Lions think Calvin Johnson could top 2,000 receiving yards


Lions receiver Calvin Johnson has 1,428 receiving yards this season, putting him on pace to break Jerry Rice’s single-season record of 1,848 yards, set in 1995. But the Lions are eyeing an even bigger number.

Detroit offensive coordinator Scott Linehan told the team’s website that it’s completely realistic that Johnson could become the first player in NFL history to reach 2,000 yards in a season.

“That receiving number . . . we’re not about individuals, we’re not trying to put a game plan around guys getting individual records, but certainly would love to see it,” Linehan said of Johnson reaching 2,000 yards. “Nobody better than Calvin to be able to have an opportunity to help our team win while he’s getting in position to maybe break history.”

Johnson needs 572 yards over the final four games of the season to get to 2,000, and that’s certainly not out of the question, considering that he has 661 yards in the Lions’ last four games. Johnson will probably get even more passes than usual thrown his way over the final four games of the season, not because the Lions are trying to get him the record but because they’re running out of options: The Lions’ second, third and fourth receivers are all done for the season, with Nate Burleson suffering a broken leg, Ryan Broyles suffering a torn ACL and Titus Young suffering from being a pain in the butt whom the coaching staff has decided to send home for the rest of the year.

Of course, that also means opposing defenses can focus even more on stopping Johnson. And when the offensive coordinator is openly talking about getting Johnson record-breaking numbers, that provides that much more motivation for the other team’s defense to stop it. But opposing defenses are already doing everything they can to stop Johnson, and in his last 16 games, he has 2,199 yards, including six 150-yard games. It’s entirely reasonable to think Johnson could average 150 yards a game for the next four games, which would put him over 2,000. With room to spare.

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  1. Way to put a silver lining for an underachieving team that lacks discipline. Lets worry about individual achievements over team success. This is why the Lions will never be relevent in the near future. Thank god Detroit has the Red Wings….errrr…..opps….lol

  2. This will add a little drama to the Lion’s final game of 2012, vs. a team that shut him down nicely in the first meeting…Go Bears!

  3. “That receiving number . . . we’re not about individuals, we’re trying to put a game plan around guys getting individual records,

    Wow! The guy is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  4. It seems like the Lions franchise likes to make a hobby out of entrapping outstanding players into careers where they can put up exceptional individual numbers for a perpetually non-contending team.

    Megatron is shaping up to be the Barry Sanders of wide receivers, in every sense.

  5. Megaton may get 2000 yards and break Jerry Rice’s record, but it will still be a disappointment. Considering how few TDs he scored and how poorly the Lions did this year.

    Yeah, I said it. A disappointment.

  6. CJ is the lions new Barry Sanders but at WR. I bet he breaks 2000 and a few years down the road possibly retires because, after all, he plays for the Lions. I am a Lions fan and we just seem to try to find ways to lose no matter how good we are. This culture will inevitably catch up to Calvin…and he will retire early to “protect his health.“ I dont blame him.

  7. He’ll probably get to 2000 yards but they may end the season 5-11 thanks to disastrous drafting and player procurement by GM Mayhew. They ended last year needing to replace Jahvid Best and needing serious help at corner or safety. So instead he drafted an OT that can’t get on the field despite being on a team with an atrocious run game. He drafted a WR with a knee injury who now has a second ACL but to his other knee. He drafted a CB third – a frail kid on IR since mid-season.

    Guess what? This year they still have no other weapons except Johnson, they can’t run the ball and despite tons of pass rush they can’t cover anybody with that collection of cast offs and street free agents.

    Nice job Mayhew.

  8. Another thought. If anyone saw the Lions lose against the Colts, you saw the Lions try to run out the clock on the last couple drives. When a team has a lead late, it surprises me that they change the game plan suddenly. I understand trying to get the game over asap…but why change to predictable play calling? Everyone knows you are going to run the ball twice and burn some clock, so you play defense for the run. Then it is third and long and you play for the pass. The Lions just played right into the Colts hands and then gave the ball back and played prevent defense. Why do this when what they were doing before actually gave them the lead.

  9. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. The record would be a glimpse of light into a season where the Lions should be in the playoffs. Couldn’t put wins together when it mattered. I hope Calvin destroys the record. C2kJ

  10. Megatron is great, but I’m sure he rather compete for the Super Bowl like Rice did instead of breaking his receiving record. Individual accolades without the wins to go with them don’t mean much.

