PFT Live: Ross Tucker, Wendy’s Rapid Reaction


It’s a big day for PFT Live.

Mike Florio and company are christening a new studio up in Stamford, Connecticut on Tuesday. Sadly, Florio will not be reciting Judge Smails’ poem to commemorate the big day but we’re sure that it will be a memorable day.

Ross Tucker of NBC Sports Network will be on hand for the first day in the new digs. He and Florio will hit on a variety of topics from around the league as we get ready to start a four-week sprint to the finish of the regular season.

Florio will also have this week’s Wendy’s Rapid Reaction to one of the biggest stories in the lead. We’d tell you what it was, but then you might not watch the show and we don’t want to have that happen.

So we’ll remind you that you can watch it all live at noon ET before getting back to Bushwood for another 18 holes later in the day.