Jim Schwartz says Lions weren’t celebrating Colts injury


Lions defensive tackle/professional lightning rod Ndamukong Suh earned another round of negative feedback from one of his opponents this week.

No kicking or stomping this time, but Colts guard Mike McGlynn took issue with Suh laughing and celebrating with his teammates after a block by Suh left Colts tackle Winston Justice with a concussion. The block came during an interception return by Lions cornerback Don Carey and was not penalized by the officials, although that didn’t affect McGlynn’s opinion that the Lions showed “blatant disrespect.”

Lions coach Jim Schwartz was asked about what happened on Monday. He said he thought his team was celebrating an interception that looked like it would improve their chances of winning up two scores in the fourth quarter as opposed to Justice’s injury.

“There were no penalties on that play. Our guys were rightfully excited. We had a very good pass rush on that. The quarterback, like we had talked all week, had to elevate his throw, made the interception, got the ball around midfield and, unlike our other interception, didn’t have any penalties. We’re excited about it,” Schwartz said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “I don’t think anybody’s reveling in anybody being injured or anything like that.”

Only Suh and the other Lions defenders know what was actually in their heads at the moment in question. What we do know is that they gave up a two score lead from that point, so they might want to hold onto their celebrations until the final whistle in future games.

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  1. Anyone see an ongoing theme with the Lions here?

    Obvious incidents occur on National Television for all to see… but the Lions’ Players and now Coaches spin it around as if what everyone saw didn’t happen.

    Those strange looking high-tech devices on the sidelines with lenses are called Cameras and they capture EVERYTHING.

    At least the “Bad Boy” era Pistons enjoyed and reveled in their “dirty” status and didn’t try to hide it. Maybe these Lions could just embrace the obvious instead of cover it up which only makes it worse.

  2. So “only Suh and the other Lions defenders know what was actually in their heads” at the time of the injury? You mean other than empty space?

  3. Funny, there were not one, but TWO stomps on MNF last night, yet no mention of that anywhere.

    Meanwhile, Lions players celebrate after a play and it’s news.

    Good stuff.

  4. Another article where people will ignore the outstanding game Suh had (a sack, 6 tackles, 6 QB hits and a pass deflection) and call him under-performing, trash and a million other ignorant things. The only DT I have ever seen where people say things like he has only 5 or 6 sacks this year (with a quarter of a season yet to play). I am not saying everybody has to like Suh, but to question his level of play is ridiculous.

  5. It’s true, no player should celebrate anything until after the final whistle, because they look foolish if they celebrate something and then lose. If a player gets a sack he should simply stand up and politely ask the quarterback if he is okay. If he gets a touchdown, he should quietly hand the ball back to the umpire, maybe asking how his wife and kids are getting on while he does it.

  6. So now im to believe that Suh & Co. New that winston justice was concussed and were laughing about it???? Lol Give it a rest already!!!! Suh has done plenty in the public eye that these tyoe of BS stories are completely unnecessary and a bit ridiculous!!! And please I dont care how many car accidents/incidents he’s involved in!!!

  7. if cameras catch “EVERYTHING” then where is the video of this one? it seems to me that just because the narrative is “suh is accused, therefore it must be true” is ridiculous without proof of said action. now, i do agree that he did stomp on that packers guard and he did use excessive force when when tackling some qbs, but did anyone do their homework and find proof of this latest accusation? i think not

  8. I’m still waiting to see the video where Suh did anything wrong here. I’m sure it’s in the same place as the video of Suh ‘kicking and laughing at Matt Ryan’, which doesn’t exist. An NFL defense celebrating a turnover, what a travesty! This should never happen again.

  9. This seems to be a re-occcuring story. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that people like Schwartz and Suh really decrease the public perception and any level of classiness for the NFL

  10. Remember that time when the Lions had 4 wins going into week 14?

    Which time, you ask?

    Oh, the time the dirtiest player in the league predicted multiple Super Bowls.

    Suh is a joke. Schwartz is a bigger joke. Megatron is literally the only good thing about this team since Barry Sanders.

  11. Where’s the tape? This just sounds like sour grapes from a guy who was consistently beat by Suh and Fairley. His team won in spite of him, he should move on.

  12. @xli2006

    I like your little rant about cameras, it proves how ridiculous you and everyone giving this story legs is. If it happened there would be video. There isn’t any.

  13. good one… consider the source. Also consider the owners who this source works for. The Ford family who own the Lions and Ford Motor Company gives rebates on their vehicles based on a buyers race..

  14. One question……I would like to know of all the people that are bashing Suh about everything from the way he takes a crap to how he folds his laundry…….How many of you have ever played the game of football?……..competitively?

  15. spankygreen says: Dec 4, 2012 1:00 PM

    One question……I would like to know of all the people that are bashing Suh about everything from the way he takes a crap to how he folds his laundry…….How many of you have ever played the game of football?……..competitively?


    You don’t have to be a former player to have an opinion. This might be the dumbest argument ever.

  16. I just have a simple question. The NFL has already said it was a clean block, and there is no way that Suh could’ve known that Justice had a concussion, so what did Suh do wrong?


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