Woody Johnson prefers Greg McElroy over Mark Sanchez

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Jets coach Rex Ryan hasn’t made up his mind yet about his starting quarterback for Sunday’s game in Jacksonville. But Jets owner Woody Johnson apparently wants the team to make a fresh start.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News is hearing that Johnson prefers Greg McElroy, the third-string quarterback who came on in place of starter Mark Sanchez on Sunday and led the Jets to a win over the Cardinals, to become the Jets’ starter.

However, Mehta hears that Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano would prefer to give the ball back to Sanchez this week. It appears that no one in the building is advocating for Tim Tebow. (Although you can bet Jaguars owner Shad Khan would love to see the Jets announce that Tebow is starting in Jacksonville on Sunday.)

Ultimately, it comes down to Ryan’s choice, and Ryan has remained fiercely loyal to Sanchez. At least, Ryan was loyal to Sanchez until benching him on Sunday and then declining to say on Monday whether Sanchez would keep his job.

Now that Ryan is running out of time to make his choice, pressure from the boss could be enough to put McElroy over the top.

53 responses to “Woody Johnson prefers Greg McElroy over Mark Sanchez

  1. Now it’s officialy a three ring circus!

    I am so embarrased of being a Jet fan!

    We need Clarabell to take charge of this mess!

  2. As long as the owner and not the football staff is making calls like this, the Jests will suck. Too much money and not enough brains. Didn’t Woody learn from Bob Kraft when he tried to stick his nose in to Parcell’s domain?

  3. It’s so easy to say that Woody Johnson is a meddling know-nothing owner who should keep his thoughts to himself. But any rational person who’s watched Sanchez play would come to the same conclusion. Sanchez may have more physical talent, but he’s one stupid quarterback, and it seems that no amount of experience is enough to counter that. The Jets won with Chad Pennington in the past, because he didn’t play stupid.

  4. Sanchez is probably the better QB, but I can see sitting him for the rest of the season and giving the kid a shot to show what he’s got, with a little more Tebow for entertainment value.

    I don’t understand why they signed Tebow at all, and I think they need to release him after this year if they can’t figure out what to do with him.

  5. Dear Rex Ryan,

    Start McElroy and win, and the Jets fans will applaud you.
    Start McElroy and lose, and the Jets fans will respect you.
    Start Sanchez and win, and the Jets fans will say the Jaguars are just bad.
    Start Sanchez and lose…better get your resume ready

  6. At this point I don’t think either Manning, or Brady, or even the wonderous (for now at least) RGIII could make much of a difference. No one is going to look very good in midst of so much turmoil and poor talent.
    That said, why not give the kid a shot since the offense couldn’t possibly take a step backwards.

  7. I love when owners of other teams start channeling their inner Dan Snyder. If you are going to make personnel decisions, just make yourself the GM a la Jerry Jones.

  8. Woody Johnson is looking toward the team’s future (as he has tenure). Tannenbaum and Sparano know they’ll be done so why do they feel the need to make changes?

    This just proves why they need to be fired ASAP! Serves the Jets right though, to put your trust in an overrated QB more interested in modeling than in getting better!!

  9. I actually feel bad for Jets fans. The owner is totally clueless about what his role/opinion should be, The GM has screwed the team next year with his stupid contract guarantees.

    When I look at the Jets, I am thankful to be a Patriots fan!

  10. Being a Jets fan, it’s hard to hear the constant negative comments regarding how awful the Jets are. But we deserve every single bit of the abuse. This team just continues to swirl down the bowl to an abyss of garbage. As long as this Owner/GM/Coach remain in place, we will just continue to be a group of loud mouths who continue to pound our chests without accomplishing anything….

  11. Geez people, quit listening to the media. Manish Mehta is a hack and his “sources” have continually proven to be made up. The Jets are certainly a joke right now, but so is this fabricated story…

  12. Let’s settle this Jets style. Start all three QBs at the same time, and let them fight over who gets each snap. Winner takes all.

  13. How pissed are you if you’re Tebow right now? They never knew what to do with him, so they sent him out their as a punt team blocker, tight end and fullback… not with any sort of strategic considertion mind you… but just to use him without actually having to let him play QB. So then he, predictably, breaks some ribs playing out of position and now isn’t available to play QB when the team belatedly realizes Sanchize is taking the team nowhere. I’d be pretty angry. They had no plan and they just wasted whatever skill set he brought to the table.

  14. Classic Jets idiocy.

    They have newly re-signed Mark Sanchez and Drew Stanton that they just paid a $500K bonus to. The also have 7th round pick Greg McElroy.

    Then they trade a fourth and sixth rounder for Tebow and cut Stanton. When it’s time to consider making a switch they go with the seventh rounder and don’t even consider the guy you just gave up a fourth and a sixth rounder. Not to mention they also cut a capable starter in Stanton so they can get Tebow so he can run the wildcat for them. Has anyone ever said that a team could really make a run for the super bowl if they can just add some gimmick plays on offense?

    Nate Silver tweeted how Mark Sanchez’s QB rating is the same this year as it was when they went 11-5. Only difference is that they had the 3rd best defense that year. This year they are 26th.

  15. If media attention was measured in dollars, the Jets would be worth more than the Cowboys.
    Signing Kim K or Michael Vick to play QB might draw some more attention to your team, Woody.
    Barnum and Bailey were amateurs compared to this circus.

  16. Tony Sparano as a offensive coordinator was the first joke. Giving the worst QB in the league a guaranteed contract was the second joke. Trading for Tebow and not using him was the third joke. Pulling Sanchez on a week Tebow was inactive was the fourth joke. Inserting your third stringer to win a football game? Priceless. Only the JETS can be this screwed up. Woody Johnson may just clean house!

