Jake Long done for season, maybe done for Miami

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The Miami Dolphins have announced that left tackle Jake Long is being placed on injured reserve with a triceps injury and will not play again this season. Now the question is whether Long will ever play for the Dolphins again.

Long, the first overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft, becomes an unrestricted free agent in March, and if the Dolphins want to put the franchise tag on him, they’d need to guarantee him $15.3 million for 2013. That would be a huge investment for an offensive lineman whose play has declined this season in new coach Joe Philbin’s offense.

So Long is likely to hit free agency, and despite this season’s decline, he’s sure to be highly sought after: Starting left tackles are hot commodities in free agency.

It’s still possible that the Dolphins will end up being the team willing to pay the most to Long once he hits free agency. But it’s more likely that, as with Mario Williams last year, a former No. 1 overall draft pick will be allowed to leave by the team that drafted him, and will get a big deal elsewhere.

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  1. the bears better pay him whatever it takes if they want to keep Cutler from having to retire early.

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery. Too bad the Cows are having cap issues. Had they maintained a nice salary cap, they could move Doug Free to guard, Tyron back to RT, and sign Jake Long. I wonder who he’ll sign with, though.

  3. Anyone who signs this guy to a big money, long term contract should be terminated. He’s declined the past 3 years, he can’t stop the speed rushers anymore, and now he’s injury prone. His days of being a LT are over.

  4. He will get 9-11 per year somewhere and that is more than he should get based on his recent decline and durability issues. The $15M number is due to the 20% increase required since he already makes more than the franchise number calculation. Miami would be stupid to tag him even if keeping him was a priority.

  5. The Mario Williams comparison can’t fully add up. The reason is that they had multiple players to replace him in Houston. There is no replacement left tackle in Miami. The best thing to do is to franchise him and trade them to a team that really wants a left tackle.

    The worst that they can get is a high second-round pick from a very bad team or a middle to low first-round pick from a middle of the pack or good team.

  6. @rajbais, nobody will take that $15M contract and give up a decent pick. That’s way overvalued. He can still play OK but the speed guys are beating him like a drum this year. He may be better off moving to the right side in the future.

  7. Bears!! Cutty already said he’d take less money in order to sign some stud O-linemen to protect him.

  8. Right tackle for the Eagles, move Herremans in to Guard where he belongs & you’ve got your book ends for the next 5 yrs i.e. Thomas & Runyan. That & a safety in the first round & the Eagles would be relevant again.

  9. The fact Miami’s line played almost exactly the same when Long went down speaks volumes. He’s gone from Pro Bowl to so-so to downright bad as fast as any lineman I’ve ever seen.

    Bottom line: 100% healthy he’s as good as the game. But the odds of that happening again…? Who knows.

    As a Phin Phan I’ll be sad but not unhappy if they just let him walk.

  10. what a bust, did nothing to help miami win. if only parcells drafted ryan #1 instead, he would have giving ireland a much better job. no point for miami to keep him, to bad we didn’t trade him b4 the deadline at least we could have got some pieces for the future.

  11. FinFan68 says:
    Dec 4, 2012 7:50 PM
    @rajbais, nobody will take that $15M contract and give up a decent pick. That’s way overvalued. He can still play OK but the speed guys are beating him like a drum this year. He may be better off moving to the right side in the future.

    Don’t have to “take” the $15m contract… why couldn’t the acquiring team sign him to a different deal?

  12. i haven’t watched much of the dolphins(i don’t care about them as a team and don’t own any of their players in fantasy, because i like to win) so i really don’t know, how poorly has he been playing this year? does it look like scheme fit or a case of early deterioration of skills?

  13. To all the fans of teams saying Long would be a “perfect fit” for them, you do realize the Dolphins picked him overall#1 and they’re not sure he’s a “perfect fit” for them., right? Buyer beware.

    By the way, losing Long to FA would bring a relatively high compensatory pick right?

  14. I knew this dude was overrated when I watched William Gholston own him over and over on a rainy Saturday at the Big House. Oh yea, Beanie was a monster that day too. Urban FRANK Meyer!!

  15. All you Bears fans saying sign him to 11 to 15 million a year are nuts. If he was still worth that the phins would keep him. Sounds like Pace part2. They need whole line not just one player. I believe albert is free agant also

  16. I find it pretty funny that so many fans of other teams are on this board praying that their team signs Long. Sorry to break it to you but there is a reason that he is hitting the free agent market and had you seen Miami play this year you would know why. Long was abused by a 32 year old broken down Dwight Freeney. Speed pass rushers blow right past this guy every single time. The way this guys body is breaking down I wouldn’t be suprised if he juiced during his days at Michigan.

  17. Long has been a good RT for the Phins. A pro-bowler every year he is always mentioned as one of the top 3 LT’s in the league

    He started getting impacted by injuries last year and the decline in production started. It has continued this year. I don’t think it is diminishing skills, I think he is wearing down a bit and injuries are causing the issues.

    While the Phins have a lot of cap space next year, we would be foolish to franchise him and shell out $15 million a season. We should make him a fair offer and see how it goes. Our RT (Martin) was a LT in college and can easily make the switch.

    Unfortunately, the Phins need WR help on offense and CB and Safety help on Defense as our top priorities.

  18. “Nice draft pick.

    –Falcon fans”

    Jake Long post-season wins = 0
    Matt Ryan post-season wins = 0

  19. Jake no matter If your in Miami or not next year I just want to say thank you,thank you for always being a true professional and 1 heck of a LT Ill be the first to say I didn’t want you back then.Best wishes in whatever happens in the future.Fins up!

