RGIII, Redskins win third straight in victory over Giants

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Four weeks ago, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan sounded as though their season was over after saying the rest of the year would be spent evaluating their players.

Now the Redskins have won three straight games, all coming against the NFC East, to find themselves back on the edge of the playoff picture with five weeks to go.

Robert Griffin III completed 13 of 21 passes for 163 yards and a touchdown and running back Alfred Morris ran for 124 yards as the Redskins knocked off the New York Giants 17-16 Monday night. With the win, the Redskins are now just a game back of the Seattle Seahawks for the final Wild Card spot in the NFC.

The Redskins (6-6) took the early lead on one of the craziest scoring plays of the season. Griffin took off around left end out of a triple-option and had the ball jarred free while going to the ground. The ball hopped right into the waiting arms of Joshua Morgan, who ran in from 13 yards out to give Washington a 7-3 lead.

Lawrence Tynes missed a 43-yard field goal try wide left in the second quarter in a game ultimately decided by one point.

Eli Manning connected with Martellus Bennett for a 4-yard touchdown with 2:33 left in the first half. Both teams would add a field goal in a frantic final two minutes. Kai Forbath connected from 33 yards out for the Redskins and Tynes added a 40-yard field goal as time expired to give the Giants (7-5) a 13-10 lead heading into halftime.

Another Tynes field goal, a 35-yarder, extended the Giants lead to 16-10 late in the third quarter before Griffin and the Redskins responded.

Griffin engineered a 12-play, 86-yard drive to put the Redskins back on top. Griffin found Pierre Garcon for an 8-yard touchdown to cap the drive and give the Redskins a 17-16 lead. Garcon has added an extra dimension to the Redskins offense since returning from a foot injury that forced him to miss six games this season. Garcon had eight catches for 106 yards and a touchdown for the Redskins Monday night.

Washington forced the Giants to punt on fourth-and-16 in their own territory with four minutes to play but never got another chance with the football. Griffin and Alfred Morris moved the Redskins down field for three first downs to run out the clock and earn the victory.

Manning completed 20 of 33 passes for 280 yards and a touchdown and Ahmad Bradshaw carried 24 times for 103 yards for the Giants.

Morris had 22 carries for 124 yards and Griffin carries five times for 72 yards for Washington.

Giants right tackle Sean Locklear was carted off in the fourth quarter after having his right knee buckle when a Redskins player fell into him. He was replaced by David Diehl.

56 responses to “RGIII, Redskins win third straight in victory over Giants

  1. It’s funny. Eli is just an above average QB who occasionally gets on a hot streak. Luckily those streaks have come in the postseason. He’s the opposite of his brother who can’t win in the playoffs.

  2. I don’t want to come off as bashing Garçon and think he is a great player. My question. Why does he get away with spinning the football after 20 yard plays. He did it twice to the Cowboys ( maybe I’m being biased) and again once tonight.
    RG3 is a stud and I hate that he plays for the redskins.

  3. Wasn’t pretty, but it was the type of ugly win the Skins need to pull out to be considered a good team.

    The Giants had their chances, but they shot themselves in the foot plenty, and the Skins D made the right changes in the 2nd half to slow Eli and friends down.

    Also, Morris showed the rest of the NFL what us Skins fans already know. The kid runs hard, the kid is a keeper. Went over 1000 yards and set a Skins rookie record.

    Oh and Griffin broke Newton’s QB rushing record as well.

    Damn fine night to be a Skins fan. Now if I can just wake my wife up for a happy ending and it will be a perfect night. No chance of that though. Oh well.

  4. The Giants better watch out, they lose all tie-breakers to the Redskins and Cowboys and have a brutal four game stretch to end the season.

    The Giants could easily end up being the first defending Super Bowl champion to not qualify for the playoffs since the 2009 Steelers.

    RG3 is going to terrorize the NFC East for the next decade.

  5. Wasn’t pretty but it was a BIG win. Defense stepped up when it mattered and Morris ran all over that Giants D. Griffin was decent but he didn’t really have to do much, the Giants couldn’t stop the run. Three straight big wins again rivals, and one game back in the East. Redskins are going to the playoffs!!