  17. Woody Johnson proves being rich and being smart don’t go hand-in-hand, especially when your fortune is inherited.

    Even if McElroy is your future, why announce it and devalue any trade you get for Sanchez? Why give him a contract extension? Why bring in Tebow?

    Maybe Bloomberg can just take over the Jets using eminent domain. That whole organization is a blight on the NFL.

  18. What they should do: Start Tebow, have McElroy as the back up and deactivate Sanchez.

    What they will do: They’ll start McElroy, Sanchez will be the backup and they will deactivate Tebow.

    McElroy will suck, get benched at halftime for Sanchez and then they will still lose to the Jags.

    I was at the Jets game (my kid is a Cardinals fan) and McElroy did nothing special. Watching him throw in person you could see he had nothing on the throws. However, he wasn’t Sanchez, which is why the crowd and team was with him and he managed a win.

    If Whisenhunt had half a brain and put in Skelton, the Cardinals would have won.

    They need to trade Tebow and Sanchez next year and draft/sign a new QB.

  19. Sanchez needs to sit back and watch from the sidelines.

    Behind Tebow, that would be a waste of time since it will require a different style offense,

    Let Mark sit behind McElroy, if Greg fails or gets hurt, you can always bring a mark back. If Sanchez pride is hurt to the point of no return, then he was never a good QB. This is. Win win. Even Brady needed Bledsoe to win a playoff game in their first SB.

    Rex needs a QB who doesn’t turn the ball over, if McElroy fits the bill. Invest in a big time OLine and Running back and Jets will be ok.

  20. Trade snatchez for ponder… Neither could get worse for their new teams. Mark has the stronger arm the vikes need to get the ball downfield. CP has the more accurate arm for the jets short game. Neither has proven to be able to be able to read a defense, but perhaps a change of scenery would do both well. Ponder needs a fiery get in your face guy, maybe mark needs a calm coach?

  21. As a Business man and seeing the same crappy product, why not make the change! It sparks interest but too bad the end result will probably be the same.

  22. Anybody who says Sanchez only struggles because of the surrounding cast hasn’t watched the games. I am a Jets fan and have watched every minute… he is terrible! He misses even the easiest reads. He is not the only problem but he is certainly the biggest. Play McElroy, draft a QB, cut Tebow and tell Sanchez if he wants to be a starter he can earn it back in a 3 way QB competition this off season.

  23. Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow did take his team two games deep in the playoffs last year. That should have been enough to have him under center weeks ago.

    But this IS the Jets. Why worry about winning when you can generate more media attention than the two 11-1 teams combined?

  24. What a jerk owner!!!

    He puts Mitt Romney over the Jets and openly criticizes his starting QB while wasting valuable dollars on people who don’t deserve it!!!

  25. I would like to publicly thank my family for raising me a Giants fan.

    I would not be able to look in the miror if I was a fan of this train wreak

  26. sanchise, turn the lights off on your way out ……

    first Eva dumped him now Rex does the same……

    oh boy………………..

  27. Asking, “why not put in Tebow?” when Sanchez is failing is like asking “why not use the anchor?” if your boat is sinking.

    The personnel is not there to run a T-cat offense. Obviously. Which is why we aren’t seeing it more than once or twice in a long while.

  28. McElroy isn’t good! He threw for 29 yards? He’s not a good option. He was 3rd string last year too right? I know you can make the case that Tebow’s popularity got him in second, but McElroy isn’t going to be their future qb.

  29. Tebow is a team guy, who has his faith, and seems a class kid. So what he chose to come to NYC, instead of Jacksonville, why would he not want to play in the big city. Besides the fact, we all were not in on the trade details of what really landed him in NYC, and I just hope he asks to be let go , and traded to Jacksonville, and go to where he is appreciated and used !!!

  30. @redsoxfan75

    If you followed the Denver news sites you got the information that ESPN and other main outlets left out.

    Tebow actually was given the chance to talk to both teams. The Jags (Mularkey) told him he would come in as the 3rd string QB with no chance at the starting job. Basically, they made it pretty clear he wasn’t wanted but since the owner made us we’re talking to Denver about you.

    Rex gave him the bs story about how he would get 20 plays a game, Wildcat, we all want you here, love you etc etc.

    After already being with a coaching staff and management that didn’t want him in Denver, the obvious choice to him was NY. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that Rex was such a good liar.

  31. I’m very surprised to see Woody, of all people, pushing for McElroy over Tebow at Jacksonville. This proves that he has zero “business sense,” and here’s why…

    If Tebow plays and wins, along with selling out the stadium, which other team in the NFL is going to offer the Jets ANYTHING for Tebow after the season?? Jacksonville.

    Playing him in Jacksonville at least gives the Jets a CHANCE at getting something more than peanuts for Tebow after the season.. and I’m a Pats fan. I’m sure the Jets will blow it though.

  32. I don’t know who is going to be the QB for the Jets next season and I don’t care,.

    ,,, but I guarantee you that the Jets will guarantee that the will either be a top 5 defense and/or win the Super Bowl.

    And darnit, they won’t be kissing anybody elses Super B0wl rings!! You got that?

  33. I think the NFL should ship the Jets to LA now that they want a team there. They are a disgrace for NY and should go.

  34. it’s amazing that people could still be calling for tebow. “why did they get him if they weren’t going to give him a chance?” he’s had a chance to show he should be on the field more and hasn’t. he’s at practice with all kinds of opportunities to show his upside. yet the entire organization is clear on having him the third choice as starter. he’s a good guy and a good athlete.
    there’s something to be said for the arguments on here that they should showcase him for jacksonville. hope he gets opportunities but not here.

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