Whisenhunt, faced with bad options, can’t pick one


Stealing a page from the guy who just beat him without knowing what he was going to do at quarterback, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said he didn’t know what he was going to do at quarterback.

Whisenhunt said Monday he wasn’t sure if he was going to stick with Ryan Lindley or whether Kevin Kolb would be well enough to play. The one thing that seems less likely is that he’d consider going back to John Skelton.

Because if you didn’t pull Lindley yesterday, when would you?

The rookie completed 10-of-31 passes for 72 yards in the 7-6 loss to Greg McElroy and the Jets (roll that around in your head for a second), making Lindley just the second quarterback since the merger in 1970 to finish with fewer than 75 yards on 30 attempts or more.

We didn’t help Ryan out very much yesterday,” Whisenhunt said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “We had lot of areas where we had problems. We’re looking for the right combination to be more effective, offensively.”

Asked whether Kolb was any closer to a return from rib and shoulder injuries, Whisenhunt said he wasn’t sure.

“The only way we’ll know is when he can do it in practice. He’s making progress,” he said. “Until we get out there and see if he can make the throws and be able to do those kind of things, then we’ll know.”

Asked if he had lost confidence in Skelton, he replied: “I wouldn’t say I’ve lost confidence in John’s ability.”

“We’re talking about Ryan,” he said. “The decision we made about John we’ve already talked about. We don’t need to go back and revisit that.”

Much like the Jets, they’re faced with an array of bad options, and covering up ones eyes and hoping for an offseason doesn’t work.

Unless you’re a fan.

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  1. The worst QB situation in NFL history is going to get a decent head coach fired. The second worst QB situation in NFL history is going to get Rex fired.

  2. Trade Fitz to the Lions for there next three years first round picks and push the implode button and start over. Going nowhere fast with a bunch of low accuracy/ moderate çeiling quarterbacks. Besides who wouldn’t wanna see Fitz and Megatron out there together with Stafford slinging it!

  3. Whisenhunt and Lindley both showed yesterday that they are not the future off the Cardinals. Whisenhunt has done a lot of good things for the organization, but his inability to fix the offense and find a QB will be his downfall. I suggest they hire Horton as HC and some offensive guru as OC/ass. Head Coach. At least the rookie OT are progressing, because most of the time Lindley had time enough to miss receivers….
    I’m officially off the Whisenhunt bandwagon….

  4. I remember when the Cards started 4-0 and were like 2nd in the power ranks. Just FYI, the first four games of the season doesn’t mean anything. The Eagles and Vikings were 3-1 then.

  5. Three first round picks?

    It took three first round picks to get a Franchise QB (RGIII) you think you’re going to get that for an aging (But very good) WR? That also has a fairly hefty contract.

    Maybe two 2nd round picks. Maybe.

  6. Cardinal organization is a joke. Bidwill needs to clean house and bring in a football guy to run the team like the Packers did several years ago when they hired Tommy Thompson.

  7. It’s a shame – would’ve been very interesting to see where this team would be had they been able to keep Kolb upright enough to keep him healthy.

    I imagine they’ll attempt to fix the OL (or at least you’d hope at this point), cut bait with the QBs on the roster and bring in a guy like Vick once he’s cut by the Eagles.

  8. There are a dozen teams in need of a QB. The free agent market and draft are going to be a little thin this year. Arizona is going to need to make a trade unless they want to go for Barkley. I am not sure Barkley is the answer. They need somebody with some experience in the league.

  9. Until yesterday I was convinced Whisenhunt should not be fired. Unless the plan is to tank the season which isn’t a good idea as the QB crop for this year kind of sucks then I’m really leaning towards Ray Horton as the next HC.

  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mike Vick, Matt Cassel, Alex Smith

    Those are your choices for next year Arizona. Good luck with that.

  11. Whisenhunt is far from being the problem. He has 3 QBs who couldn’t start in NFL Europe even though that league is defunct. Since they have a championship caliber defense, a decent running attack and pretty good WRs, they should draft a QB of the future, a bunch of O-Lineman, and see if they can catch lightning in a bottle with Vick.

  12. Why on earth did he get away from Skelton? This guy, while hardly a great QB, has shown he can play well enough to let Fitz and a strong defense win games. I believe that starting Lindley and hasically mailing it in on the season is a fireable offense.

    Whisenhunt must go!

  13. ive never had anything bad to say about whisenhunt.. its not like he didnt try to get peyton, flynn or someone else capable they just got bad luck last year.. he wont pull a rex ryan and stick with a waste of a qb thats why he switches them up..hes one good QB away from having a great team.. i say 1 more year

  14. If Whisenhunt coached in NY he’d be lambasted for leaving in such a horrible QB. Lindley doesn’t even look like a good D3 college passer. He basically handed that game to the Jets on a silver platter. How can he keep his job??

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