Report: Ben Roethlisberger’s soreness has diminished

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The Steelers get back to practice on Wednesday, which means that we’ll kick off another round of Roethlisberger Watch.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has missed the last three weeks after suffering rib and shoulder injuries, but he was able to return to practice for the team last week and is expected to practice again this week. Ed Werder of ESPN reports that soreness in his shoulder and chest has diminished and that he’s trying to improve his strength and range of motion now that there’s less pain.

The test for Roethlisberger will be the same as it was last week. He’ll need to show the team’s coaches that he’s able to make every throw he’ll be called on to make during games and will not play if he fails to reach that standard. We wouldn’t expect any ruling on Roethlisberger’s status until much later in the week as the Steelers decide whether or not the time is right to bring their starter back into the lineup.

If he’s still not ready, Charlie Batch will start against the Chargers after leading the team to a win against the Ravens on Sunday in Baltimore.

21 responses to “Report: Ben Roethlisberger’s soreness has diminished

  1. With a favourable schedule, the Steelers are in great shape to win out. I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson after letdown games against OAK, TEN, KC, and CLE. So I expect them to win out. They are getting healthy at the right time in hopes to getting hot before the postseason.
    The Redskins victory last night certainly made things a lot more interesting for the Ravens remaining schedule. Redskins and Giants need wins to stay in the hunt. A lot is on the line in the NFC East after last night. Steelers hopes of winning the division are very much alive folks. I see us 1 game back of the division lead after this week.

  2. I also heard that Leftwich is nearing a return, too. With the Steelers looking at a DB to fill in for Ike Taylor, some one has got to go. Hoyer, coach needs to see you, bring your playbook.

  3. Sounds like Ben is right on schedule – people usually miss about a month with this type of injury (Favre did when he had it).

    With that being said if Ben does play this week Haley and company would do well to do a lot of three step drops, screens, and things that get the ball out of Ben’s hands quickly. Last thing we need is for him to re-aggravate it.

  4. Steelers have stolen a couple of games that should have been losses. That stuff happens with every team, but I think karma comes back around in the next four and they will drop a couple that they should win.

  5. Just think if he had played the past few weeks anyway, he would have more pedestrian numbers like Flacco

  6. Still too soon for Ben. Charlie and the Steelers are riding that victory with more confidence in Charlie than ever before. Sustaining the will, determination and confidence from last Sunday paired with 60,000 screaming Steeler fans should take down SD at home. Leftwich broke his own arm last pre-season and broke his own ribs this season, remarkable.
    How about that block Batch put out for Dwyer’s TD run ? Fantastic !! Charlie put his heart and his bones in for the win !! Let’s go 4-0 !!

  7. There ganna loose vs sd, dallas and cincy. This team is not good and with ike out Rivers, romo and dalton will spread them out and pick them apart. 3 great wr without your #1 corner = disaster

  8. Stoogy, If those 3 QB’s can do that, I’m surprised your elite QB couldn’t.

    Replace that 4th & 29 Rice bail-out with what it really was – a cowardly check-down conceding defeat – and your quarterback is playing as poorly as any QB in the league right now.

  9. ravenator says:
    Dec 4, 2012 12:02 PM
    This team is also still second place in their division.
    And yet they’re still good enough to beat the Ratbirds using a 3rd string geriatric QB…

  10. How does the possiblity of getting Ben back from injury have anything to do with Joe Flacco? I mean, I get it. There is a great rivalry there. And the rivalry is there because they are two very good teams, with a similar playing style and RESPECT for each other.

    I’m looking forward to getting back the starting QB and being able to make our push for the playoffs, wildcard or division, and picking up with round three.

  11. crownofthehelmet: the team i cheer for beat your sorry squaid this year. 34-31. So yes the QB i cheer for beat your beloved steelers.

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