  6. Griffin and Morris and a great 1-2 offensive punch for the Redskins. But RGIII, that boy is something special. Look forward to see how he can further mature as a QB. Hopefully he could play for the Chiefs one day.

  7. As a giant fan, that game was painful. As a football fan, nice to see a throwback smash mouth game from the 80s. Typical of the giants. They just don’t play inspired when the bandwagon is full.

  8. Hard fought win for the Skins! Some pretty sloppy play, but a win is a win. The Gmen are no slouches and there d did an excellent job in keeping points off the board. HTTR! Alford Morris really atoned for his fumble though with that first down to ice it. I love that kids running style.

  9. The rookie of the year race should be over.

    On a team with a bad defense and a ton of injuries, without his #1 WR and #1 TE most of the year, a rookie RB, and hamstrung by an egregious “cap penalty”, RG3 beats the SB champs (nearly twice) and has the Skins as the 7th seed, 1 game out of the division and wild card spots (would be the 6th seed right now if Chicago held on vs. Seattle yesterday or there were no replacement refs).

    This is while facing opponents with winning % of .510 (Russell Wilson’s is .500 and Luck’s is a pathetic .431). And before I hear “Yeah but Luck is 8-4 so he’s better!!”… just, no. Flacco isn’t better than Brees. Ridley is not better than Peterson. Crabtree is not better then Megatron.

    Just take a look at the numbers:

    Passer rating:

    RG3: 104.2 (3rd in league)
    Wilson: 95.2 (7th)
    Luck: 76.1 (29th)

    Comp %:

    RG3 67.4 (4th) – according to PFF he has the highest adjusted (drops, throwaways, spikes, etc.) accuracy % in the NFL in the last 5 years
    Wilson 63.4 (12th)
    Luck 55.5 (32nd)


    RG3: 8.21 (2nd) – before I hear the ‘dink and dunk’ argument – his % of throws less than 10 yards are only 1-2% higher than Ryan, Rodgers, Manning, and Brady.
    Wilson: 7.39 (12th)
    Luck: 7.15 (17th)


    RG3: 17/4
    Wilson: 19/8
    Luck: 17/16


    RG3: 714 yards, 6 TDs
    Wilson: 298 yards, 0 TDs
    Luck: 216 yards, 5 TDs

    Vs. Blitz (5+ rushers)

    RG3: 67%, 9.6 YPA, 8 TD 0 INT
    Luck: 54%, 7.4 YPA, 4 TD 4 INT

    It’s not even close.

  10. Good game Skins, RG3 is a good player. Still one game behind the Giants, with a couple of hards for both teams. Of course, the NFC East is always a tight race.

    I am asking you nicely Skins fans and the same thing from the Giants fans have some class. Don’t brag about who’s winning the division because it’s no ones yet until one team is out of it. Besides there is nothing to brag about, the series is tied this season. Skins and Giants fans can’t say who will own the other team in the future because there is no one that can tell the future. Also these games were played so close, so that goes in no ones favor.

    I swear the Giants love drama.

  11. With the Giants loss this makes for a wild final month of football. If the Giants lose another game and the Redskins win out the Redskins will win the division and same for the Cowboys if Dallas wins out they will win the division. The Redskins and Cowboys play week 17 for what could be the division crown. As good as it gets the reason the NFC East is the most competitive team in the nfl.

  12. As a Giants fan, it would be nice every once in a while if we could just win the Division going away for a change. The Giants always have to make it interesting.. Just hope the results are the same as last year.

  13. If we’re going to list RG3’s stats, we might as well get used to including his rushing yards alongside his passing yards… 72 yards on this night.

  14. Not impressed with IRG3 the fraud at all, is this what skins fans were hyping r(goodburger)3 up? Child please, Luck is better, heck Wilson is better than IRG3 huh logical??

  15. Also lets not forget the redskins, who you mention are one game behind the hawks, are one game behind the giants for our division.

