Braylon on the Jets: “Blame the idiots calling the shots”

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Seahawks receiver Braylon Edwards played with Mark Sanchez in New York during Sanchez’s first two years with the Jets, and Edwards thinks it’s unfair to Sanchez that he’s taking most of the heat for the Jets’ disappointing season.

Edwards wrote on Twitter that Jets fans shouldn’t blame Sanchez. Instead, Edwards said, Jets fans should blame “the idiots calling the shots.”


Edwards didn’t name the idiots he’s referring to, but he presumably means Jets coach Rex Ryan, General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, owner Woody Johnson, or some combination of the three. And Edwards is right, in a sense: Those three all certainly deserve blame for the state of the Jets.

But that doesn’t mean Sanchez doesn’t deserve any blame. He can take some blame, too. With the Jets, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

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  1. I get the sense that the owner runs this team just to make a profit and if they succeed, then that is great. How else can one explain the trade for Tebow, yet never giving him a chance to run the team? Or the entire circus atmosphere. It is obvious the owner either does not care about his teams perception or that he is fine with it cause it sells merchandise by constant publicity. I am glad to be a lions fan….wait a second….

  2. Sanchez deserves blame, but certainly not much of it. The Jets hired Tom Moore as a consultant and and enjoyed his best statistical season as a qb. For some reason they didn’t have him back.

    Hang on. What am I talking about? Everybody should know that the way to develop your quarterback properly is to hire a gimmick loving run oriented offensive coordinator like Tony Sparano and to follow that up by not providing said qb with talented skill position players. Santonio Holmes got kicked out of their huddle last year for crying out loud. Scary thing is, at this point, Sanchez would probably die to have the guy back.

  3. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sanchez just hasn’t worked out. Basically, he’s not a very good QB.

    The worse thing (or funniest thing, depending on if your a Jets fan or not) is they just gave him a 3yr extension.

    Schottenheimer was blamed by everyone in NY for Sanchez’ short comings. And yet he’s been very good for Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson, Daryl Richardson, Danny Amendola and Chris Givens etc

  4. Is proofreading a dead art in the Twitter age?

    I have nothing to probe that it is though…

  5. Eric Mangini’s smart disciplined roster and Coaching staff is almost turned over(Revis is still there). Now this is basically all Rex Ryan’s squad. This season is what the Jets future will look like under Ryan…IMHO.

    Browns are going through the same thing,

  6. The same Edwards who has a whopping 8 catches for 74 yards on the season? Maybe he should be focusing on his game instead of another teams struggles.

  7. The Jets made a mistake when they didn’t resign Braylon. Mark Sanchez had a good rapport with him and his personality offset Santonio’s allowing that offense to function. He’s only an average receiver, but he’s been sorely missed by the Jets. Contrary to what Rex Ryan believes, the Jets have never had the dominant talent of the division and have always had to rely on boom/bust players like Braylon to carry them from 7-9 to 10-6 with a few moments of brilliance.

  8. I don’t think he meant rex. he wanted to use rex as a reference on hard knocks with the dolphins. I think he meant one step higher. i could see why he would have a beef with Mr t.

  9. He may well be right in his assessment but being a former Jet, it comes off as sour grapes.

    Especially since he is a shell of his previous self. My prediction, next year he will be out of the NFL and these comments are not helpful in gaining future employment.

  10. Three Stooges = Three Ring Circus

    If this act was in Nashville, no one would be paying attention.

  11. Say what you want, but I always thought it was a mistake letting Braylon go. He had great chemistry with Sanchez, and was a hard worker during his tenure as a Jet. People like to look at his drops, and I am not denying them, but he made some clutch catches and was a GREAT blocker downfield on the running plays. I think the DUI and Santonio wanting to be “the guy” were the reasons management let him walk. I remember seeing something back when they were both free agents about Santonio not being comfortable with Braylon there as well.

    Tannenbaum and Sparano gotta go and Rex gets one more year on a seat that is very hot. If Sanchez is gonna be the guy next year, they better make sure they get him some playmaker receivers. Bringing Braylon back wouldn’t be a bad start either.

  12. Ryan is a defensive coach who knows nothing about quarterback development. His answers on the offensive side of the ball have been Schottenheimer and Sporano. It certainly comes into question whether the Jets have adequately provided Sanchez with the tools in terms of mentors or even receivers, necessary to be a good NFL quarterback. Guys like Tom Brady have personal quarterback gurus (his passed away this past year) and coaching from Dick Rehbein and Charlie Weis. But Sanchez got next to nothing in NY. Edwards is right about the idiots calling the shots. That team had a very strong defense. It was enough to get them to a couple of conference championship games, but not enough to go further.

  13. Holy crap. Braylon Edwards still plays in the NFL? Those “idiots calling the shots” who let you walk saw you thrive in San Francisco and Seattle with a whopping 255 yards and 1 TD in almost 2 seasons total.

    Whether he’s right or wrong, sometimes you gotta just know when to shut up so you don’t sound like a bitter, washed up WR.

  14. Sanchez is very talented & came into the league a good QB,,,once the Jets coaches made their mark he has regressed. Clearly Ryan is a baffoon who has little experience working with an offense. Tannenbaum is a terrible, where is the talent ? Worst of all, is Matt Cavanaugh still their QB coach ? That guy was an epic fail in Baltimore with the guys they brought in during the Billick era. If Mr. Johnson&Johnson is smart (I have my doubts) he’d clean house & bet on Sanchez over Rex & Co.

