Chris Snee does not seem to care for Dan Snyder’s opinion

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Dan Snyder’s not the only one who can prfanely profess his distaste for an opponent.

After Snyder loudly proclaimed “I hate those motherf——” in the wake of his team’s win over the Giants last night, word spread quickly.

I could give two [bleeps] what Daniel Snyder has to say,” Giants center Chris Snee  said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “I’ve heard lots of things about people hating him too. Including people that work for him.”

Tight end Martellus Bennett said: “I don’t even know who that is.”

Informed it was the Redskins owner, Bennett said: “Everybody has some type of feeling.”

“I don’t have any disdain for that team,” punter Steve Weatherford said. “I think they played a great game. [Quarterback Robert Griffin III] is really classy, and I think for the most part, I think they’re a classy team.”

Leave it to the special teamers to take the high road.

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  1. Chris Snee has zero credibility. He plays for his father in law, who just so happens to be a self righteous blockhead and a general classless individual. This guy should shut up because he wouldn’t be in the league if he didn’t knock up buttface’s daughter.

  2. Snee is Coughlin’s son in law.
    Special teamers get passed around the league like a doobie. Who would you expect to be least likely to burn bridges?

  3. The “I don’t even know who that is” line is quite possibly the most transparent diss in the NFL, or professional sports, for that matter. It’s their way of saying “you’re so insignificant to me, that you don’t even register,” which is an empty insult. Tell us, Martellus, do you REALLY not know the name of the ‘Skins owner? Because if you don’t, you’re not terribly bright. And if you do, then you’re a phony. Either way, you lose.

  4. Success breeds resentment. Dan Snyder sounds like a real top notch owner. I’m surprised he didn’t start giving the finger to everybody….

  5. As a Giants fan I dont see why any game result surprises anyone one way or another. The Giants have proven over the past several years that they are more than capable of losing to the worst teams, beating the best teams, and everything in between.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they got killed by the Bengals, killed GB, or lost last night. I just hope that in a given week they make enough plays to pull the game out. But no result really surprises me anymore.

    Last night – penalties specifically negating 3rd down conversion and long kick return. Missed FG. Fluke td.

  6. Snee the best part of you ran down your daddy leg!

    Your like the rest of BABY BLUE! A bunch of cry babies, that are used to getting the crap beat out of ya by the SKINS take it like a MAN lil boy!

  7. Well I guess the Redskin fans don’t need to worry about getting that worthless right guard, not that we did anyway.

    However if Snyder started messing with Snee’s money, I think he would say the same thing.

  8. Honestly whether Snyder likes the Giants, hates them or what he needs to focus on making his team winners. Honestly for all the money he’s sunk into the team over the years and results he’s gotten so far he shouldn’t be so vocal.

    8-3: Record Marty Schottenheimer posted in the last 11 games of the 2001 season, his first as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Snyder fired him anyway.

    $10: Amount Snyder charged fans for admission to the team’s workouts during the 2000 training camp at Redskins Park in Ashburn. He also charged another $10 to park, thereby becoming the first owner in NFL history to use team practice as a gouging mechanism.

    $20: Price Snyder affixed to “Redskins Mania,” the first Redskins scratch lottery ticket in 2009, making it as expensive as any scratcher ever offered by the Virginia Lottery. The campaign flopped.

    $25: Price Snyder charged for a special group of standing-room-only tickets at FedExField in 2008. The cheap tickets were linked to the high-priced suites; lobbying watchdogs said Snyder was merely attempting to skirt congressional gift limits. Damning evidence: A team brochure for instructing ticket sales personnel to explain lobbying loopholes to suite customers. Snyder denied the charge. SRO tickets now sell for $152.50, with no mention of lobbying in the sales pitch.

    31-36: Record Joe Gibbs had as coach with Dan Snyder as owner; Gibbs went 140-65 without Snyder as owner.

    He makes Jerry Jones a very likeable guy.

  9. And anyone who spends ten of millions of guaranteed Redskins fan money on Haynsworth and McNabb, sues local newspapers because of hurt feelings and is an all aroun crappy owner, has ZERO credibility to mouth off about football. Take RG3 away and Snyder ha accomplished nothing in the NFL

  10. the people commenting snee wouldn’t be in the league if it wasnt for his father in law, do you watch football? started from day one on a solid O line, instrumental in their 2 sb wins and i guess the multiple pro bowls he has made are all because of coughlin too.
    get real.

  11. As a general rule, can we stop using punters for quotes? Between this guy and Kluwe…I mean they are sideshows, not the main event.

  12. I chose my PFT username years ago because of this Clown. He just proved me right again…. complete lack of class. I LOVE the Redskins, but the owner should (still) go.

  13. I love it hate the Giants

    Washington your still a game behind and the Giants are where they are at there best.

    When do the Giants shine when they have to win and now they have to win

    Let the fun begin
    As for what Danny S says who cares
    He like his team are meaningless

  14. “Snee only has a job because his father-in-law is the coach.”

    Coughlin also sent him to the Pro Bowl 3X’s. Oh yeah also All Pro 3 X’s.

    Thanks for coming out though.

  15. Snyder is entitled to say whatever he chooses right or wrong. He is after all the owner. Chris Snee is an employee who may be looking for employment on a future date. He would have been better off biting his tongue.

  16. dadeyemi says: Dec 4, 2012 12:23 PM

    And anyone who spends ten of millions of guaranteed Redskins fan money on Haynsworth and McNabb, sues local newspapers because of hurt feelings and is an all aroun crappy owner, has ZERO credibility to mouth off about football. Take RG3 away and Snyder ha accomplished nothing in the NFL
    While I do have to agree with just about everything in your post, I would argue that building a fortune from the ground up, buying an NFL team, and personally financing a stadium (only 4 of the 32 teams have stadiums not financed by the public) gives one the credibility to say whatever one wants. Does it mean he’s a good owner: no; does it mean he’s a classy individual: no; but does it mean he has the right to be a typical loudmouth NFL fan: absolutely– and probably more so than you or me.

  17. whats funny is had it been eli who one by 1 point after RG3 missed a wide open nicks, wide open cruz and had his team miss a fieldgoal and on top of that score one of his TDS on a lucky fumble bounced everyone would be saying how terrible and lucky eli is..but its RG3 so hes amazing LOL..

    that said giants looked horrible, eli consistantly missed throws we should of won by 14 points tops easily. ..RG3 though is going to be great though

  18. Anyone who says Snee only plays because Coughlin is his father-in-law is either 1) a moron who simply doesn’t watch football. 2) a troll 3) both.

  19. snee is a loud mouth,and no matter how many giants fans praise and worship him,the only reason he has a job is because coughlin is his father in law! mara and the giants are just a bunch of crying whiners who try to undercut every nfl team they can off the field by crying and nit picking things to try and intimidate goodell to punish teams for no reasons!

  20. Whether Snyder is a jerk, or Snee is a jerk, Snyder’s point is legit. John Mara – who has accomplished nothing except inherit everything he has from his father – has used his position on the NFL Competition Committee to manipulate the NFL owners into intentionally weaken his chief divisional rivals – something Wellington Mara would never have done.

  21. Look skins fans it’s sad cuz obviously Danny boy is fed up with being the laughing stock of the NFC east! It must be tuff feeling like you can beat us but still watch us win championships! Face it even with the love child of Peyton manning usane bolt and whoopy goldbergh it still took a fluke touchdown, 9 penalties and terrible conservative play calling aka( shooting yourself in the foot) for u to win by 1 point! So soak it up cuz the ravens will destroy you and your defense would be more effective if you used mike shannahans dentures!

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