    Jon Mara is wringing is hands wishing he had fined the skins more for the cap penalty.

  16. good old smashmouth game. a slobber knocker as coach parcells used to call them.

    could do without the twelve year olds posting retarded comments on the site, however.

    i think i won’t be returning to your site until you clean it up, florio.

  17. Dink and dunk rg3, of course he would have a high %completion number, he runs the option duhhhh …and he wont last long either!! And to say rg3 has a worst team to work with than Luck…..child please..we won 2a games last year, Luck ROTY, mushmouth IRG3 predator looking is 3rd

  18. Skins did what they had to do to win. Pounded the rock and ran through poor tackling. 10 points on offense (since Griffin admits it was a pitch, which was forward, the play should have stopped at that point). Giants gain 400 yards and have five esoteric penalties kill three drives. That offense is tough to stop without an Aldon Smith or Von Miller, which the Giants do not have on the outside. No, I’m not saying the Giants beat themselves (although they certainly killed drives with the actual properly called penalties) and the constant issue of settling for FGs, but it is what it is. They outlasted us and we could not convert when necessary.

  19. I refuse to even cut and paste the stats mentioned above. Talk about the stats contextually. Griffin isn’t ever put into a position where he is taking chances on throws. The four INTs he’s thrown came when teams played coverage and mixed up their reads. Otherwise, he by far and away leads the league with passes that are thrown at or behind the line of scrimmage and less than 10 yards in the air. Of course his completion percentage is going to be higher than Luck’s, when Luck actually plays QB like a standard professional, makes reads, takes chances and actually throws the ball downfield.

  20. Clutch football. You call Luck clutch? Try going through all 3 of your division rivals in a one loss and out scenario. Then play those three games with 9 TDs and 1 INT. Stick a fork in a HOF coach. Out play a 2 time SuperBowl winning coaches scheme and become the first QB(from the Redskins) to beat America’s Team on Thanskgiving. Luck has not faced the Texans yet. He lost to the Jags. And the Titans. Luck is 1-2 in his division and hasn’t played the only decent team in his division. RG3 is 3-1 in his division. The only team in the division to beat him was the defending world champs. I continue to think they will both be great, but ROY isn’t close. It is RG3 and everyone else.

  21. It is interesting how the QBs themselves don’t get into the back and forth over who is better than who and they play the game! Yet, a bunch of couch potatoes jaw at each other like kids on the playground about “my QB is better than your QB”. Sounds pretty pathetic don’t it? How about you got your QB and I’ve got mine. Lets both be happy and follow their lead and exercise some maturity. HTTR

  22. I had to laugh listening to Coughlin complain about the penalties tonight. Seriously, if the Giants were called for even one-third of the times they strangled our edge rushers tonight their penalty total would have been double what it was!

    Then he complained about how there were only three calls against Washington. Okay, the holding call I’ll give you. But, the DPI call was doubtful, at best, because the defender was making a play on the ball. And, the OPI call against Logan Paulsen was just ridiculous and should never have been made.

    Bottom line, the Skins made the plays which counted the most, and the Giants did not.

  23. knew it would be a great game, glad we came out on top… with that o-line we know we have overacheived but damn if it doesn’t feel good to win these 3 games. hopefully a bright future! the gmen have an excellent team so comin out with a win is awesome… only a few games left. damn replacement refs. hope the corners for Seattle get suspended. We could use the help

  24. Never question me about football. Everything I have said about Robert Griffin, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garçon and the Washington Redskins is coming to pass. The Redskins have won the NFC East as far as I’m concerned. These last 4 weeks are tuneup games.

  25. As a Skins fan, RG3 makes up for twenty years of football misery. If this kid and Morris keep playing the way that they’ve played so far this year, it makes the memories of Gus Frerotte’s head butt, Michael Westbrook’s beatdown of Stephen Davis, and Vinny Cerrato’s entire existence – all worth it.

    By the way, Crabtree, there are four weeks to go in the season, not five.

  26. As much as my fellow Colts fans will deny it, its becoming more and more obvious with each game that RGIII is better than Luck.

