Stanford Routt visiting Pittsburgh too

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It’s a good time of the year to be a veteran cornerback looking for work.

Injuries open up opportunities in secondaries and you’re likely to be contacted by teams in playoff contention who don’t want to rely on untested players in the final weeks. Stanford Routt has two such teams on the line right now.

As Darin Gantt noted earlier, Routt is working out for the Texans on Tuesday after Houston lost cornerback Brice McCain for the season on Sunday. With Jonathan Joseph and Alan Ball also ailing, Houston could use some help right now.

So could Pittsburgh. Ike Taylor is going to be out for a while and the Steelers want a look at Routt as well. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Routt will head to Pittsburgh after meeting with the Texans.

If Routt does land with either team, it will continue a strange year for the cornerback. He got dumped by the Raiders and Chiefs while pocketing about $11 million, but could wind up in the playoffs with a team that has more wins than the two teams he used to play for combined.

11 responses to “Stanford Routt visiting Pittsburgh too

  1. Love the way Keenan Lewis has been playing the last 5 games and Cortez Allen played really well on Sunday on Ike left. Obviously, it takes more than 2 CBs to field a defense and although Curtis Brown had his name mentioned a few times on ST recently, Routt may be a very good pickup for the Steelers as a CB3.

  2. Steelers would have lost Sunday if Ike Taylor had NOT gotten hurt. The guy is a bum, with hands of stone. His replacement made Ike look like a bad HS CB.

  3. Stanford “new toast” Routt. This guy if he’s not getting flagged for PI, he’s getting toasted. At least he’s still collecting on that money the Chiefs & Raiders were dumb enough to pay him.

  4. As a lifelong Raider fan I can tell you this guy sucks. Our starting CB’s are gone and our backups are not very good but I still wouldnt want Stan “Pass Interference on 3rd Down” Routt. Also did you see how he got burned badly in the Chiefs Raider game? If the Chiefs cut him, how good is he? He isnt. He sucks.

  5. olcap says: Dec 4, 2012 11:33 AM

    Steelers would have lost Sunday if Ike Taylor had NOT gotten hurt. The guy is a bum, with hands of stone. His replacement made Ike look like a bad HS CB.


    Wow, the No. 1 corner on the No. 1 pass-defending team in the NFL. Suuuure a bum all right. Yes, he has hands of stone, but he shuts down nearly every team’s No. 1 WR. Please tell me, sans the first two weeks of the season, what team has burned him for any significant yardage?

    You can’t… Ike is a true shutdown corner that just so happens to play the run too. Does he bet torched sometimes? Yup, and that is because the safeties always cheat the other side to help out Lewis.

  6. @ olcap,

    Ike Taylor must be Joe Flacco’s magic bean, giving him extra arm strength and accuracy with his mere presence on the field.

  7. Pittsburg… you can rest easy. Houston took him off the market for you.

    The Texans are so thin at CB that they would probably take anyone with a sembalnce of talent…

    Houston signed him for depth… hopefully he doesn’t play…

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