Urlacher could miss rest of regular season with hamstring

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The Bears could be without Brian Urlacher for the rest of the regular season because of a hamstring strain, according to a report from Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune.

The report, citing a pair of sources familiar with his injury, said Urlacher had a Grade 2 hamstring strain and could miss the next three games. The hope is that he’d return for the playoffs, with the Dec. 30 regular season finale a possibility.

Urlacher strained his hamstring on the next-to-last play of Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks. He said he heard a “pop” as he chased Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, but when reached by the Tribune Tuesday, declined to comment on the injury.

Nick Roach will likely replace him in the middle, with Geno Hayes sliding into the starting lineup at Roach’s strong-side spot. The Bears re-signed linebacker Dom DeCicco Tuesday for depth.

It’s not what the Bears need while fighting for playoff position, or what the 34-year-old Urlacher needs at a time when he’s looking for one last contract from the Bears.

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  1. He’s done.

    Time to move on. Teams have torched us running directly at him. He only has 53 tackles (tied for second on the team) and looked lost trying to tackle Lynch and Wilson this past week. We need to look for a new man in the middle. This was a contract year too.

  2. Bummer.. We’ve already lost two starting MLB’s for the year, our starting OLB, been without a starting CB and SS for the majority of the season, have been playing without our top WR for the entire season, have lost our second string WR for a couple games, our starting RT was lost for the season as was our starting RB.

    Needless to say, next man up.. If we can be leading the division with all those injuries, you should be fine, right?

  3. Yeah he has lost a step, still a great player, but age is deffinetly catching up to him.

    This may help GB get the division, but like every team trying to make the playoff push. They have bigger goals than that.

  4. Bad knee 1 leg, bad hamstring the other leg, 34 years of age and lost a step, I sure hope this isn’t the end of Urlacher is a Bear uniform….but it just may be.

  5. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Dec 4, 2012 4:03 PM
    Better than missing the rest of the season without a hamstring.

    Haha. I hate when reporters talk like that.. “He’ll miss the rest of the game with an ankle.” And so on. Why can’t they say injury?

  6. @blackandbluedivision

    To be fair, most teams have had issues tackling Lynch this year.

    The Bears might not miss his level of play all that much, but the loss of his leadership will definitely sting.

  7. What to do next with Brian Urlacher is the big question?.. His contract is up and he is injured. Will he retire a Bear or will he move on? The Bears can’t afford to pay him at 34 . Someone will…

  8. The defense will be fine without Urlacher. the Offensive line worries me. and keeping Ashlon Jeffery on the field. Urlacher will be back but the rest of the Bears need to hold the door open until he can play

  9. Da Bears luck has run out. losing urlacher will be a big boost to GB in their next matchup. Go Pack Go!

  10. tough to watch him at this level this season… we’ve missed his speed in the middle. his leadership will be the biggest missing piece over the next few games…. while the other pieces of the defense had been responsible for making plays most of the season, he had started to make a few plays lately.

    i really hope we look at the next draft to solidify the o-line and certain pieces of the defense. we have no run game or pass protection, and peppers, urlacher, briggs and tillman are all on the wrong side of 30.

  11. Have to imagine the Bears pressing the reset button on the defense after this year and suggest to Urlacher retire as a Bear and transition to the TV booth

  12. You have to give him credit for hanging in there and playing so well for this long, given his MLB position, age, bad back, neck and knees. The last thing you’d think he’s be out with is a hammy.

  13. I thought his best days were when he had two big tackles in front of him, like Ray Lewis has, the scheme they run now limits him. Could of extended his career too. Just my opinion.

  14. 13forgbp says:Dec 4, 2012 3:57 PM

    As a Packer fan, let me be the first to say……eh.

    My team has been decimated by injuries all year. You can handle 1 or 2.

    As a Bears fan, how about being without an elite QB for more than 1 game in 25 years? Lucky slobs

  15. Any Chicago football geek knows, even at 34 with diminishing skills, losing Urlacher means there will be a lot of passes completed in the deep middle. He may not have had the speed he once had, but he still had enough speed to get down field, and the size and ball skills to patrol that area. Bears are vulnerable there now. They need two wins to make it to the playoffs and hopefully have a healthier roster. I think they still have it in them, but this will be a challenge.

  16. He’ll be back in time for the playoffs (hopefully). Hayes is much faster and younger than ‘Lach, so the hope is there won’t be much of a downgrade, if at all. If the Bears some how, some way win it all, he said he’d retire a happy man. The hope is Cutler and the offense will pick up the slack by the defense. Good chance of that happening because Jeffery and Hester are coming back. WR corp has been decimated with injury.

  17. It’s not what the Bears need while fighting for playoff position, or what the 34-year-old Urlacher needs at a time when he’s looking for one last contract from the Bears.
    So, when would be a good time for them/him?

  18. Playoffs?! Are you kidding me? Playoffs?!

    I’m a Bear fan, but the team has not looked particularly inspiring to me over the past month. And the injuries are only continuing to pile up. There is minimal depth at several key positions. And three of the last four games are on the road. I can’t remember the last quality team that Chicago has defeated this year.
    Hate to say it, but this once-promising season has pretty much run its course. You can disagree with me based on sheer hope, but its apparent to everyone watching that the Bears peaked too soon.
    Here’s hoping Emery spends rounds 1-5 on O-linemen this upcoming draft.

  19. As a Bears fan I’d like to say they exceeded my expectations this year. I like the moves they made this past year,but without upgrading the oline I thought they’d finish 7-9 this year. The Bears haven’t been able to beat the good teams for a few years now, and only collect wins off soft teams. As much as I like Lovie his time is up if they don’t make the playoffs. If Lovie goes so will#54 unless he takes a whole lot less money. The Bears will be a rebuilding team next year, and many higher priced under performing players will be gone. I love #54 so I hope he returns the favor the Bears gave him a few years back and signs for less. Hester, Bennett, Davis, and almost the entire line need to go. These Bears are just painful to watch.

  20. steelerben says:
    Dec 4, 2012 4:26 PM

    To be fair, most teams have had issues tackling Lynch this year.

    The Bears might not miss his level of play all that much, but the loss of his leadership will definitely sting.

    If his leadership brings us a mediocre defense than we don’t need him. This D is good against mid to bottom level teams. But, against the elite teams they look old and used. Bring him in as a linebacker coach if they need leadership so bad. He’s old and tired.

    Yea, most teams have had a hard time tackling Lynch. But, there were too many times when Lynch literally juked Urlacher out of his cleats. He’s not as good as he used to be. Be honest. How many times have you seen Urlacher make spectacular plays compared to previous games? You hear more about this previous accomplishments and the threat of how good he is than what he does on the field. The team may not play as well without him, but that’s because we don’t have a replacement. We need one!
    In all honesty that linebacker corps isn’t making the plays it used to early on in the season. It’s starting to show. These younger and faster backs and Quarterbacks are outplaying them.

  21. Urlacher has been done for years now, way too slow and injuries have sapped his explosiveness. I guess its time for the bears to ove on, still remember that God awful song the owner sang bout Urlacher some time back lol.

  22. jintzforever says:
    Dec 4, 2012 4:46 PM

    Overrated dude. Won’t really miss him.


    Overrated…doubt it. A safety in college coverted to middle linebacker in pro’s..going to the HOF first ballot.

    You may not miss him but the game sure will !

  23. They should still make the playoffs and once your are there anything can happen. 8-4 and they play the Cardinals (what a mess), Lions, Vikings and Packers. Cards should be a win and we just beat the Vikes 2 weeks ago. Vikings and Lions are both winnable games. Even if we split we go 10-6 which should be enough to get in.

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