    Playing with our weak schedule and division, we’d easily be 10-2 or better with RGIII @ the helm.

    I’m cool with Luck and 8-4 but I admit it makes me long for what could have been….

  27. I would like to apologize for the idiot that always feels the need to say something stupid as hell about RG3. Most Colts fans don’t think or act like this fool. I am sure in his mind his posts sound really witty and wise. Anyway, enjoy your win. Also, please tell the brainiacs on your side to lay off the computer programs and stats to get some sleep until after the season is over. There will be plenty of time for arguing who the “greatest qb/human being of all time is at the end of the season. It may have to wait a couple of extra weeks as the Colts advance through the playoffs. Sorry, but I felt the need to just put that out there. Actually, to make this a true dream season. Colts play and win against the Peyton Mannning led Bronco’s and then meeting and beating RG3 amd the Redskins in the SUPER BOWL. Crazy talk? Maybe so but it has already been pretty crazy up to this poimt.

  28. There are three types of lies:
    1. Lies
    2. Damn Lies
    3. Statistics

    I don’t disagree that RGIII is anything short of incredible, but you can take away what Andrew Luck is doing simply based on personal stats alone. For example, does Luck have Alfred Morris? One could presume that a QB’s stats would improve if opposing defenses respected the run.

    I know that stats and quantifying everything into nicely bound empirical bundles is en vogue, but there’s simply more to it than that. There has to be some weight given to situation and circumstance as well.

    That being said at this point, I would contend that either RGIII or Luck are nothing short of incredible in their own rights.

  29. Unless Robert Griffin’s father or grand father are playing in the league can we put this ” RG3″ thing to bed.

    I think Robert Griffin would do. I think we know who he is.

  30. Two things really stuck out to me:
    1. After that fumble Al Morris was in sideline and you could see his reaction, from then on he looked like a man possessed! Glad to see we have players that can shake off miscues and step up!

    2. What would the record be if Garçon has been healthy all year?!?! Not so much because I think he is a top 5 WR in the league (I am clean, I get drug tested at work 😉 but because he does “open” things up, and can take those slants and turn them into big gains…a la a Rod Smith.

  31. RG III easy to figure him out, with way he play
    specially with amount of hits he get every game, that even if he last for next season
    NFC East will be for giants this year.

  32. I had to watch that game with the TV muted after the first quarter. Gruden has such a serious man-crush on Griffin, he was practically rubbing one out right there on the booth! I couldn’t stand listening to him gush over the guy anymore. Chucky died last night, replaced by the new Jon Gruden.

  33. Congrats to the Redskins on the win but another game, same story for the Giants as they continued to shoot themselves in the foot in the red zone. The Redskins played well and made plays when they needed to so kudos to them.

    But, I don’t want to sound like sour grapes but I am not at all impressed with Robert Griffin as much as I thought I’d be. This pistol offense is very gimmicky and to be quite frank, not at all something that should be ran in the professional ranks.

    If the Redskins really want to have a quarterback that can lead them to the playoffs and eventually a Super Bowl, they need to have that kid actually dropping back to make passes. Griffin has the potential but the offense he’s in will not allow him to blossom as a quarterback.

    Also, judging by some of the hits he took last night, he might not even play five plus seasons.

  34. Man RGIII is impressive. But even moreso because of those big hits he kept taking and he popped right back up. He’s not the biggest guy but he’s tough.

    To those who spoke about NYG & drama, I’ve said the same for years. They love drama almost as much as the NYJ, at least under Coughlin. They play their best when their backs are against the wall…and the rest of the time they are hit or miss. That’s why Eli is perfect for them, he’s the same way (minus the drama stuff).

  35. What a game. For a long time, Redskins fans used to hope the defense could keep us in games. Now? We can’t wait for RG3 and the offense to come on the field. HTTR.

  36. peytonsneck18 says:
    Dec 4, 2012 12:35 AM
    Not impressed with IRG3 the fraud at all, is this what skins fans were hyping r(goodburger)3 up? Child please, Luck is better, heck Wilson is better than IRG3 huh logical??

