Cedric Griffin suspended four games by NFL


The suspensions continue in the NFL.

Redskins cornerback Cedric Griffin is the latest to be suspended four games for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.

It’s unknown what Griffin tested positive for.  It will be assumed, and possibly will soon be reported, that it was Adderall.

Actually, saying that a guy tested positive for Adderall is like saying someone tested positive for beer.  Players test positive for amphetamines, which are in Adderall.

Griffin joined the Redskins in 2012, appearing in nine games and starting two.

22 responses to “Cedric Griffin suspended four games by NFL

  1. NML and NFLPA need to resolve this ticky-tacky GARBAGE! I hate psychiatry as much as the next person but I’ll be darned if my beloved Skins don’t need as much help as CB as possible.
    I think John Mara is behind this.

  2. It better be adderall… If it is something else, then he needs to get his money back because he has sucked for the majority of the year.

  3. Well if there’s one, better test the other CBs, Bucs had 2, Seahawks 2. With corners though, I can imagine it really is Adderall, since the position is primarily reactionary to the feet, hand and eye movements of another player

  4. How about we let these guys figure out their own stories (lies) rather than having you do it for them?

  5. Connect the dots…. Bucs DBs busted, Redskin DB busted…. what do they have in common? Raheem Morris!

    Ever hear Raheem talk? Sounds like he is all pilled out on Amphetamines.

    Just saying.

  6. I bet he violated the spirit of the test two years ago. Mara has known since then but waited until the Giants were in danger of losing the division to the Skins or Cowboys. Skins will be lucky to not lose draft picks over this, never mind he wasn’t with the Skins then.

  7. He did nothing wrong. The NFL just can’t stand to see Washington DC happy. God is on our side, so nothing is stopping RGIII and the Redskins from reaching the Superbowl.

  8. Wow, what an AMAZING coincidence that this suspension is announced the day after the Redskins beat John Mara’s NYGiants on MNF and climbed back into the race for the division title.

    Just like it was an AMAZING coincidence that Tanard Jackson got suspended right before the beginning of the season after winning the starting job, for something he did last year with the Bucs.


  9. Is it just me or did anyone else feel something in the pit of their stomache when they read this headline? I thought they were talking about ROBERT Griffin; which would have been really interesting. Amphetamines don’t enhance performance, gimme a break. I suppose Red Bull is banned, too. It was ok for Lawrence Taylor to play his whole career coked out of his mind, though.

  10. The guy has had both ACLs replaced in successive years and played very poorly last year for the Vikes — he probably was desperate.

  11. You Skin fans really need to get over this false conspiracy theory against your team. You look as foolish as those Birthers and tin-foiled hat wearers.

  12. bobnelsonjr says:
    Dec 4, 2012 6:53 PM
    No ex-viking player is any good.

    No ex-viking has gone on to success or even competence with another team.

    It will never happen.
    Rich Gannon, Randy Moss, Brad Johnson and Darren Sharper are ex Vikings that were key players and went to Super Bowls with other teams (although Sharper was a Packer first). Think a bit harder next time

  13. bigbluecrew420..C’mon man. I understand ur a Giants fan, but that’s a cop-out. Giants lost buck they couldn’t get after our quarterback, and the D was slacking…Redskins!!!

  14. The Redskins own the Giants now. We have won 3 of the last 4 meetings and came with-in a blown coverage of 4/4. Let the Redskins dominance of the NFC East begin. John Mara is a jealous hater… I have more respect for Jerry Jones than Mara. Go Skins!

  15. >>>We have won 3 of the last 4 meetings

    lol….another fan who finds his holy grail with just winning in season games! Kind of like the eagles, always thinking that making the playoffs should result in a parade in your city! And you still havnt made the payoffs! LOL

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