 so far. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I have no reason to believe the Vikes can win more than 1 game the rest of this yr, and I’m not even sure they can do that. That said, there are a couple obvious changes that need to be made. The first is Ponder. he lacks arm strength, pocket awareness, and he has poor footwork. The answer is not on the roster unless M.B.T. develops over the next year. Possible solutions (don’t kill the messenger) include among others Alex Smith or M. Vick, both of whom have plenty of tread left on the tire. Secondly, the WR, LB, and DL are glaring weaknesses. The Vikes lack a tall feild stretching WR. The LB position is suspect, specifically Henderson and Brinkley. And the DL is aging, need some help in the middle (DT). As GM goes, i believe Speilman is fine. He and Childress assembled a veteran laden team that made it to the NFC Championship game in 2009 (good job). Now he and Frazier are trying to build young (presumably to bring a contender into the new stadium when it opens in a few yrs). Speilman has had some good drafts, but he missed at the QB spot and unfortunately for him thats the most important position on the field. All in all, there’s been improvement with the team overall this yr, but also, it was learned that Ponder isn’t the future, which is a bummer but at least we know now.

  45. With Percy out and Simpson unable to separate himself from db’s, they should be using Wright all day. He is no Percy Harvin, but he is just as fast, if not faster. I actually think he was open a lot and some others too, but ponder is so messed up in the head he thinks he needs to take chances or get the ball out before he scans the whole field. The O’line could be playing playing better, but he does have enough time to get the ball out.

  46. filthymcnasty1 says: Dec 3, 2012 10:42 AM

    Where did all the Ponder defenders go?


    We did what we said we would do, give him more time to develop. We did, now that time’s up and reality has to be faced – bring on the next in line or bring in another guy.

  47. I thought this was Spielman’s first official draft for the Vikings? The year Ponder was drafted weren’t we still under the 3 way balance of power?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  48. The Vikings are who what we thought they were…..Not a good team……they will always be in the shadow of the Bears and the Packers…..too many titles between the two….and the Vikings have how many..The Vikings are the Midwest Eagles

  49. I want a coaching staff that understands its ok to put another guy in there when the poor play calls for it. The only thing good about yesterday’s game was that I spent no money to attend it.

  50. Can someone truthfully answer this question….If Spergyn Winn , Tavaris Jackson and Donavan McNabb’s plays wasn’t acceptable , why is ponder given a entire season ?

  51. A lot of people are ignoring the obvious….. There is too much pressure coming up the middle. Ponder is throwing on the run or off his back foot on 95% of his passes. Do you want to know what other teams figured out around week 5 or 6? The guards can’t handle stunts or slants up front. You call Ponder noodle-armed, but when he can step into his throws, his velocity is fine. (and no, that is not good enough. He needs to be able to put some pop on the ball under less-than-ideal circumstances too)

    Ponder has the same problem Mason Crosby has right now….confidence. He doesn’t trust himself, his line, or his receivers. This reminds me of Tim Couch. I think the Vikings need to go with standard 2RB/2WR formations from this point. Keep the opposing D in their base, keep the RBs in to shore up B gaps, and see what happens.

    Regardless of who is under center next year, this team has two things that NEED to get done if any QB is going to have success. They need to get some guards with the agility and ability to hold the pocket, and they need an upgrade at WR. Andy Levitre or Dwayne Bowe might be good additions that would allow the Vikings to focus on the other spot with their 1st-rd pick, like Chance Warmack, Keenan Allen, or Justin Hunter. Until these issues are resolved, it won’t matter who has the ball.

  52. It’s amazing how desperation can shift one’s perception. After yesterday’s down right ridiculous performance by Ponder, I find myself looking for potential candidates to replace him next year and suddenly Tim Tebow appears to be an elite upgrade at the position.

  53. How much more tiem does he need? Ponder did well by throwing the ball away at the start of this season but now he is throwing more picks than tds. Plain to see he is not an NFL worthy qb and the team and the fans suffer because of it.

  54. Ponder’s the worst QB in the NFL. I’m really gonna enjoy watching the Bears eat him up again this Sunday. Go Bears!

  55. pack13queens0 says:
    Dec 4, 2012 2:58 PM
    Ponder’s the worst QB in the NFL. I’m really gonna enjoy watching the Bears eat him up again this Sunday. Go Bears!

    You do realize its in the Packer’s best interest for the Bears to loose that game right?

  56. pack13queens0 says: Dec 4, 2012 2:58 PM

    Ponder’s the worst QB in the NFL. I’m really gonna enjoy watching the Bears eat him up again this Sunday. Go Bears!

    Ponder has no NFL WRs currently. Lindley is the worst QB in the NFL.

  57. Hey fella’s if you think it’s so damn easy to play QB at the pro level? Just try it!! I could give all of you Rice,Moss and the Texans offensive line and you couldn’t beat a pee wee team!! Ponder needs some help!! A WR that will run good routes and fight for the ball!! Thats paramount in today’s game!!

  58. I still belive in Ponder!! Cuz one player can’t do it alone it’s a team sport!! Everyone on here thought The Vikes wouldn’t even win a game! Then the Vikes started well!! and everyone was exicited. Players like Rg3 and Luck are very rare!! But wait tell next year when the leauge catches up with them!! The Vikes will draft middle of the field this year and let’s get Ponder some help on the outside!!

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