911 call released in Kasandra Perkins murder

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As time passes, more details are being learned about the tragic circumstances that unfolded in Kansas City only four days ago.

The 911 call made by Javon Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, has now been released, and the Associated Press has the details.

“She’s still breathing but please hurry,” Shepherd says during the request for help.  “I don’t know how he [inaudible], they were arguing, please hurry.”

Shepherd also is heard urging Kasandra Perkins to hang on.

“Stay with me, the ambulance is on the way,” Shepherd says.  “Stay with me Kasandra, stay with me.”

Shepherd explains during the call that Perkins was “just barely” conscious, and that Belcher had left the apartment.

5 responses to “911 call released in Kasandra Perkins murder

  1. With more and more facts coming out can we now get past all of the “he was such a good guy” talk? In cold blood and with his mom and baby in the same home he choose to murder his girlfriend by shooting her 9 times. He put 9 bullets in the mother of his daughter. That is not the behavior of a decent human being. He is a murderer and that is the legacy he has left. His daughter will grow up and learn of his horrible actions. What a pathetic way to end your life.

  2. There is a law in Missouri that is supposed to keep 911 calls confidential, so I’m not sure how the press got that recording. I can’t imagine either family is happy about details of what is probably the worst day of their lives being publicly aired. My thoughts and prayers go out to them in this very difficult time.

  3. God bless Belcher’s mother… trying to will Perkins to stay alive with nine bullets in her. Can’t imagine what a horrible sight that poor woman had to endure.


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