Lions place Titus Young on injured reserve


Lions coach Jim Schwartz told us Monday that wide receiver Titus Young wouldn’t be playing for the Lions again this season.

They made that official on Tuesday, but not in the manner you might assume. Young has been placed on injured reserve, according to Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ website. There’s no indication of what injury Young might have suffered, although he did have a knee issue earlier in the season. Even though he hasn’t used that knee in weeks, we can be sure that there’s absolutely no designation to return.

It’s an odd move because the Lions told Young to stay away from the team two weeks ago after he allegedly lined up in the wrong place on purpose during a November 18th loss to the Packers. Young, who was given the boot from the team during the offseason after a fight with safety Louis Delmas at the team facility, rejoined the team briefly last week, but was inactive on Sunday and exiled again by Monday.

A suspension seemed more probable than injured reserve, but the end result looks like it works for everyone. They get rid of Young for the season and he gets paid without any fight about the suspension.

As previously reported, the Lions activated Kris Durham from the practice squad to add depth at wide receiver with Young and Ryan Broyles out. The team also made a change at safety, signing veteran Tyrell Johnson and releasing Erik Coleman.

Johnson, a former Vikings second rounder, was cut by the Dolphins in August. Coleman had an interception and 47 tackles in 12 games for the Lions, including seven starts.

33 responses to “Lions place Titus Young on injured reserve

  1. Delusions of grandeur.

    So, do we get a 6th round pick for him? Is it possible someone gives up a 5th?

  2. Paying that clown is a travesty after what he did. That team needed to send a strong message and they failed horribly

  3. Must give the Lions some options him … play , trade , outright release … pretty sure he’s signed thru 2014.

  4. I really wish he would field some questions. I have to know what is going through his pea sized brain that he thinks that, despite having the undisputed best WR in the NFL on his team, he should be getting more targets. Boggles the mind.

  5. IR gives the Lions a chance to trade him later on. May as well try to get something for him, even though it’s a long shot.

  6. A no nonsense coach will be able to help him. So will a different locker room. Look who his teammates are, or recently were. Look at the coach losing games and fighting after the game is over with the coach that just beat him. It’s no wonder Young can’t be controlled. He has talent though. I’d take him in Baltimore.

  7. Isn’t there some kind of rule against placing guys on the IR when they aren’t severely injured?

    Sounds like they just want an easy way of opening up a roster spot without cutting him.

  8. If the Lions FO was smart, they would call the Raiders and ask for at least this years 2nd and next years 3rd. Since they would be the only team to fall for it

  9. Nothing is a more sure sign that your D is in rough shape than signing Tyrell Johnson to replace someone. That guy is guaranteed to be the one running arriving at the ballcarrier just after the tackle has been made. The guy who runs by, or has to jump over someone because the play is over. The Lions would be better off fielding 10 players.

  10. @thegrey….you realize they could just deactivate him every week and that would open his roster spot up.

  11. jimmylions says:
    Dec 4, 2012 6:37 PM
    Delusions of grandeur.

    So, do we get a 6th round pick for him? Is it possible someone gives up a 5th?
    absolutely not… besides all the BS, if you look at the film you will see he gets pushed off routes really easily and has bad hands

  12. i wouldnt cut him either , why so they can watch him go to a team and make a playoff run after he screwed up theres 2 weeks ago, id put him on ir again next yr

  13. He has to have done a lot more than try to sabotage the offense for the Lions to punish him. The Lion don’t punish anyone for anything. Ever. No matter how egregious, embarrassing, or costly to the team. They simply don’t do it.

  14. Wonder if the league will ever crack down on this roster trick? Why not just expand the rosters to 60 to allow injured players to rest and teams to hold onto backups instead of faking IR spots or just cutting guys. Adding 7 extra minimum wage salaries wouldn’t cripple most franchises…

  15. I can’t imagine there is a coach in this league who would go out on a limb & take a chance on this guy. Sabotaging plays because you’re unhappy is career suicide. T.O. was a headcase, but not even he ever stooped so low. If his career isn’t over I would be absolutely shocked.

  16. Out of our top 4 receivers at the beginning of the year only Calvin is left. Go get em Mike Thomas and Kris Durham.

  17. @primetime0552 – If you deactivate this nitwit, he is still taking up one of your 53 man roster. The only way he is not on roster is if he is on IR or on the practice squad. If they placed young on the practice squad, any team can poach him without any compensation in return. Thus IR was the best solution at freeing up a roster spot.

  18. Good luck, Kris Durham.

    In Seattle, we heard he was absolutely tearing it up in practice, but it never translated to the field. He was always hurt or inactive or his QB was Tarvaris Jackson. Always something, you know?

  19. They must be afraid of one of their rivals picking him up. That’s all I can think of. I mean even if all of his salary is guaranteed they could still try to offload that contract onto another team and someone would probably try him.

    Then again if your attitude is so bad that the Lions don’t want you….

  20. @damagecontroller-they know he lined up wrong on purpose because he told them that he did. So, in response to your question, yes, it is possible that he’s that dumb, just not for the reason you thought.

  21. This is a “hedge your bets” move by Lions front office. Young HAS talent, hence why the Lions drafted him. Meyhew is already on the hotseat due to his consistent draft-busts; Best, Pettigrew, Tackle-Eligible-Reiff…

    If they cut him, he could go to a division rival, which desperately needs WR too, and bury the Lions even further in the NFC North.

    They’d rather pay him a few more checks and give him the offseason to get his head right and in the meantime, shop him where the Lions want to shop him.

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