Cancel the rest of the season: God’s with the Redskins


The fumble that bounced out of Robert Griffin III’s arms and into teammate Josh Morgan’s and was returned for a touchdown wasn’t just a game-changing play.

Clearly, it was a sign from above.

God’s on our side,” Griffin said after the game, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “There are a lot more goals this team is striving for. I know we can definitely accomplish them.”

It was the second RG3 fumble which a teammate recovered for a touchdown this year, lending some credence to the supernatural suggestion.

Acquiring the Creator of the universe would, in fact, be Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s biggest and most successful free agent purchase to date.

But while we puzzle over what the Almighty has against the Giants, we’re wondering if He’ll reconsider when He hears (who are we kidding, He’s omnipotent, He’s already heard) what a potty mouth Snyder is.

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  1. I hope many of the others on here enjoyed that nice bowl of crow you woke up to this morning. I told you Robert Griffin was legit MONTHS before the season began. Check. I told you Pierre Garçon was a top 3 WR in the NFL. Check. I told you that no one in the NFC East was a match for the Redskins. Check. These last 4 games are merely a tune up as we now own the NFC East.

  2. It will be interesting to see if RGIII garners criticism for this like Tebow does just for being religious openly. Personally, I don’t mind that type of stuff from any player. I’m an atheist, but you see…I’m actually tolerant of others’ beliefs and respect their right to have them. Just don’t tell ME what I have to believe and it’s all good.

  3. No magic elixir to playing the Giants, Run the ball to limit the pass rush. If God has anything to do with it, then so be it.

  4. Maybe I’m just not getting the whole religious concept, but is there anything more blasphemous than to actually believe that God Almighty gives a crap about your fumble in a football game?

  5. I believe RG3. Poverty, hunger, war, disease, death, and global warming. God is obviously to busy helping the redskins and notre dame win football games to do anything about it.

    Our god is an awesome god.

  6. Redskins fans have suffered long and hard through the likes of Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, John Beck, then Rex Grossman yet again, the dismissal of fan favorite Clinton Portis, and a head coach who all but said he was giving up on the season and playing for a draft pick and future evaluation of players. Surely those who remain faithful through such trials are deserving of His blessing?

  7. So tired of this! “god” did nothing to help you win. Believe what you want to believe but stop shoving your beliefs down our throats. Sent from an Atheist

  8. First truly dumb thing I’ve heard from RGIII since he entered the NFL. A shame because he seems like he’s got a really good head on his shoulders.

  9. it’s a new day in the NFL… The Redskins are NO LONGER the doormats of the NFCEAST. 3-1 in division with 2 more very winnable div games to go and 2 AFC games to go… they could just win out and win division… time will tell….

  10. Garçon a top 3 WR?! Pretty sure such claims require a guy to be on the field. 6 games, 23 catches, 350 yards? Move over Megatron, Pierre Garçon has your number!

  11. Uh oh, RGIII said the word “God” on national TV in the post-game interviews. The liberals aren’t going to like that and will probably ask obama to add an amendment the U.S. Constitution which prohibits anyone from saying the word “God” on national or local TV.

  12. Are all you NYG fans idiots, or just the ones that leave comments here? It was an f-ing tongue in cheek response regarding the lucky bounce. Sore NYG losers….

  13. Yeah, somesome, must have been a different game. Cuz I saw Redskins win thanks to Eli “Mr Personatlity” Manning taking a stupid intentional grounding penalty that backed the G men up 10 extra yds making it too long a field goal for Tynes. Or was it because the long snapper can’t snap the ball. Or was it because Giants allowed 207 rushing yards to two rookies. Or was it because the Skins held the Giants to 17 rushing yards and 3 pts in the second half.
    Hmm, I guess I can’t be certain why the Giants lost…

  14. And to think RG3 could be a Cleveland Brown but for that second round pick they did not offer the Rams. To quote a movie line, “What a collosal blunder”. This kid, along with Luck and Wilson, could be the face of the NFL for the next 10 years.

  15. RGIII is right, God is invested in every player on the Skins. He made them just like the Gmen players. I believe He wants both to succeed. He even cares deeply for the atheist who put down His believers. That is central to the gospel story!

  16. Did God protect RG3 from getting crushed by Ryan Clark when the Skins played the Steelers? RG3 is a great QB but tell him to ask Mike Vick if choosing continual bootlegs & scrambles downfield are prudent to long-term health as a QB.

  17. Congrats to LogicalVoice who actually posted about his own team without trying to bring down anyone else.

    RG3 looked good last night. Him, Luck, and Wilson seem to be doing very well this year and I hope all of them succeed to keep the NFL going strong.

    I think we could agree that all 3 can make a strong case for ROTY!!!

  18. He said it tongue-inn-cheek, guys. He doesn’t believe that God was getting involved in the Redskins game. Everyone knows that God is too busy punishing the Jets for not starting Tebow.

  19. pgh15212 says: Dec 4, 2012 10:07 AM

    At least one player from each team has said something along those lines. Looking forward to reading the next 31 headlines!
    Well put. Very surprised at how this is a story at all. And given that it is, even more surprised at how it is drawing so many strong responses.

    Has no one ever noticed how 80 percent of professional athletes cross themselves after a big play or just before the start of game/race/at-bat? Religion is a very strong force in the South; the Midwest; and the African-American community; and until those segments of our country stop producing athletes, and the majority of our professional athletes hail from upper-middle class Vermont, Long Island, and Southern California, athletes will continue to make passing remarks on religion, as well as inoffensive religious gestures before and after important plays.

  20. skinsfan91 says: Dec 4, 2012 2:22 PM

    He was totally smiling while he said this and it was obvious he was being sarcastic. The article doesn’t mention that.
    Very true, but since Griffin is religious, I wouldn’t call it “sarcastic” so much as “tongue-in-cheek”. Griffin clearly does not believe that there was really some kind of divine power influencing events on the football field last night, and was merely jokingly using a phrase from his personal life to describe a great team effort and a couple of lucky breaks that led to a huge win for his team. I can’t guarantee it, but I’m pretty sure Griffin believes God is literally on the Redskins side as much I believe that not washing my jersey has literally been responsible for the winning streak.

  21. Luck is on your side. God only gives you the opportunity to play. That illegal forward pass (since he admitted that he “pitched it”) was both lucky and a missed call by the refs.

  22. I like how that idiot said he called all those things prior to training camp. The same fool who has been on and off the proverbial “bandwagon” so often he had to change his screen name at least 3 or 4 times. Check.

  23. @Mr. Wright 212

    You’re wrong. Luck is on OUR side and that long haired dude that is always smiling and making commercials is on THEIR side. Get it?
    Go Blue.

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