‘Skins used cap penalties as motivation

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It’s been established that the Redskins don’t like the Giants.  As owner Daniel Snyder put it in a way that would make Schwartz’s mother scream, they really don’t like the Giants.

Apart from the obvious reasons, the Redskins still have hard feelings regarding the involvement of Giants co-owner John Mara in the $36 million in cap space that was taken from the Redskins for treating the uncapped year of 2010 too literally.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Monday night that, in the days leading up to Washington’s 17-16 win over Mara’s Giants, coaches and officials posted sheets of paper in the team facility containing quotes from Mara regarding the cap penalties.

I thought the penalties imposed were proper,” John Mara said at the time.  “What they did was in violation of the spirit of the salary cap.  They attempted to take advantage of a one-year loophole, and quite frankly, I think they’re lucky they didn’t lose draft picks.”

Per Schefter, the Redskins believe that Mara’s goal was to strip the Redskins of draft picks.  Specifically, the Redskins think Mara wanted to hit the Redskins hard enough to keep them from getting Robert Griffin III.

Though that may not be entirely accurate, few sources of external motivation are.  The Redskins believe it, and it appears that folks put in extra work and effort and desire to thrust themselves back into the playoff chase, both for the final wild-card berth and for the NFC East crown.

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  1. Oh please, how pathetic is that? And they only won by one point…..lol, look the Giants spearheaded this cap thing, but all the ither owners voted on the penalties as well.

    Pointless article…

    Half of those idiots in Washington don’t even know what the cap is, including the misfits on capital hill.

  2. John Mara doesn’t deserve the success the GMen have had in recent years. Just bc Snyder had the cash to do those deals doesn’t mean the skins should’ve been punished. If he hadn’t just put a ton of money into a new stadium he probably would’ve done the same. What a crybaby and he’s still whining about it.

    If he had all this power and didn’t like the loophole he should’ve been smart enough to not allow it to happen in the first place.

  3. Mara is a cheater flat out. God will make sure the Giants spend 40 years in the wilderness while Snyder and the Redskins rack up Super Bowl championships upon Super Bowl championships.

  4. That whole thing was shady. The fact that the news of the cap penalty was kept until the evening before free agency was clearly a cheap strategic move by Mara. Giants had this loss coming to them.

  5. Where were the cap penalties that should have been imposed on the Bucs and Panthers for having bargain basement rosters?

    Those teams lost on purpose and weren’t punished.

  6. Taking a “uncapped” year to literally. Mara was worried about his but getting stomped by Robert Griffin III. The Giants defense got waxed by a rookie QB 2 times this year.

  7. You had a fumble go your way (doing the same motion that the Giants were penalized for in SB 42). You’re not gods of the football world and Mara didn’t care if you got RG3.

  8. Snyder should poll his fans to see how many of them would prefer the Mara family run the Redskins instead of him. I’d think the Maras would top 80%.

  9. Really, Mara should not be on any committee if he is still involved with with a NFL team. This is a total conflict of interest and would be thrown out in any court of law. But, then again we are dealing with the NFL, which sets it’s own laws. For once I agree with Snyder.

  10. I love crying ‘Gina fans. Whatever happened to 99 times out of 100? Skins should be 4-0 since those comments if the refs didn’t steal the first game of the season via a phantom leg whip and bogus illegal formation. Skins should be 4-0 in the division and in first place outright. Just wait, once the defense gets right, a lot of young kids are going to grow up in the HTTR era!

  11. zaggs says:
    Dec 4, 2012 8:30 AM
    You had a fumble go your way (doing the same motion that the Giants were penalized for in SB 42). You’re not gods of the football world and Mara didn’t care if you got RG3.

    Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night. As for me, I slept great, knowing my team just got a W.

  12. Let’s just say the better team won. Are 3-1 in the division too. Should be 4-0 if it weren’t for that fluke long one by Manning at the end of the their last match-up. Down the road the Skins have one tough game. The Giants three. Look for Mara’s team to be watching the playoffs.

  13. I’ll answer that for you. We will take Danny over John Mara anyday. At least Danny earned the money to buy the club.

    Wellington Mara or his father? Titans of the NFL. Sacrificed for the greater good and changed the landscape of football and American Sport.

    John Mara was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple.

  14. One other thing, the Bucs tended to roll over all that spare cap room they had into the following seasons and was one of the reasons they could go out and spend big (within the rules) this past offseason season.

    Now I don’t think it’s right for Washington & Dallas to be punished for breaking a rule that never even existed but that doesn’t mean people like tomnickle should get a free pass to talk nonsense.

  15. FACTS:

    1. The Skins tried to pull a fast one, and got caught. Who cares!
    2. Mara did his thing and got what he wanted. Smart move!
    3. They don’t like each other. As it should be, who cares!
    4. Who gives a flip what some team puts on their bulletin board.
    5. Skins won this time. If the Giants don’t like it. It’s quite simple, next time you play them….win.

