Report: James Starks season could be over


With running back Cedric Benson already lost for the season, the Green Bay Packers may be taking another hit to their backfield depth.

According to Jason Wilde of, James Starks suffered a knee injury in the Packers win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

“It’s not an ACL,” a source told Wilde.

The report also said that the initial word on the injury is that it would not require surgery. But with just four games left to play, the Packers may place Starks on injured reserve to open a roster spot for someone who could actually help them down the stretch.

Starks put together one of his better games this season against the Vikings. Starks carried 15 times for 66 yards, including a 22-yard touchdown, in the Packers 23-14 victory.

The stable of running backs behind Starks is less than stellar. Alex Green has started four games for the Packers after Benson was lost for the year. Green has 109 carries for 360 yards and 15 catches for 122 yards but has not reached the end zone.

DuJuan Harris and Johnny White are the only other running backs on the roster and neither has a single carry for the team this season.

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  1. Wow Pack can’t catch a break with the injuries. No excuses though, no blaming the Seahawk game, no blaming the refs, no blaming injuries. Next man up..hopefully can stay up..

  2. Hard to lose Starks and wish for a recovery but could be a blessing in disguise for the Pack. They need to be able to run but McCarthy IMO has been trying to prove they can run and has got away from what the team is built for. That is letting MVP #12 wing it. They need to go back to letting loose and using a short passing game and Cobb in the backfield at times as their run game as well as Rodgers scrambling for 3-4 yards. I’d take that over handing the ball to Kuhn.

  3. Though he may have lost a step (or two), bring back Ryan Grant for a rental player. The familiarity of the offense may help both sides considering the push toward the playoffs is on.

  4. Pack will make the playoffs, but they may very well be a first round fatality. Too many weakness’ and now this?

  5. If Ryan Grant is in any sort of shape they need to sign him.

    #1 – He knows the offense
    #2 – He takes care of the ball (averaged 1 fumble per 145 touches)

  6. Bulaga, Benson, Bishop, Starks, Matthews, Perry, Wilson, Shields, Woodson, Smith, Sherrod, Jennings, Nelson, Driver, Lang, Quarless, Saine, Richardson.

  7. In a market where RBs are dime a dozen, they have not been able to get a half decent back in last 5 years! May be they should call LT or Thomas Jones…

  8. Packers are done this year. They just can’t “click”. Even if they make the playoffs it’s one and done. Why they can’t keep a decent running back is beyond me.

  9. Here comes the Packer fans’ whines to embiggen themselves. Nevermind that Starks is essentially a practice squad back,Pack fans will belly ache about an injury list that includes Donald freakin’ Driver. Please.

    Vikings had an injury too — to Adrian Peterson. He blew out his knee. Here endeth the lesson.

  10. MLB Desmond Bishop
    OLB Nick Perry
    RB Cedric Benson
    RT Bryan Bulaga
    MLB DJ Smith

    ^On IR^

    OLB Clay Matthews
    SS Charles Woodson
    WR Jordy Nelson
    WR Greg Jennings
    CB Sam Shields

    ^out for most of the year^

    Mason Crosby
    Jermichal Finley


    And STILL 8-4

  11. The packers aren’t going to win the SB. Maybe get into the nfc championship game. I see too many holes and the vikes had them on the ropes until 5?min left in the 3rd qtr when ponder handed i to them on a silver platter. If I’m wrong that’s cool. My ego isn’t hurt if the packers win it all. Looks like a lot of nice guys on their team-rodgers, raji, driver, etc. Shame we are raised to hate each other, just so stupid.

  12. What does Mike McCarthy do to those guys up there? They’ve had a longer list of injured starters than anybody the past 3 years. Someone get the Packers a proper strength and conditioning trainer for Christmas already.

  13. As much as it stinks for the Packers to be dinged up at RB.

    I its not nearly as bad as being dinged up at OLB or Safety at the moment.

    GB hasn’t had a franchise RB in decades.

    They are a passing team first. They will live and die by it.

  14. The Packers injury situation is laughable at this point. If it ain’t one player, it’s the other.

    And the Packers continue to win.

  15. Well, dougybaby, looks like no one is whining or making Starks out to be something more than he’s not.

    Perhaps you, like your idiot viking fan brethren, have no idea what you’re talking about?

    Talk to us after your team wins at least multiple Super Bowls. Until then, just shut up about stuff you don’t know about, like football and being smart.

  16. I hope the Pack gives Johnny White a look. As a Bills fan, White always looked like a pretty decent RB whenever we saw him in the game.

  17. Anyone think the Packers need a new strength and conditioning coach? Hey, maybe we can bring back Jim Taylor? I hear he’s in great shape for a man in his 70’s.

  18. Who knows more than the Pack’s front office about personnel moves than T.T.? As far as my first thoughts on ditching Grant, due to his size and injuries, my first thoughts back then were; he still shows some great moves and has done a good enough job to warrant keeping as a backup or situational player, but I don’t know all what goes on behind the scenes, i.e. Favre, so it must be another smart move, by the direct descendant of the greatest all time, Ron Wolf.
    It’s good to have the little guy back. Let’s just hope he stayed in shape, and can pick up the changes the system made since he was canned.
    I guess the science of personnel leaves enough room for mistakes, but leaving Grant behind for Stark? He may be bigger and a better blocker, but never came through in the bottom line, or end zone line for that matter. We all make mistakes and T.T. gets an A in this department, even with occasional mistakes.

  19. Anyone besides me notice how few players on the Packers wear knee or thigh pads? Maybe if they did we might have fewer injuries? Especially hamstrings in which many of our injured are suffering !! This goes foe the entire league!!

  20. twisteditoff says:
    Dec 5, 2012 5:22 AM
    “how many yards did ap have in that game?”
    How many games against the Pack has Pondered won ?

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