  20. Not a Bears fan so don’t go to the Bears. Sorry I can’t stand Cutler. Its a wonder that his offensive line doesn’t walk off the field with him as a qb. Yelling and pushing his players, egotistical as heck. At Denver telling everyone he throws harder then Elway. Even if he did you don’t go saying those things. I can’t see anyone liking him. Then there is uhlacher who I respect for playing all those years there and doing whatever he needs to do for his team.

  21. If Jake Long was sleeping and in a body cast, he’d still be more effective than both of our Bears’ tackles put together.

  22. Anyone think the Packers and Dolphins make perfect trading partners (given the Joe Philbin connection)?

    Greg Jennings +Jermichael Finley for Jake Long and Cameron Wake.

    Who says no, the Pack or the the Fins?

  23. As a FIN fan I TRULY APPRECIATE what big Jake has done in Miami. He faces every teams #1 pass rusher and for 4 years 98% of those pass rushers had quiet games with very little stats. Some FINS fans couldn’t name 5 good LTs in the game today, they do not grow on trees. JMartin had a good half against a Pats team missing their #1 pass rusher and now I here people saying Martin can easily replace BIG JAKE…get real!!!! People never know what they have until its gone. If between now and the end of the season Thill gets beat up off of the left side of the line it will be interesting to see how fast everyone jumps back in Big Jakes corner.

  24. Aaron Rodgers could use a better LT. Keep Newhouse as a valuable swing tackle in case of injury, then if Sherrod ever gets healty kick him inside to guard.

  25. Classic knee jerk reaction by fans from teams who suck. No one should be breaking the bank for this guy and if they do its another example of buying an expensive band aid. Try drafting young linemen that are affordable and coach them right. Ala the giants or patriots

  26. Long will really have two choices

    He can accept a “prove it” contract with a Super Bowl contender – a contract that would be an affordable short term contract that turns into a big long term contract if he shows he still has his health and skills

    Or he can accept a huge deal from a perennial bottom dweller that needs to overpay Long and hope he’s still got some good years left

    Long has played with the bottom dwelling Miami for long enough and earned plenty of money – I expect he’ll seek out a winning franchise

  27. Miami does not need pay 15M to keep him, maybe 10M or 11M. Since there’s no taxes on professional sport players in Florida. I guess that’s a positive excuse for Miami.

  28. Comparing long to mario williams is a joke… mario williams (atleast with texans) was a top DE… long had decent first year and then a bust…

  29. His old man can get him in the movies, Broken Arrow , some movie throwing axes, etc. Lots of $$ and no injuries. Just ask the Rock, Jim Brown, etc.Maybe Fast and Furious 5 or 6.

  30. @FinFan68

    There teams that are dumb enough. Trust me. Based off of your username your team traded for Daunte Culpepper in 2006 when he not only had a triple knee ligament tear, but a 6 touchdown to 12 interception season in seven games of 2005.

  31. Jake’s future with Miami is really going to come down to how Jonathan Martin plays LT over the next 4 weeks… 15 million can get you a couple of really nice players plus they have 10 picks 5 in the first 3 rounds.

  32. all the other teams’ fans on here gushing about Long havent been watching the last 2.5 years….

    Longs play has fallen off a cliff even when he’s healthy… last year the unit was 30th and 31st in hits on QB…. he is a revolving door

    he is a prime example of a guy who put in some good play, then he went totally bust and people just keep on saying hes great simply because no one is seriously looking….

  33. Whoever said hes not a tackle is just not watching tape. Yeah he declined in an offense that throws allot where he needs to play more athletic than he really is but if you saw him on tape he would play as an excellent RT in the NFL. Hes just not quick enough to play LT though most of the time he held his own. RT would be ideal for him. I just hope he gets signed away by the Eagles who need a Rt wh they can move their former LG Todd Heremans back aftrr injury. Because Danny Watkins has been disappointing

  34. With all the Dolphins fans saying he can’t block a speed rusher any more, and his skills are declining…

    Why are there so many Bears fans clamoring for the guy? He would have to go against a wrecking crew of defensive ends in the NFC North every season.

    The only upside being that since he was on the Bears he would be spared from getting embarrassed by Julius Peppers twice a season.

  35. Praying for a speedy recovery. Too bad the Cows are having cap issues. Had they maintained a nice salary cap, they could move Doug Free to guard, Tyron back to RT, and sign Jake Long. I wonder who he’ll sign with, though.

    More like move Doug Free out of the building, I can’t imagine what they would do to him at guard.

  36. Chicago is waiting for Miami to slip
    Emery already took Marshall from them dirt cheap NOW Long is next
    I hope. Cutler will be protected a lot better with Jake

  37. Teams think long and hard before letting a decent LT walk. If Long is allowed to leave by free agency it speaks volumes about what the Dolphins staff thinks of Long. It makes me think of Bryant McKinnie. It looked like a huge blunder at the time when he was released and ended up with the Ravens. A year later it looks a bit different, doesn’t it? Face it guys, we as fans can bluster all we want, but none of us truly has a clue when compared to the abilities of full time, professional coaches who work with these players on a daily basis.

  38. Naked cowboy

    Yes it’s blasphemy to compare Mario Williams to make Long.. It’s down right disrespectful to jake.. He’s been to the pro bowl every year in the league!

    People who say long sucks obviously don’t know squat about football.. Has he declined.. Yes .. But he’s still at top five LT and when healthy he is arguably the best.. Only Thomas comes close.. The problem is that if jake allows 4 sacks a season he crucified because he’s sooo good that people are not used to seeing that.. Jake is an excellent leader, a perfect teamate and a true professional. I hope we keep him.. Get better jake!! Phins up!!

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