Suggs waits for input from doctors

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It’s known that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has a torn biceps.  It’s not known whether Suggs will be able to play with the injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Suggs is still waiting for specific input and advice from physicians regarding whether he can play with the injury or whether he needs surgery.

The fact that Suggs immediately sought a second opinion doesn’t mean that the first opinion suggested that he should, or shouldn’t, play.  Instead, it was an automatic decision aimed at getting a broad perspective that doesn’t include the doctors who are paid by the team.

Until Suggs gets word on whether he can play, he’s enjoying a night off at the Heat-Wizards game, via multiple accounts on Twitter.  Also at the game is the quarterback Suggs will be chasing on Sunday, if Suggs can play:  Robert Griffin III of the Redskins.

22 responses to “Suggs waits for input from doctors

  1. The ability of the arms and hands are big for pass rushers and I can’t imagine him having success with a crippled arm and a Achilles injury not healed yet

  2. Just shut it down. the Ravens will be one and done in the playoffs anyway………..IF they even make the playoffs. Cincy is the top team in the division

  3. Never been a huge fan of the guy being a Pats fan, but as a fan of toughness and players of the game, hats off. Suggs has been tough as nails through recovery through a serious injury, and I wish him the best of luck with this second hurdle. He deserves it, and he’s earned every second he gets to play this season and then some.

  4. @dfeltz

    Wow. What an absurd comment. Suggs worked his tail off to get back on the field, and for you to think he took steroids is idiotic. You don’t have one piece of evidence to prove yourself, and if you do, I want to hear it.

  5. Suggs couldn’t chase down Charlie Batch on Sunday before the bicep injury and only recorded two tackles in the game. How’s he gonna chase RGIII?

  6. Because 9-3 and atop the division is a bad spot to bein. Some of you fan boys are clueless

  7. I hate to say it because I really respect Suggs as a player but, steroids do make tendons and muscles more prone to injury. Hopefully he can come back some what soon so he can be available for the rubber match with the Steelers. I don’t want any excuses when we beat them in the playoffs.

  8. If you are out Christmas shopping for a Raven fan, and thinking about Ratbird swag… switch gears….

    Come Christmas, they will not want to talk about football…. Much less wear Purple….

  9. It’s a shame to see him go out like this, especially after fighting so hard to come back from his previous injury. Dude’s a straight up baller.

    Appreciate the respect Ravens fans have shown as of late for the Steelers on this site.

  10. While I understand why Ray Lewis wants to hurry back… (one last meeting against Peyton Manning), and Ed Reed is still playing through injuries… (one more run at a Super Bowl)…

    Suggs still has a few great years ahead of him. I’d rest until fully healthy. If the Ravens make the playoffs and he’s ready to go by then, great. But if they lose to the Skins(possible), Broncos(almost guaranteed… Peyton Manning plays great against them), and Giants… Flacco can’t handle the worst pass rush in the league, so imagine what the Giants will do)… then Suggs would have rushed back for nothing.

    Even if they make the playoffs, they’ll still have to get through: Houston, Denver, and/or New England. They won’t have Suggs, Webb, or Jimmy Smith. I don’t see how they beat any of those teams, especially now that it looks like the Ravens lost any hope at home field advantage or even a bye week!

  11. dfeltz says: Dec 4, 2012 7:59 PM

    Steroids break down bodies. Good thing you got that contract t-fizzle.


    husky2score says: Dec 4, 2012 8:29 PM


    Wow. What an absurd comment. Suggs worked his tail off to get back on the field, and for you to think he took steroids is idiotic. You don’t have one piece of evidence to prove yourself, and if you do, I want to hear it.


    #1 Roids was my initial reaction too. Kinda like that scene in Ghost in the Shell where the cyborg tears her own arms off trying to rip the hatch off a tank. Absurd?

    #2 Well, I do happen to have this cup Suggs peed in just sorta laying around. Absurd?

  12. Get off rg3’s jock. You must be morons, ravens are sittin at 9-3 last time I checked they clinch the division with 1 more victory. They might not win this week but they’ll mow down the ain’t won a game against a good yeah all year long Bengals to finish the year at 5-1 in the afc north. Oh another note rg3 aint suggs’ responsibility to catch anyhow that would be a linebackers responsibility unless your talking about a sack situation.

  13. He’s gettin 2nd opinion since he didin’t like the 1st prognosis. I’d be real surprised if he gets a diff prognosis, but can’t knock him from tryin.

  14. Ravens have been both lucky and snake bitten this year, IMO. This will be a really good game, Sunday, between two strong teams. As a Pats fan, I realize our Division has been a bit weak recently, but the AFC North is the toughest in the entire NFL; The Bengals are flying below the radar, but keep winning and The Browns are far better than their record would indicate, having a tough schedule to begin with. The skins are exciting to watch, but have their hands full with Ravens this week.

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