Tomlin says Roethlisberger has a chance, amid report that he’ll play

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With the soreness in Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s shoulder and chest starting to diminish, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says Roethlisberger could start on Sunday against the Chargers.

“Ben will be given an opportunity to prove whether or not he is healthy,” Tomlin said at his press conference today. “Obviously Charlie Batch is our guy game planning right now.”

Roethlisberger having an opportunity to prove that he can play is a step in the right direction, although Tomlin’s comments sounded less optimistic than a report Tuesday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which said the Steelers expect Roethlisberger to play. The Steelers, who have gone 1-2 without Roethlisberger, still control their playoff destiny, although they don’t have a lot of room for error with the Bengals chasing them for the final wild card spot in the AFC.

Tomlin also confirmed that cornerback Ike Taylor has a fracture in his right ankle and will miss a couple weeks, and that offensive tackle Mike Adams is out for at least another week.

27 responses to “Tomlin says Roethlisberger has a chance, amid report that he’ll play

  1. Ben or no ben this team is at best one and done. They can’t play with the big boys. exp. denver, Ne, hou.

  2. I’m more concerned about Ike being out for a couple weeks (and the lingering effects). The Defense has been playing well enough to win a Superbowl with even an average offense, and Ben will be back for the playoffs.

  3. People could say what they want but Coach Mike Tomlin an his staff deserved ALOT of credit. To have the record they have after the injuries they had throughout the season, is remarkable. Standing ovation to the coaching staff!!!!!

  4. ravenator says:
    Dec 4, 2012 12:51 PM
    Chance at finishing 2nd place in the division. Why yes, yes he does.

    No, a chance at finishing in 1st place. With the schedule that Baltimore has left and the way their “elite” QB is playing, there is a very good possibility that Balt. loses its grip on first place. I wonder if that happens will the troll Ravenator stop talking crap??? Probably not but we can wish

  5. grasping at straws…desperate. the ike taylor void will cost them their season

    Why?? It didnt cost them the game against “elite” Baltimore and their “elite” QB.

  6. losing Ike will hurt the pass rush too…
    a good passing team will exploit this, luckily for them they don’t really play one in the remaining games

  7. Cortez Allen was decent against the Ravens. He’ll be better after having a week to practice as a starter instead of as the nickel guy.

    There won’t be much of a drop off with Taylor gone. Keenan Lewis is very good. Allen will be above average, and Curtis Brown is a capable nickel player.

  8. The Steelers are going to be okay. They are getting guys healthy at the right time. Although Ike got injured, they can cover for him being out of the lineup. As long as he and Woodley are back by the Cleveland game, that, coupled with Troy being 100% back, we’ll be good to go come playoffs.

    What many folks may not realize is that the Ravens will struggle to win another game this season. They may very well lose their remaining 4 games if they play like they played on Sunday.

    @Washington, vs Denver, vs NY Giants, @Cincy.

  9. Ben or no ben this team is at best one and done. They can’t play with the big boys. exp. denver, Ne, hou.

    Can’t play with the big boys? Going into the AFC leader’s house and beating them with a 3rd string qb and a make shift o line. beating the giants and bengals on the road too. It’s the easy games that they have problems with. Oak, Ten, and Cle for example. enjoy clown college genius

  10. Sounds like someone is trying to talk their way into beleaving that the Ravens can hold on the 1st place in the north. That sound you just heard was the Steelers taking control of the AFC North Lets go Steelers!!!

  11. Steelers humiliated the Ravens st home, proving they sre the better team. How embarrissing for the Ravens.

  12. Steelers should rest Ben for one more game. Even if they lose to the Chargers they still control their own destiny if they win out the remaining games which include the Bungles. They can still make the last wild card spot with one more loss for a 10-6 record. If the Bungles win all remaining games except for the one with the Steelers they will also have a 10-6 record but will lose the tie breaker due to the Steelers beating them twice during the season.

  13. The horrible city of pittsburgh will be flooded with all the tears that will shed after they are one and done in playoffs.

  14. I’d say Balt is in trouble. If you get beat by Charlie Batch, then what do you think RG 3 and the Peytons will do to them?

    Piggsburg as always seems to have happen whatever needs to happen for them to be successful. It started with the Imaculate reception and hasn’t stopped!

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