Brady baby coming soon

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Tom Brady soon will match Mike Brady, as the father of three children.  Like the real TV architect (not the fake one known as Art Vandelay), Tom Brady’s first two are sons.  However, Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, don’t know whether Brady’s third child will be a boy or a girl.

According to Tom Curran of, the third Brady baby is due any day now.  The fact that the Pats host the Texans in six days could make things interesting.

And here’s the part where I bite my tongue (or at least bind my fingers) on the potential intersection between the breaking of the water and the kicking of the football to start the game.

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  1. I think Tom can afford a stand-in to be there during the birth. Put it on camera and he can see it later, there’s an NFL football game going on that he’s supposed to be playing in, and a playoff bye could be on the line.

    I’m hoping it’s a boy, that way the Lions will have 3 shots in the future of getting a HOF QB during my lifetime.

  2. “Prenup. Hope you were smart to have that Tom Bunchen.”

    One definition of clueless = making a statement about something you have absolutely no knowledge of that you think you know everything about.

    His wife makes about 3 times what Brady’s yearly salary is with the Pats and is worth substantially more. If anyone would need a prenup it would be her.

    Furthermore I love all these people who make denigrating statements about Tom because he’s married to a super model. Most of the people making them likely have wives that weigh well over 200 pounds and have the face of a cow.

    Like almost any one of you wouldn’t dump any person in your life to marry a woman like Giselle.

  3. armchairqb says:Dec 4, 2012 2:54 PM

    I could not possibly care less.

    And yet you took time out of your life to type and post a comment. Thanks for doing that. We’re all richer for it.

  4. If he misses a game because of this we would probaby lose. That being said, I wouldn’t be pissed because all these professional athletes are people too. That gets lost sometimes…

  5. @logicalvoicesays

    Prenup? She makes more per-year than Brady, Peyton, and Brees make in salary combined.

  6. Last time the Texans played a team with a key player expecting a child any day…

    I don’t expect this to be a major story…. unless he bails on the game for the birth.

  7. As a Patriots fan, and a father of two I would have no problem with him missing a regular season game to be with his wife and newborn child for delivery. Its a game folks….

  8. this steelers fan says congrats to them…..why hate the guy….he’s rich, talented, good looking, has multiple SB appearances, AND he’s married to a super model:)

  9. Let’s hope the child get’s lucky and comes out looking more like Giselle than Brady!

    Congrats to them both. Glad to see they quit playing the prevent defense.

  10. Ultimately, it is a decision between the parents and none of our damned business, really.

    Besides, haven’t the Patriots already clinched their playoff slot? If there was ever a good time to be without him, it would be now.

    Of course, who knows if his backup is any good. Heck, outside of New England, does anyone even know who his backup is?

  11. Nothing could be better than winning this game and dedicating it to your new child. Being there is over rated and people are making too big a deal out of it these days.

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