Bengals place Sanu on IR

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Bengals receiver Mohamed Sanu has developed into the team’s best receiver not named A.J. Green.

The Bengals will now have to navigate the rest of the season without the rookie from Rutgers.

He has been placed on injured reserve, after suffering a foot injury in practice on November 28.  He was inactive on Sunday against the Chargers.

Sanu’s roster spot will be filled by running back Daniel Herron, who has been elevated from the practice squad.  Herron’s spot on the practice squad will be filled by receiver Vidal Hazelton.

9 responses to “Bengals place Sanu on IR

  1. That’s going to really hurt the Bengals closing out the season. He was really developing into a weapon. And not just catching, he’s got a decent deep ball for a gadget play.

  2. Even though we knew this was coming, it still sucks. Marvin Jones needs to step up big time. As does Baby Hawk. This is quite a loss for this promising team.

  3. Bringing Boom back! Why pay someone veterans minimum, when you can pay a rookie chump change! Who cares if they would be a better option if the Law Firm goes down. Which he is very likely to do considering he’s not use to the load he’s being given this year. Unbelievable, they would pass up an opportunity to bring in someone that has a fresh body, that is a much needed entity, someone that is a little more of a bruiser in them in case something happens to Ellis like did with Benson towards the end of the year.

  4. mikebrownfaux, did you ever stop and think that maybe the veterans they brought in (Mewelde Moore and Rock Cartwright) just weren’t as good or any better than what they had on the practice squad with Dan Herron? What’s the point in brining in a veteran if he’s no better than the rookie you have on the practice squad. Also, Dan Herron is fresh. He hasn’t played since preseason. The only contact he takes is during practice three times a week. Get a clue bud.

  5. We all knew he was going to IR since last week… but it DOES INDEED stink. Sanu was developing into a legit baller. I can’t wait to see him come back next season.

    Time for Jones to get run. I hope they don’t go back to Binns.

    As for the roster spot, it’ll likely go to Kyle Cook, unless they cut Faine to make room for Cook.

  6. That’s rough news. I’m a Rutgers fan and Sanu was my favorite player when he was there. He was coming along nicely this season too. Well at least it’s not an ACL!!

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