  16. The owners/players knew the penalty for not getting a deal done was an uncapped year… These Billionaire BRATS hosed my team because the Redskins did what everyone should have done & bully calls from Goodell telling people to stop should of been ignored as they were. Yet somehow my football team will once again have 18 million less to spend in 2013.

  17. “What they did was in violation of the spirit of the salary cap.”

    Violation of the spirit of the salary cap? What a joke. The Skins violated a rule that used to exist and may have never existed again, but hey, let’s punish two of our divison rivals for violating a former rule. Yep makes sense to me.

  18. funny how the chair of the competition committee pushes to penalize two of three teams in his division. Redskins & Cowboys owners aren’t afraid to spend $$ to get wins… in an UNCAPPED year (spend as you like since we didn’t agree on a cap), and have the NFL agree to the contracts, to then go back and say you lose X # of $’s is insane. Mara family knew what they were doing, does this one win make it all right no, but Snyder & Jones as owners have lawyers to deal with that.. players play football…. Redskins, keep winning. HTTR

  19. zaggs says:
    Dec 4, 2012 8:30 AM
    You had a fumble go your way (doing the same motion that the Giants were penalized for in SB 42). You’re not gods of the football world and Mara didn’t care if you got RG3.


    LOL at a Giants fan complaining about a fumble. What about the fumble Morris LOST inside the Giants 10? What about the last 3 games of the playoffs last year where the Giants recovered EIGHT fumbles and lost NONE? Giants have been the luckiest team in the NFL forEVER.

    Trust me, Mara and the Giants are plenty scared of RG3. He’s a cheater and obviously in cahoots with Roger and the league. Heading a competition committee where he can make arbitrary penalties against division rivals? Gimme a break.

  20. The Redskins are 3-1 over the giants and were nearly 4-0. Mara is a cheat and although he has damaged the Skins ability to make even more significant moves over the next few years, he may have hurt his teams playoff chance this season! BTW, I’d love to tap his daughters ass while wearing my Sean Taylor jersey!

  21. I’m a Dallas fan, here is my take:

    1) Neither the Cowboys, Saints, Bears, or Skins, cheated by structuring deals as they did during an uncapped year. This is affirmed by the league APPROVING the contracts at that point in time. It wasn’t a problem then, but it became a problem years afterwards?

    2) If it WAS a problem for Dallas and Skins, why not also Saints and Bears??

    3) If it was a problem, why was it not handled transparently? I.E. Why was it handled by someone in the NFC east? Allowing Mara to preside over this shows bias, agenda, and conflict of interest.

    4) Mara’s comments post decision were completely inappropriate and unprofessional. It literally came across as gloating.

    I WISH Dallas had done the same thing as Washington: used Mara’s words/actions as motivation. I guess they did in week one, but not two weeks ago.

    I am glad for so many reasons Washington won that game.

  22. It’s really got to bother Snyder that the Giants do nothing but win Superbowls, while the Skins can’t even cheat their way to a winning season.

  23. I’m not a fan of either team, but after reading all of these comments from redskins fans who think winning a single game and have an even record is a big deal, I hope they lose every game from here on out.

  24. The Giants need to be very worried – if the Redskins are learning the way to success is through the draft, then salary cap means nothing to the Redskins. With adults now running the Redskins and with apparent ability to draft running backs out of their arses, the Giants have so much to be concerned about.

    Daniel Snyder isn’t a bad man – he’s just a psychotic fan who has lots of money. Now he has actually hired professionals to manage his football business, he’s looking absolutely brilliant – plus he has not been impulsive in three years. Giving Shanny room to take out the trash and to design an offense around a quarterback is a big achievement for Snyder.

    I will say this – if the Redskins can start believing they can win, this team can embarrass a few – yes, that defense is suspect, but what precious little draft choices they have next year can be cultivated in some decent defensive additions and there will be enough salary cap to make 2013 even more miserable for the Giants.

    To Giants fans – we’ve been you 3 out of 4 times we’ve played you. And we did it with Rex Grossman and a Rookie QB. How does that make you feel, punks?

  25. The Giants are the biggest frauds in the NFL, they act like they are royalty. Watching Coughlin whine over every correct call that went against his team last night was satisfying.

    RG3 is going to own this division for the next decade the Giants ought to be scared, and this story proves they were scared.

  26. Clearly the Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, Bengals and Steelers have wrongly benefitted from an “unfair competitive advantage” against the Giants this season. But, never fear Giant fan, Mara has prepared an emergency ruling from his so-called Competition Committee decreeing that all Giant games be played in Jersey under a fair 11-on-7 format with opponents required to use only volunteer players in order to comply with the new $0 salary cap on all non-Giant teams. To ensure fairness, the Saints will be notified of the new policy at 12:01 am Sunday morning. Hail!

  27. do giants fans even know how the skins “cheated”?? all they did was pay cash up front to their players. Jerry and Dan can afford the hit. Dallas resigned Austin and the skins paid DHall and Haynesworth lump sum payments. Neither created some dream team. How is this worse than mocking the cap by pushing everything out years and years like the skins have done since Dan bought them? Oh, it isn’t.

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