  15. In fairness, nobody forced Sanchez to run face-first into Brandon Moore’s rectum. That’s just how he handles a broken play.

  16. rewind to Hard Knocks when Edwards was interviewing with Ireland and Ireland asked who he could call to get a recommendation on Edwards….Edwards said Rex Ryan…lol. Football players arent really smart.

  17. Extremes and extremists are generally incorrect, and nothing brings them out of the woodwork like the New York media storm.

    Sanchez is not the worst QB in the universe. He’s not great, he’s not Pro Bowl level, but he’s not THAT bad either. Ultimately he’s just kind of left looking like that because he’s got no tools. I don’t even know who he’s throwing to these days, but I think I’d rather have the Browns’ current lineup of WRs than the Jets’, and whoever’s making personnel decisions like bringing in the Tebow Circus instead of resigning Plax or Braylon, or not drafting Sanchez enough help. They’ve left Sanchez on an island and he’s never been, nor looked good enough, to carry an offense on his own merits.

    He’s not Peyton or Tom or Aaron or Drew, and he never will be. That’s not necessarily his fault. It’s the guys above him that threw him into water deeper than he can swim in.

    I never actually understood why they didn’t bring Braylon back – yeah, he’ll drop them sometimes, but he was productive for them. I still remember him dragging 2 Patriots Pro Bowlers into the endzone in the playoffs.

  18. I hope they cut Sanchez my team will need a QB soon. Sanchez didn’t become stupid all of sudden, that team doesn’t have talent.

  19. Not a jets fan, but Sanchez did take them to 2 AFC championship games. People can cry defense etc, but Sanchez still has to score points.. So being a game away from the Superbowl, what would you do as a GM with a young second year QB? Of course you would gut the team, lets get rid of our O-line all the WR’s and veteran leadership that help us get there. We will trade for a crazy WR and sign a guy just out of jail.. Oh wait now were out of money! Darn it.. no money for a real Right tackle.. Well we can give our QB a raise for getting his rear kicked every game so that way we wont so feel bad when he loses confidence. If he gets hurt, we can trade for a big strong guy to play QB and he will be able to run over defensive lineman. What he can’t throw? Well lets get rid of the jail bird and we can surround him with a run oriented offensive cordinator to bring out his strengths. That sums up the Jets.. I agree with Braylon.

  20. Sanchez deserves 0 blame because he’s playing the best football he’s capable of. The people who decided he was good are the people who deserve the blame.

  21. He’s right Sanchez has regressed as the talent around him has let’s face it when Kerley is your best option you’re done Sanchez has 0 confidence in guys to be open our catch a ball and he’s usually running for his life…..he’s David Carr!!!!
    And everyone keeps saying fill holes on D in draft blah blah blah NFL is won upfront and were losing that battle every game they need to draft whichever T from A&M still there a G,WR and RB that is a threat the D is young and can be filled in wet needed talent on O or the next QB will be shell shocked like Sanchez

  22. Even if he’s right, which he is, this is all because he’s still mad that “the idiots calling the shots” didn’t bring him back when he had a bum knee and a bum’s rap sheet. Meanwhile, he’s got 23 catches in two seasons since leaving the Jets. He is clearly finished.

    The real dumb move was not replacing him with anyone of quality.

    The Jets made the mistake of poorly evaluating offensive talent, but that extends to Sanchez. Simply put, he’s not an accurate passer, and he’s never overcome the inability to protect the ball that plagued him as a rookie. Moreover, the Jets coddled him emotionally, and he never became the leader that top tier quarterbacks become in the locker room. He was all too content to chase models and be the Kid. Who wouldn’t be? Unfortunately, Tannenbaum’s roster mismanagement has lead to the offensive burden being placed on the mediocre at best shoulders of Sanchez and Shonn Greene.

  23. Sanchize came into the League playing like a winner… Running for first downs throwing for first downs…
    then shotenheimer started yelling in his face, telling him dont do this dont do that and he turned into a rookie too scared to do anything…
    do the wildcat, the wildcat… run run run kick…
    Sanchize was a good QB until they ruined him.

  24. “tsizzlehotpiss says:
    Dec 4, 2012 9:35 AM
    Edwards is talking about Tony Sparano, too. His offenses have perpetually blown.”

    Yeah I don’t see how Sparano still has a job. He was extremely mediocre with the Dolphins and it blew my mind that he got them to 11-5 in his first year (but in the three years after, Miami was 18-27 under his tutelage). People just need to realize that Sparano is not a good offensive coordinator — he’d probably fit much better as a QB, RB or WR coach. Frankly, I don’t see how that man still has a job, but that’s just me. The Jets need to sever ties with him after the season and bring in a coach that has great experience at that position (I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head, though). Sparano isn’t and will never fit the bill. They need to get rid of him at the end of the season, along with Tannenbaum and maybe even Rexy.

  25. I’m a Charger fan and I understand what is happening to Sanchez. Like Rivers here in San Diego, Sanchez has seen the talent around him decline severely. You take away a QB’s weapons and don’t give him an adequate OL, that QB is going to play at a level lower than their talent dictates. Sanchez is an average QB at best so not having any weapons is going to make him look like Ryan Leaf. When he plays for a team that has a strong DEF, a better OL, a decent run game, and 1-2 WR threats, he is going to be an okay QB and probably have a couple winning seasons and maybe a playoff game or two. He’s still pretty young. He’ll figure it out when he leaves NY

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