    The saddest thing about this post is that, as anyone can infer from the Good Burger reference, you’re actually an adult and not a pre-teen whose daddy is currently socializing them into the world of trash-talking fandom.

  37. I’m impressed that no Redskins fans have complained about the Offensive P.I. that stopped the Skins from scoring a late TD or, at least, FG. Then, the phantom horse collar tackle penalty that put the Giants in great field position, on their last possession. Skins’ Defense came up huge there or this would have been a Giants’ win.

  38. Agree about Fletch…I am now not sure if Haslet is either the worst or best D coach in the league?!?! I mean are they underachieving or overachieving…losing Rak and Carriker plus the uncertainty at safety has hurt…is he actually taking a bunch of possibly overrated guys like D-Hall and those that may be losing a step like Fletch and making a viable unit?!?! Idk, but as long as they don’t give up bombs like the one to Cruz or AJ Green like they did earlier in year I think the D can be better than the stats.

  39. another great football game in the NFCEAST.. any given Sunday or Monday or Thursday… you gotta play the game. Redskins putting together a 3 game win streak and against division rivals hasn’t happened since 2005. This is something to be happy about. The division race is a 3 horse race and i bet the Redskins take it. The rushing of Alfred Morris (6th rd pick) is demoralizing to a defense, this is his 5th 100+ yd game, with several others a few yards short AND the QB is a dual option (pass/run) threat… makes for great football. Nice to see the nations capital become a football town again after the 20yr drought of relevance. The skins aren’t a perfect team, heck the SB champ giants of 2012 weren’t either, but it’s about winning when you have to…. one game at a time.

  40. Giants fan.. RG3 is the real deal, he is very smart, articulate and clearly a leader. It was clear after the game the amount of respect the Giants players have for him. You could see them all going to him and wishing him luck.

    Uhhh but like most losing players say.. “we beat ourselves, and we should have won that game.” lol

  41. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Dec 4, 2012 12:57 AM
    I refuse to even cut and paste the stats mentioned above. Talk about the stats contextually. Griffin isn’t ever put into a position where he is taking chances on throws.

    Except for the fact that he leads the league in TD passes over 25 yards.

    As ESPN posted yesterday, his % of passes less than 10 yards are on the exact same level as Brady, Rodgers, Manning.

    I’ll take the guy who is perceived to throw short and at the top of the league in all QB categories over the guy who has the most turnovers as a QB and the lowest completion %. The only reason Luck is getting slurped is cause the Colts have the easiest schedule in the league. How’d they (and he) look against New England?

    Some of you are just too funny. I know you’re afraid of RG3 but quit hating.

  42. Luck and RG3 will be compared to each other the rest of their respective careers because of their draft positions, but the truth is that they are both outstanding QBs who will both become even better with experience. The very different offenses that they operate make statistical comparisons tricky at best. THE story of this NFL season is the rookie QBs (including Wilson and Tannehill) and how well they are playing.

  43. Skins fans talkin about winning the division, winning this, winning that should bear in mind that if they don’t get one of the all time lucky bounces in the history of football, they probably lose this game. They played well when they had to, but come on…

  44. I’d like to know what Justin Tuck said to RG3 after the game, helmets off, in mid-field. Tuck has always been a classy guy. It looked sincere and congratulatory, but also sort of like a warning. Whatever he said, heed that advice Robert.

  45. Let me explain the defense Haslett planned last night… They allowed everything short and underneath keeping 2 safeties deep all night. Giants took what we gave them. So the giants took 11-14 plays to score, burning all the time, but here’s the key- the Giants doing this limited themselves to only 4 possessions in the 1st half, and about 8 for the game. Most games they get 10-13 possessions. So that kept the score low, making it easier on the offense. And the Giants kept taking the bait all night- with 6 minutes left, down a point, they kept running!! Against the worst pass defense in the NFL!!!sure, we got breaks on NY penalties, etc, but it got them to slow themselves down!!

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