  11. They should try closing out a game or two and fire their coach after a lost season. Nice to see Megatron get his though.

  12. As usuual the season for the lions comes down to stats for a player instead of wins.

    You can have the great calvin johnson on your roster and still go winless [lions 2008]

  13. I guess you have to have something to play for when your team is a massive disappointment overall.

  14. Somewhere Al Davis is rolling in his grave thinking about how he passed on Calvin Johnson for JaMarcus Russell.

  15. Wow, great….meanwhile the Lions will still have a losing record, Awesome…

    Stats are for losers…

    Lets get real. NFL players are no different from the general public. They go to work to earn money and do the best they can do. Everyone who says stats are for losers, it doesn’t matter b/c the Lions are not winning, blah blah, are delusional. You mean you would rather make 60K/year working for a successful company like Microsoft, than to make $500K working for a less successful company!? GTFOH! We keep stats everyday, its called a salary. Brandon Jacobs won a ring last year, AP hasnt sniffed one, AP gets endorsements, magazine covers, and a fat contract, but some of you are trying to convince yourselves that AP is somewhere wishing he was in Brandon Jacobs shoes. LT said what most players believe but dont want to say because it may hurt their image. The HOF is much better than a ring. Just like for the average joe, a big salary is much better than a company that has a high stock price. Give me the fat contract, endorsements, and individual awards any day. A scrub at the end of the bench has a ring, and league minimum contract. If you believe that the pro football player wish list isn’t…

    1. big contract
    2.individual success
    3. team success

    then you either have never spoken to a pro athlete, are trying to make yourself feel better by diminishing the accomplishment or are an idiot.

  16. His knee has just recently started to look healed up as well, his ability to make cuts and push forward during contact have improved dramatically the last couple weeks. He finished last year on a tear as well logging monster games week in and week out.

  17. NFL is not, nor has it ever been about statistics. That’s for the nerds watching baseball. I know the NFL tried to get everyone wrapped up in some meaningless consecutive games with a TD pass garbage this year, but really, nobody cares. He can get 2,000 yards and a week later nobody will be talking about it. Knock yourself out Megatron.

  18. oh shut up people they are out of the playoffs they have to find something to keep these players interested in playing the rest of the games what else do they have to play for and they all get paid so forget money

  19. Yep, Al passed on this guy, and so many others before him because of a stopwatch. I’m still crying. However, the Lions are starting to look like tha Raiders and self destructing. This was a really promising team at the start of the year, I thought they might have a chance at the dance. What happened?

  20. When you are a long term suffering fan of a team like Detroit these are the type of things that keep you fired up. They can sell t-shirts stating Megatron had 2000 receiving yards at the end of the season. It is all they have because they will not make the playoffs.
    The team is still trying to sell tickets, too.

  21. But I’m sure he’d rather get 800 yards a year and be on a team that’s not disfunctional and actually has a shot at a championship.

  22. Who cares. They still can’t go anyplace this season. If individual records are all that’s important at this point in the season, that’s pretty pathetic.

  23. It would be a shallow accomplishment without winning, it’s so much sweeter to win and break records..Lions just pass pass pass with no running game, yes Calvin probably will break Jerry’s record. Stafford throws it 50+ per game.

  24. Why is everyone saying that it is Calvin Johnson’s fault that the Lions are losing because he is having an amazing season? I mean, there is no running game to speak of, the defensive line that they spend all that money on is offensive, their special teams was handing out touchdowns early in the season, and they haven’t been able to put a full secondary onto the field once this year.

    And as far as the “well now that you’ve said what you’re going to do, everyone is going to play to stop it.” Seriously? When has the gameplan not been throw it up to Megatron and hope for the best? If it is news to a team that they need to (try to) take Calvin Johnson out of the game, then they haven’t been paying attention these last few seasons.

    Good luck to him. The guy is an animal and deserves better than Detroit.

  25. Of course he’ll get 2000. I didn’t know until I saw his picture, the guy has four arms. That can’t be fair.

  26. There are some wideouts that draw fear and nightmares on opposing DB’s Megatron is by far the best at this.A. Johnson, Marshal, Fitz( when he had a QB and V. Jax when not facing Champ.

  27. The HOF is much better than a ring…you know who says that? HOFers that never won a ring that’s who. What a joke! Money isn’t everything and that is verified by guys signing with contenders for less jack with hopes of going into the HOF? Really???

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