Texans sign Routt before he can head to Pittsburgh

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Apparently, Stanford Routt saw enough in Houston, and the Texans saw enough from Stanford Routt.

Cancelling a planned trip to Pittsburgh for another workout tomorrow, Routt has signed with the Texans, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Routt gives the Texans an experienced option, with Brice McClain going on injured reserve and uncertainty over the health of Johnathan Joseph and Alan Ball.

He also may have preferred the familiar surroundings, after growing up in Austin Tex., and playing in college at the University of Houston.

19 responses to “Texans sign Routt before he can head to Pittsburgh

  1. Hope he still has a little in the tank… Going to need all the depth we can get. Especially with a trip to see Tom Brady this week…

    Man, I thought were thin at LB but we are SUPER thin at DB….

    #nextmanup I guess..

  2. No biggie – just stepping in to learn a new defense in 6 days before playing major nickle and dime formation snaps against only the best passing offense in the last gazillion years at their house on MNF outside in December with huge playoff implications on the line – just saying….

  3. It’s unreal how this guy keeps getting contracts. Just unbelievable. What is the record for simultaneous payments from different (former)employers?

  4. Goes to show, you can be a liability on two different teams yet somehow find your way to a contender and potentially win a Super Bowl.

    Have fun with the penalties Texans.

  5. Third team’s the charm?

    Wade Phillips>Dennis Allen>Romeo Crennel

    Too bad he didn’t at least come talk to the Steelers cause it doesn’t get better than Lebeau.

  6. Routt wont be asked to do a whole lot. This is a move for depth purposes only. Bringing in a 4th or 5th string corner does not diminish this teams shot at a Super Bowl. Dont have that take. Thats a bad take. And keep in mind I remember hearing and reading a lot of negative comments about the Alan Ball signing, but Wade Phillips plugged him in when needed and its not like Ball was getting torched by anyone not named Calvin Johnson.
    In Wade we trust

  7. Better option is to go with Houston. At least they have a real shot at winning their division

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