Patriots preparing to bring back Stallworth

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With Julian Edelman leaving the stadium on crutches and in a walking boot Sunday, the Patriots were running short on wideouts.

They’ve apparently decided to go with a familiar option, as Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports they’re signing Donte Stallworth for a third time.

After a successful 2007 season, he rejoined them this offseason, but was cut during training camp. He worked out for the Bills earlier this season, but has been waiting for the call, which apparently came this week.

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  1. Signing guys like Stallworth, Branch and Gaffney in camp is typical of Belichick.

    He brings in veterans who know the system, and even if they don’t make the roster, they remain in shape and ready to go if and when injuries prompt a need. They’re often signed and released by other teams too, but when you get to this point in the season it’s always good to have a “Shadow Roster” of veterans to fill roster holes on a week to week basis.

    The silver lining of some of the Patriots injuries at WR, the OL, TE and elsewhere is that it looks promising all those individuals (Gronkowski in particular) will be healthy and well rested for the playoffs.

    Gronkowski’s injury in the Super Bowl had a huge negative impact for the Patriots last year – having him, Mankins, and Edelman back for the playoffs would be a huge boost and bad news for other teams.

  2. This pretty much tells you that Edelman is toast. That’s too bad, he was becoming a pretty good weapon on offense, as well as on punt returns. Still, shouldn’t hurt the best offense in FB too much. Welker can return punts. Stallworth knows the sysem. Would be nice if BLloyd could get his act together and become a factor

  3. “Would be nice if BLloyd could get his act together and become a factor”
    What eactly is his problem with his “act”? Because all I see is Brady not throwing to him. I haven’t heard a thing about why.

  4. Brandon Lloyd has 50 catches and its just the beginning of December

    For a team that has Wes Welker, and the two best TEs in the NFL, that’s not exactly an insult

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